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Rendlesham Case Related To Later Crop Formations

From: William Treurniet <wtreurniet.nul>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 22:37:18 -0500
Archived: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 18:08:06 -0500
Subject: Rendlesham Case Related To Later Crop Formations

I recently updated a report written last year about a logical
relationship that exists among the 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO
event, the 2002 Crabwood crop formation, and the 2010 Wilton
Windmill crop formation. Each event provided a set of binary
data that was decoded by a single image decoding algorithm also
found in the Wilton Windmill formation.

The meaningfulness of each resulting image is subjective, but
most people should find the images easy to recognize. Because
the resolution is so low, more than a passing glance may be
required in some cases. I concede that acceptance of my
conclusions depends on agreement that the images are
recognizable. Then, I would argue that the probability of six
recognizable images by chance is low, so they were, therefore,
intentionally encoded.

The updated article includes an appendix showing examples of
images decoded using different offsets from the beginnings of
two of the data sets. The patterns in these images are
meaningless compared to the patterns with zero offset. This
would be expected if the patterns with zero offset were the
intended images.

Since the decoding algorithm was specified only in the latest
data set, the agency that made it must have created the two
earlier data sets as well. This is important because it means
that there was a larger agenda behind the individual events.

Whoever was behind the plan to communicate the images had access
to very sophisticated resources. One event demonstrated
anomalous flight technologies and/or methods to control
perception of reality (Rendlesham Forest). Another event
required sophisticated techniques for constructing a complex
crop formation (Crabwood), and another required a method for
encoding multiple images in the same set of data, even with
severe constraints on bit assignments (Wilton Windmill).

The existence of the related images from the three events says
that some agency meant to use them to accomplish a larger
objective. The argument is made that the images are a request
for a friendly personal encounter with us. This interpretation
is based on both the specific content and the general nature of
the images. The originators of this request are most likely non-
human, probably non-terrestrial. Such a request from a human
agency would be trivial and unlikely to have taken 30 years to

The article was submitted for publication to the Journal of
Scientific Exploration, and was rejected. The reviewer concluded
that "the links to other formations, the blurry 'decoded' images,
and the information from Rendlesham (itself a very controversial
case) don't offer sufficient linkage or proof of other anomalies,
and certainly not a long-term plan. There is far too much
speculation and stretching of the available evidence, which is
not the right approach for a scientific paper. I'm sure this
article would do well in a crop circle journal, but it doesn't
have the substance for JSE".

I mention the reviewer's response so you will know at least one
academic's opinion if/when you read the article. My impression
is that the reviewer seemed unwilling to accept that the images
are meaningful (note the comment about blurry 'decoded' images).
In retrospect, their meaningfulness might have been more
convincing if a distribution of responses to the images from
multiple observers had been included.

The review also shows that interesting results in this field are
not easy to publish in peer-reviewed journals, even in the less
restrictive JSE. Perhaps the analyses in the article are indeed
not appropriate for a science journal. The process was more like
solving a mystery than a simple hypothesize and test procedure.
But if the images really do represent a request for a friendly
meeting with us, that message might be time-sensitive.
Therefore, the updated article was added to the viXra archive
for immediate review by anyone. It is available at the following




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