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Eye Spy's Series On Mind Control Principles

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 20:22:25 +0000
Archived: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 10:47:31 -0500
Subject: Eye Spy's Series On Mind Control Principles

Eye Spy; Number 72 2011, Part 9: Mind Control Principles in the
Intelligence Cycle; Command Solo, by Mike Finn (pages 64 -67).

What does this article have to do with so-called _alien
abduction_? As I was reading the article, I turned the page (to
page 67) and saw a photo of a ubiquitous black helicopter that
figures into many _alien abductions_. Along with a sidebar
(Focus) describing the EC-130J Commando Solo a modified four-
engine Hercules transport assigned to the Army's Tactical
Psychological Operations. The equipment on-board can broadcast
in AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications. It usually hovers
in orbit slightly offset from the targeted audience.

Of course, the above list of equipment lends itself to the
ability to piggy-back electromagnetic transmissions directed at
a target. How would that work? First, emotional brainwave
patterns are recorded on super computers, then cloned and stored
on disk or memory stick, making the info mobile and
transferable. The information on disk or memory stick is used to
deliver the emotional loaded triggers to the brain as carrier
frequency via microwave to the brain or using TV-radio frequency
on the threshold of hearing using either 20Khz or 20Hz. This
means either the TV, tuner, audio decoder, audio amplifier,
speakers vision decoder, vision amplifier or picture tube. (For
illustrations showing how the technology works, please see Eye
Spy article. For UK listers it show be easy as the Eye Spy is
published in the UK.)

For a layman's description of how electromagnetic frequencies
work, see David Rountree's website articles:


When not deployed in operations in the Middle East, Turkey or
Haiti, Psych Ops Unit is based at Operations Wing of the
Pennsylvania National Guard in Harrisburg. National Guard? Yup,
it leaves me wondering what else could these aircraft be
involved in.

How about 'on the ground, vehicles such as High Mobility Multi-
purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)' uses a mobile Radio and
Television broadcasting unit called Special Operations Media
System-B (SOMS-B). Finn suggests that this technology is being
used 'by a number of other major nations'. And, provides an
illustration how the vehicle might be used to transmit
electromagnetic signal.

Finn ends the article with: "Sometimes it is hard to keep up
with developing technology, but it is always as well to remember
that wild speculation often masks the importance of advances in
this field".

My take on all of the above? Disclosure? Of what? 'Lights in the
sky'? As I have said before, disclosure is much more complicated
than, as Dolan has put forward, the President steps up to a
microphone and announces.... what? That the world's population
has been the subject to mind control projects?

It appears not even Dolan and Bryce wanted to tackle everything
that just might be involved in creating the UFO/alien abduction
scenario. Col. Alexander avoids and discredits the very real
technology operating on the public.

My, my, as Ollie used to say to Stan: "It's a fine mess you got
us int".


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