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An Invisible Mind Predator?

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 22:46:21 +0000
Archived: Sat, 05 Nov 2011 15:16:51 -0400
Subject: An Invisible Mind Predator?

Dear List: For your weekend reading pleasure:


An Invisible Mind Predator?
Eye Spy, Issue 74, 2011, pages 74-77
by Mike Finn, part a of series of articles
describing how technology is being
utilized in remote mind control.

The article begins by providing a very basic introduction into
how conventional electric currents running through your home,
office and elsewhere could be used in mind control.

"All the AC (alternating current) per lines generate both
electric and magnetic field, the greater the current, the
stronger the electromagnetic field. All live wiring and
appliances in a house generate an electromagnetic field that
penetrates most things to some degree."

"Apart from the main house wiring, each appliance generates a
different electromagnetic field, dependent partly upon the power
of the appliance. An electric blanket produces a field that can
penetrate up to 7 inches into the body, also hair dryers,
microwave ovens, vacuums, television, radio, computers, etc. all
generate various electromagnetic fields."

Higher frequencies can be created by cell phones, baby monitors.
The human body acts as an antenna to EMF files. All of
frequencies generated by these appliances, in the main, is
unintentional but illustrates how humans are moving through a
dense EMF.

How is the electric wiring used to deliberately manipulate
specific signals into a target's environment?

First, there has to be a power line carrier communication (PLCC)
that conducts voice communication between two electrical linked
substations. The carrier current surveillance equipment can
pick-up signals from a carrier current transmitter. The carrier
current transmitter can be hidden anywhere on a premises and
stays active with a constant electrical supply. The carrier
current receiver is able to operate as far away as several
miles. The house wiring is used as a carrier wave. There is
already available a covert audio and video system that works on
the PLC principle.

The Principles of Power Line Networking. Electrical wiring is
connected to various computers, etc. through the mains wiring.
"A modulated carrier signal is sent through the wires, linking
communication with various equipment." There is a limitation
with higher frequencies that is overcome with a new technology
called E-lines which allows for the transmission of microwave
energy and creates access such as internet access.

In earlier e-mail I provided information regarding the ability
to introduce signals into common electrical lines. Computers
programs using manipulative language into carrier lines, the
ability to send a signal to a predetermined target and the
effect on the target. The signal is called silent sound and can
be heard only in the immediate environment of the target. The
energy signal can also be used to disrupt appliances in the
immediate area.

One of the devices used - that is slightly modified to produce a
specific frequency - is a bedside electric clock. This insures
that the target will be in a sleep state and their subconscious
mind can be easily manipulated.

"The microwave frequencies will also have a thermal effect to
some degree. Movement of calcium ions across cell membrane can
easily be influenced, nerve impulses affected, melatonin
secretion controlled (affecting immune responses),
neurotransmitters in the brain affected, and so forth. All it
takes is the right frequency, the correct power, the appropriate
duration of time, and a convenient transmission vehicle such as
a domestic power supply."

"The original research of both Alan Frey (microwave-sound/voices
in the brain) and Ross Adey (Microwave transmission effecting
the efflux of the calcium ion) at the Advanced Research Projects
Agency (ARPA) at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research,
have moved on considerably since those early times. In respect
of silent sound, the inventor Edward Tilton related that all the
schematics had been classified by the US government. It is not
difficult to envisage the pattern of these developments.
However, in terms of transmitting any of these technologies, the
domestic power supply lends itself to a cheap and efficient

To add my own comments to Mike Finn's: the targeting signal does
not have to be specific to an individual because it is based on
frequencies tested to provide a predetermined category of
responses from the human subconscious. The target might think
they are having a conversational interaction when in fact the
program was designed to create such an effect.

Erasing computer files remotely? Can be done. Disrupting
appliances, automobiles, cell phones? Can be done easily. Do you
think my opinions are informed strictly from an active
imagination? Think again. They longer I live, the more my
earlier research is confirmed. Once I was a voice crying in the
wilderness and most people were critical of the information I
was providing. Yeah, it is scary, refers to the technology has
been portrayed in TV series and movies. It is no longer science
fiction. How do we learn to live with this "brave new world?" I
haven't the slightest idea. My only solution is to eat properly,
take a boat load of vitamins to support the immune system and
meditate to release any stress that might have built up in the
physical body. Plus, wish no one any harm toward anyone.


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