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Re: More On Crop Formation Found In Brazil

From: A. J. Gevaerd <ajgevaerd.nul>
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 08:33:00 -0200
Archived: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 17:32:17 -0500
Subject: Re: More On Crop Formation Found In Brazil

>From: Eustaquio Andrea Patounas <socex.ufobras.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 16:52:29 -0200
>Subject: Re: More On Crop Formation Found In Brazil

>>From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
>>To: <post.nul>
>>Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 15:28:28 -0200
>>Subject: Re: More On Crop Formation Found In Brazil

>>Excuse me...

>>Have you been to any of the locations - which are in your own state -
>>and examined the formations yourself?

>>Have you spoken to the "few inhabitants" of the affected cities to know
>>what they think about it?
>>Have you searched and interviewed possible witnesses of the unusual
>>phenomena connected to the formations?

>>Have you spoken to other investigators, police members, agriculture
>>technicians and engineers to hear what they have to say?

>>Have you compared the formations you call "ridiculous" with other cases
>>investigated in several parts of the world by serious people?

>>I guess the answer is _no_ all those questions, right?

>>So, the expressions "ridiculous human formations" or "stupid ETs
>>without study or creativity" are only a matter of personal and
>>prejudicial opinion, just like you did in previous years when we had
>>the same phenomena in your own state and you didn't feel compelled to
>>investigate them.

>>Why don't you at least waste some time doing all the items above before
>>saying the investigation is a "waste of time"?

>>A. J.

>Dear Colleagues,

>First of all, I=B4d like to apologize for my poor English and
>second to emphasize that we are discussing facts and procedures
>and not people.

>I went to Ipuacu after the event in 2008 and there I had
>meetings with the local police, accessing the police records
>from the event. I also interviewed the native and local people.
>In another words, yes, I=B4ve had been there indeed.

>After analyzing all the information given by the local police,
>after analyzing all the information given by the local people,
>so after all researches, searches, interviews, I concluded that
>it was a bad joke from someone who may have had done it either
>on purpose or for a convenience reason. Curiously, some time
>after these crop drawings event, there happened a UFO event
>sponsored by the local mayor. Was it an intelligent way to
>promote the small town or shall I consider it as a mere
>coincidence in a small - few street- agricultural town (6,500
>total population)?

>The colleagues had asked me the reason why I haven=B4t been to the
>place where the new incident happened and I=B4d like to say that
>while I was watching the news on the TV, I could see how
>ridiculous, grotesque, primary were the drawings. A perfect
>children=B4s drawing. In my opinion that=B4s why none of the
>renowned researchers nor scientist went therem either. We would
>spend neither time nor money with slapstick or with unfounded
>things. By the way, may I ask why Thiago hasn't been there too?

>One thing that I may say is that the Brazilian are making fun of
>these non-geometrics and horrible drawings via social network
>such as Facebook or Orkut.

>In case of any other needs, please don=B4t hesitate to ask me
>either by my personnel e-mail or via this renowned and
>respectful discussion List.

I read your report about the 2009 event in Ipuacu with
amazement. You say here that you've been there on the event of
2008, but it is not a fact. Actually, you were there in the
event of 2009, the case of the triangular formation, not the
2008, just to clear your memory. That is a big difference.

But being there doesn=92t mean at all that you investigated the
case. It is another big difference. Otherwise, thousands of
people who also went there just the see the phenomena would say
the same as you did, that they investigated the case. You know
they didn't do so and neither did you. Your very brief report at
that time, which I read with some shock, says that you spent a
couple of hours at the city on a weekend some weeks after the
formation was found and weeks even after the crop was harvested
and not a single piece of it could be seen. Right?

You also claim in your report, very briefly, that you met people
from the city, yet not witnesses, and mentioned names. One of
them was as an employee of the City Hall and another was
supposedly a police member. Well, as I have established strong
connections with that town and made several 650-miles trips
there to continuously evaluate the situation, I checked with all
the employees of the City Hall and all members of local police,
in each case they are very few people, and curiously nobody at
all remembered being contact by you, either personally or by
phone That is odd. And the local policy chief didn`t file
anything that you could have accessed. It is even odder.

And yet, even after being in Ipuacu weeks after the events of
2009 (not 2008, as you can't remember straight), and allegedly
talked with those people, you didn't see nor examined the
formation and immediately issued your incredible report saying
that they are fake. That is even more curious, because had you
actually spoken with anybody from the City Hall or the police,
they not only would have told you otherwise as they would also
have insisted that the formation was genuine to them and to
everyone else who saw it.

If this is a "joke", as you concluded after your peculiar
investigation of the formation, please tell us who was it done:



Listers can enjoy more photos of this formation done during Ivo
Luis Dohl's
and my investigations here. Check by yourselves:



Unlike you, Eustaquio, I went to Ipuacu at my expense several
time and I have not only extensively examined all the formations
by myself, as I have interviewed the witnesses of strange
unusual phenomena connected to the formations, such as strange
balls of light over the fields. I also have consulted several
other investigators, police members (they will remember me) and
agriculture technicians and engineers, and  all of them told me
clear and loud, not once, but many times, that they know no
method nor a machinery that would be able to do such formations.

I would strongly suggest that, instead of giving interviews to
the press and also posting your articles stating that the
formations in your own state are forged or "ridiculous", as you
did, that you get best informed of their circumstances and
preferably go to the locations to do what has to be done. Or
read the material that those who has gone there and done the
investigations wrote.

As for your affirmation that faking the October 31, 2009
triangular formation was "an intelligent way to promote the
small town" through the organization of a UFO conference
sponsored by the local mayor, it is simply preposterous. The
event in question happened almost 5 entire months after the
formation was found and the crop was harvested. Time enough to
everybody simply forget it. And if that was the case, why would
any employee of the City Hall or police member say they are

As you know, I was the person invited by the mayor to organize
that conference and it was enormously well succeeded thanks to
the massive cooperation of more than a dozen of the most
recognized UFO researchers in Brazil, invited to present there.
And that includes, as a special guest, the former commander of
the powerful Brazilian Airspace Defense Command, brigadier Jose
Carlos Pereira, who certainly would never get involved in a
scam, as you suggest.

May I also remind you that in the events of the previous year,
2008, you didn't either do this peculiar research that you claim
you've done in the 2009 case (yet misplacing the date), despite
the fact that you live in the same state where the formations
took place, you were one of the first persons to say that they
were "obvious false", without bothering to check out the facts
by yourself.

Listers surely can understand your poor English, but I, at
least, can't understand your poor knowledge of a phenomena that
you speak about so openly.

A. J.

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