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Re: CERN Superluminal Neutrinos Survive Test #1

From: Nick Balaskas <nikolaos.nul>
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 21:09:20 -0500
Archived: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 05:53:47 -0500
Subject: Re: CERN Superluminal Neutrinos Survive Test #1

>From: Martin Shough <parcellular.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 20:46:02 -0000
>Subject: CERN Superluminal Neutrinos Survive Test #1

>One of the most popular of the (many) explanations proposed has
>been tested in a new experiment. The effect is still there. The
>paper is here



Greetings Martin, Kathy, Ray, Everyone!

Earlier this month, Itay Yavin, a colleague who graduated with a
B.Sc. and a Ph.D. in physics from York University (now employed
as an Associate Faculty member at the nearby world renowned
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics) gave a talk to us
about the unexpected and unbelievable announcement by CERN
scientists that neutrinos travel faster than light. During his
seminar, which was open to participation, Yavin made mention of
the more popular explanations other scientists have proposed and
even entertained ideas from those present, including one of my
own which he quickly dismissed before I could make my case
categorizing it as just another "crazy theory" to explain the
very real results CERN scientists obtained.

Fortunately, as this follow-up paper written by many of the same
CERN scientists did not test my theory nor did it rule out Ether
as the explanation, what they had to say about this otherwise
real result is NOT the final word on the subject, at least not
for Kathy, Ray and York's critical thinking first year physics
students who pointed out the obvious flaws in their thinking.

Natural Philosophy (or Physics) is not a democratic process
where what the majority believe in is the truth. Below are some
facts that we simply cannot ignore.

1) The speed of light (electro-magnetic radiation or photons
which have no rest mass) in a vacuum and the speed of neutrinos
(particles without charge and almost no mass) that have been
measured by CERN scientists AND other scientists in the past are
almost EXACTLY identical. This is not a lucky coincidence.

2) If Einstein was wrong and "c" is not the maximum or limiting
speed that particles with mass can travel, then we would have
expected neutrinos and other particles to travel at speeds of,
say, ten times or even thousands of times faster than light.
Since we have not observed such superluminal particles, the
obvious explanation MUST lay in the tiny measured differences in
the velocities of light and neutrinos.

3) No one really knows what the actual value of the speed of
light or "c" in a PERFECT vacuum with ABSOLUTE certainty but we
can very precisely measure the relative speeds or determine the
delay in arrival times at the finish line of two fast moving

4) The speed of light is c only in a perfect vacuum but is much
slower in air and slower still in more dense mediums such as
water and glass while the speed of a neutrino is not slowed down
at all in matter, even when it passes through the Earth.

5) There is no perfect vacuum in Nature. In the vast emptiness
of interstellar, there are regions of dust and gas (possibly
even invisible "dark matter"). Even in regions of space where
there is little or no dust and gas, there are actual particles
that "precipitate" out of nothing before they quickly disappear
back into nothing. From Enstein's E=mc^2 formula you can see
that energy (E) is simply another state of matter (m). This
invisible state of matter ("zero point energy of a vacuum" and
possibly even "dark energy") must have a huge energy density for
such particles to readily precipitate into existence.

Although the observations made by the CERN scientists are REAL,
the interpretation of their amazing results is wrong not because
of error in measurement or calculation but in an erroneous
assumption they made about light - that it is the faster of the
two travelling exactly at the limiting speed of c.

Taken the above facts into account, the simplest and most
reasonable explanation for the results the CERN scientist got is
that the neutrinos must be the ones travelling at or very close
to c while the speed of light (travelling through a extremely
rarified medium) would be almost as fast.

Is there physical evidence to support this interpretion? Yes.
Cherenkov radiation (the blue glow one sees inside the heavy
water tanks of nuclear reactors). This glow is produced only
when moving charged particles are travelling faster than the
speed of light (which would be much less than c in heavy water
or other medium). Although neutrinos do not have a charge and
almost never interact with matter (about a trillion neutrinos
pass through our bodies every second without ill effects), in a
recently published paper by Cohen & Glashow, they argue that
superluminal neutrinos would lose energy through weak matter
interactions and radiate light too similar to Cherenkov
radiation for charged particles that are moving faster than
light through a medium. No such radiant light was detected or
reported by these CERN scientists.

Two other teams of scientists at neutrino generating facilities
in northern Japan (delayed for now because of the dangers from
the radioactive fallout when the nuclear reactors exploded
earlier this year) and in the United States are gearing up to do
independent measurements of the relative speeds neutrinos and
light passing through the Earth along a baseline similar in
length to the CERN experiment from Switzerland to Italy.

A York colleague, Scott Menary, designs neutrino beam devices
similar to the way Nature produces neutrinos. He is also a
member of the U.S. team neutrino detection team. Menary lobbied
very hard to have the neutrino detector located on the north
side of the Canadian/U.S. border where it would be close to
roads, power and accommodations so that it could easily be
reached and serviced but it was not to be. Maybe it had less to
do with national pride and more to do with realities. One of
these is the long delays at our common borders. I guess our
American neighbours didn't want their neutrinos delayed at
Canadian passpost control...  ;o)

Though the discovery that the true speed of light in a vacuum is
slightly less than c found in our textbooks, the much bigger
(Noble prize winning?) discovery should not be overlooked. We
now have the FIRST compelling observational evidence for the
existence of Ether.

This Ether may not just have the required "static" physical
properties Einstein deduced in his early years when he wrote
that light needed a medium to travel through but as Ray stated
in his post to the UFO UpDates list, this Ether is "dynamic and
probably act[s] instantaneously throughout the universe". If
this turns out to be correct about an Ether that permeates
everything, not only will we be able to solve the energy crisis
and put an end to wars, hunger and injustice but mankind will
also be able to travel to the furthest reaches of the Heavens
(York research scientists such as Stoyan Sarg are working on
this right now!).

Facts do not speak for themselves since they can be interpreted
in many ways, so it could turn out that one of the many other
crazy theories out there is the correct one for the results the
CERN scientists obtained. If these other crazy theories demand
that we think in totally new and unintuitive ways (eg. Quantum
Mechanics) and force us to discard this generation's knowledge
and understanding about our universe as obsolete and rewrite our
science textbooks but my/our interpretation is simpler and more
reasonable/rational and readily explains all the observations
and facts, then applying the principle of Occam's Razor, it is
likely the correct one too.

CERN Superluminal Neutrinos Survive Test #1? Yes. CERN
scientists proved that Einstein and the existence of Ether are
wrong? Not this time!

Nick Balaskas

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