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This Week At Inexplicata 11-29-11

From: Scott Corrales <lornis1.nul>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 05:57:28 -0500
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Subject: This Week At Inexplicata 11-29-11

Spain: El Ojo Cr=EDtico No. 69

A holiday season surprise! Manuel Carballal and Grupo FENIX have
sent us the most recent edition of their El OJO CRITICO
publication, clocking in at whopping 73 pages (let no man call
this a 'zine). The fearless crew at EOC tackles the subject of
skepticism vs. "pseudo-skepticism", stories of bat-men and other
winged humanoids (a perennial favorite here at Inexplicata),
atheism, a report on 60 years of UFO literature...in short,
now's the time to put your Rosetta Stone Spanish to the test and
dig in to a wealth of information!

Posted by INEXPLICATA AT 4:57 AM

Monday, November 28, 2011

VISION OVNI - "We're Facing a UFO Flap in Victoria"

Source: Diario La Capital http://www.lacapital.com.ar/

Date: 11.28.2011

Argentina: VISION OVNI - "We're Facing a UFO Flap in Victoria"

A "UFO Flap" is drawing researchers from throughout the country
to the city of Victoria.

"We're facing a UFO flap in Victoria," explained Visi=F3n Ovni's
Andrea P=E9rez Simondini, discussing last week's intense activity
which ended with the discovery of an "oval-shaped imprint" at
the Laguna del Pescado wilderness. As La Capital mentioned in
today's edition, on-site research endeavors will take place this
coming weekend.

A strange imprint was also found in a wheat field several days
ago, near the site where the skywatches are to be held
(displayed in the photo, courtesy of Visi=F3n Ovni)

Researcher Andrea P=E9rez Simondini, a member of Visi=F3n Ovni, the
organization founded by her mother Sylvia, explained this
morning in a conversation with "La que se viene" on Channel 8
that a skywatch will be held on December 3rd due to the
conisderable number of lights reported over the area in the past
ten days, and to "request the declassification of UFO archives
in Argentina."

"We're calling a flap precisely due to what's been going on for
the past 15 days, which ended in the discovery of an oval
imprint (not the typical circula kind) measuirng 14 meters long
in the Laguna del Pescado wilderness, which dovetails with the
site where lights were reported in the evening. We're saturated
with our investigations and even took samples of these
imprints," explained P=E9rez Simondini, regarding recent events
that merit having a skywatch in Victoria.

P=E9rez Simondini added that the intention is not to convince
disbelievers about the existence of alien life. "We understand
doubters, because people who research the subject of UFOs are
ordinary people whose interest arises from a personal
experience. It's a matter of belief, and sometimes one has to
see to believe. We do not stress convincing people. We try to
make a very responsible communication based on scientific
evidence, to the extent that it's possible," she explained,
adding that her personal experience begins with her mother's
experiences. "My father was an oil man. We lived for a long time
in Caleta Olivia, in the South. My mother was the first to see
an object explode and turn into five smaller objects that headed
out to sea in broad daylight in 1968. This was seen by the
entire population of Caleta Olivia. Just recently I came across
a newspaper article discussing the event." She added that many
years later she herself saw an objct resembling "a flying
freight train".

"For some years now," Andrea notes, "the media have treated the
subject with greater respect."

Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO


Argentina: Are UFOs Flying Over the Mountain Ranges?

Source: El Diario de Carlos Paz - Carlos Paz, Argentina


Date: 11.22.2011

Argentina: Are UFOs Flying Over the Mountain Ranges?

VILLA CARLOS PAZ, ARGENTINA - The UFO phenomenon has not ended
over the mountain ranges of Cordoba and the world's attention is
drawn once more to the phenomenon after a couple of tourists
from Buenos Aires and a businessman claimed having taken
photographs of possible sightings. The first of these cases took
place weeks ago in the locality of Capilla del Monte; the second
involved a real estate agent from the town of Mendiolaza, who
also claims having recorded the movement of a flying object in
the sky.

According to the images displayed on the C5N television channel,
the photos taken at Valle de Punilla show a black spot over
Mount Uritorco which prompted investigation by a local UFO
group. Meanwhile, an image circulated through several Internet
portals, taken by a real estate salesman, who claims having
detected "a spaceship" as he downloaded a photograph of a
property for sale.

These last two cases are added to the number of stories that
attribute the properties of an "intergalactic portal" to the
region, a point of constant access for vehicles. The fact is
that the mountain ranges hold magnetic properties that make them
a unique enclave, according to those who specialize in this type
of research and who study the collected materials.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to
Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)


Argentina: Triangular UFO Videotaped Over Ituzaingo

Source: El Intransigente


Date: 11.26.11

A triangular UFO was recorded on video at Ituzaing=F3 at
approximately 21:30 hours on Thursday, when a resident of the
city of Ituzaing=F3 was able to record the moment at which the
strange object made its presence known in the area.

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA -- a resident of this locality in the
province of Buenos Aires was able to capture an image,
videotaping the moment at which an unidentified flying object
with red lights appeared in the sky.

On Thursday night around 21:30 hours, approximately, a resident
of the city of Ituzaing=F3 was able to record the moment at which
the strange object made its presence known in the area. The
witness lost no time at all and started recording the situation
when the UFO appeared. The object emitted bright red flashes and
the color of its lights did not resemble airliner beacons.

This could be a vehicle of extraterrestrial origin, given the
type of maneuver and what it is capable of performing in flight.

Several residents were also able to capture the spectacle on
their respective cameras or cellphones, making it clear that the
occupants were willing to have fleeting contact with beings of
the third world (sic).



Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO


Argentina: A Happy Summer Skywatch

On Saturday, November 5 2011, members of the Fundaci=F3n Argentina
de Ovnilog=EDa (FAO) met by the banks of the El Espinillo creek
(Atalaya, Buenos Aires) for a skywatch. The location, known as
"one of the 10 most active regions in the country", holds the
"world record of UFO landing prints (1985)" -- a total of 150
scattered in surrounding fields. FAO members from La Plata,
Capital Federal, Quilmes, Chascom=FAs and Magdalena, portrayed
above, met for the event.


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