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Re: Jeff Rense

From: Jerome Clark <jkclark.nul>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 09:18:50 -0500
Archived: Sat, 03 Sep 2011 08:16:19 -0400
Subject: Re: Jeff Rense

>From: Joni Ferris <jferris.nul>
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>Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 01:27:06 -0400
>Subject: Re: Jeff Rense

>>From: Jerome Clark <jkclark.nul>
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>>Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 11:22:33 -0500
>>Subject: Re: Jeff Rense

>>>From: Joni Ferris <jferris.nul>
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>>>Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 10:38:24 -0400
>>>Subject: Re: Jeff Rense

>>>>From: Michael M. Hughes <michaelmhughes.nul>
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>>>>Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 16:23:19 -0400
>>>>Subject: Jeff Rense [was: Hudson Valley UFOs]

>>>BTW, Norm Chomsky is known as a self-hating Jew.

>>Known by whom? Mind-readers?

>>Jerry Clark

>You can see what is said on this site:


>and then from this one:

>The prize for being most accused of self-hatred would probably go
>to Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics at Massachusetts
>Institute of Technology (MIT). Chomsky, a Nobel laureate, has
>long been controversial for his overt criticism of the American
>and Israeli governments.

>Some conservative scholars like David Horowitz, author of The
>Anti-Chomsky Reader (2004) and The Professors: The 101 Most
>Dangerous Academics in America (2006), among other books, have
>managed to launch careers largely by responding to his work.

>Chomsky attributes the promiscuous use of the accusation of
>Jewish self-hatred to a piece by the late Israeli foreign
>minister and United Nations ambassador Abba Eban, who wrote in
>Congress Bi-Weekly in 1973, "One of the chief tasks of any
>dialogue with the Gentile world is to prove that the distinction
>between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is not a distinction at
>all." "That is a convenient stand," Chomsky remarked to me. "It
>cuts off a mere 100 percent of critical comment!"

An intensely controversial figure, Noam Chomsky has his critics
on both left and right. By "critics" I mean writers and
intellectuals (e.g., the social-democratic philosopher Paul
Berman) who seek, in the normal fashion of scholarly debate, to
address and undercut his arguments. Though for a number of
reasons - a suffocating rigidity for one - he is not my kind of
guy, Chomsky is certainly correct when he identifies the purpose
of the "self-hating Jew" canard. Roughly translated, it means
"shut the f**k up."

Its practitioners prominently include, as cited above, David
Horowitz (known fondly to some non-admirers, self-hating Jews no
doubt, as "Horrorwitz"). As culturally plugged-in Listfolk will
know, Horowitz is an active McCarthy-style character assassin
with a long, sorry history of branding non-conservative fellow
citizens "America haters" if not actual traitors. He may have
personally invented (in the wake of 9/11) the strange charge,
still sounding in the far-right echo chamber, that Islamic
Jihadists and American liberals are secretly allied in a plot to
destroy America and the West (Israel, too, needless to say). In
reality, it's hard to imagine two sides with less in common, but
of course reality has little to bring to the task of demonization
of this sort.

Most of us, too, would judge this, like Horowitz's "self-hating
Jew" smear on Chomsky, more an example of pathology - or maybe
just the crudest of propaganda - than of insight.

Back, I hope, to UFOs....

Jerry Clark

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