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PRG Update - September 3, 2011

From: Stephen G Bassett <PRG.nul>
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2011 00:41:31 +0100
Archived: Mon, 05 Sep 2011 08:13:22 -0400
Subject: PRG Update - September 3, 2011

Paradigm Research Group

PRG Update - September 3, 2011
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World Disclosure Day - July 8

WDD currently has 4440 endorsements. PRG estimates it will take
around 100,000 endorsements to attract the desired attention
from the political media. The most represented nation is the
United States and the second most represented nation is the
People's Republic of China. A new international promotional
effort will begin soon to build public awareness, increase the
number of endorsements and obtain endorsements of note. This
effort will be bundled with The Disclosure Petition.

The Disclosure Petition

The Obama administration will soon launch a people's petition
initiative on the White House website. Petitions on any subject
may be submitted. At this time it would appear international
signatures will be permitted. Petitions with at least 5000
signatures will be reviewed by White House staff for possible
dissemination and consideration within the administration.

As soon as the White House We the People Petitions initiative is
open, PRG will immediately submit The Disclosure Petition. It
will be written as follows:

"We, the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United
States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence
engaging the human race and immediately release into the public
domain all files from all agencies and military services
relevant to this phenomenon."

Between now and when the We the People Petitions goes live, PRG
will pre-promote The Disclosure Petition in order to ensure it
receives a large number of signatures as quickly as possible.


Not too long ago some teenagers in Siberia, Russia created a
video of a dead alien in the snow. It was a hoax. The alien was
made out of bread. At present a one minute and 25 second video
about this "find" has had 10.5 million views on YouTube.

That is called "going viral." Another video about the "pending
release" of a film about a "living alien" has achieved 36.5
million views. That is called "going mega-viral."

The three keys to successful political advocacy are focus, focus
and focus. Soon thousands of petitions are going to be submitted
to the White House website. There will likely be dozens of
petitions dealing with UFO/ET/Disclosure issues. Many will be
redundant. Some will be ridiculous. Many petitions with a small
number of signatures equals small impact. A few petitions with a
large number of signatures equals large impact.

The World Disclosure Day endorsements and the The Disclosure
Petition signatures offer a timely opportunity to make a strong
statement. Hundreds of millions of people around the world know
their governments are not telling the truth in this matter. If
millions can view YouTube videos of hoaxes, surely millions can
take about the same amount of time and sign a petition calling
for Disclosure of the real thing.

World Disclosure Day and The Disclosure Petition represent
basic, concise concepts that are unambiguous. There is little
room for debate. If one does not think there is an
extraterrestrial presence, one would certainly not sign either.
If one does believe there is an extraterrestrial presence, it
would seem appropriate to sign both.

"Going viral" is a modern phenomenon with the potential to
effect political and social change. It is completely in the
hands of the people. No government involvement or permission is
needed. If you would like to see The Disclosure Petition go
viral or even mega-viral, you have the power to make it so.

Contact 3D: The Disclosure Concert - September 25 - LA

There will be a fund raising concert benefiting Disclosure at the
annual Los Angeles 3D Film/Music Festival produced by the Dream
Factory. Ten to twenty thousand people are expected to attend this
year's event.

PRG Upcoming Speaking Schedule

Conscious Life Expo - Los Angeles, CA - Sept 30 - Oct 2
Pythagoras Conference - Louisville, KY - Dec 16-18

Other Upcoming Conferences


Paradigm Research Group
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