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Re: New Official Brazilian UFO Files

From: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti <thiagoticchetti.nul>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 09:37:28 -0300
Archived: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 09:45:48 -0400
Subject: Re: New Official Brazilian UFO Files

>From: Kentaro Mori <kentaro.mori.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 14:57:53 -0300
>Subject: Re: New Official Brazilian UFO Files

>>From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
>>To: <post.nul>
>>Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 10:56:45 -0300
>>Subject: New Official Brazilian UFO Files


>>In Brazil, differently that what happened in France and England,
>>for example, where the disclosure has been thanks to an
>>administrative decision, the opening of files is a result of
>>movement conducted by a number of Brazilian UFO researchers in
>>behalf of the entire Brazilian UFO Community.

>I think our fellows abroad, especially in the UK, would strongly
>disagree with that.

>It both downplays the role UFO researchers had in those
>countries, and exaggerates the one they had here in Brazil.

>For instance, as it has never been made quite clear by the
>committee you represent, but was mentioned by the relevant
>authority in an interview, Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira, most
>of the released Air Force files had been collected by his own
>personal initiative and interest in UFOs and were being prepared
>to be released before the campaign by local Ufologists was
>promoted. Calls for disclosure were, of course, being made long
>before it, but fact is that the Brigadier has told he was
>collecting those files for disclosure before your campaign

>The actual Brazilian disclosure must be seen both in the
>International context -- as authorities, including the UK, want
>to wash their hands about the subject -- and in the Domestic
>one, as the UFO Disclosure Campaign got its major boost thanks
>to the Fantastico TV show which in turn also promoted it in
>context of the then much publicized problem of the actual
>destruction of official documents related to the military
>dictatorship era in Brazil. Around here, as our fellows abroad
>must know, Freedom of Information relates mainly to the
>disclosure of documents related to crimes committed by the
>military government during the three decades we lived under a
>strong-armed dictatorship.

>This is not to downplay the part the campaign you leaded didn't
>play a role in the actual UFO disclosure. It would be unfair to
>say it didn't play a very significant role. But claiming all the
>credit for it, I think, and even to the point of downplaying
>those abroad, is not very appropriated.

>The Military Inquiry into the Varginha Case, for instance, is
>being claimed as being released due to your campaign's pressure.
>But in fact the files had been publicly available for almost a
>decade, and the people who actually copied and publicized them
>were simply journalists from a weekly magazine who requested
>them at the proper archive. The files were not secret, they were
>simply not properly sought after by anyone. This, I think,
>illustrates more accurately how things happen.

>As much as UFO enthusiasts like to cry about a cover-up -- which
>does occur, obviously, as UFOs are related to National Security
>even if none of them were alien spaceships --, the simple fact a
>lot of documents are not publicly available because they have
>simply not been properly requested reveals a more nuanced view
>of reality. And even the files that have been made widely and
>now easily available electronically lack a proper evaluation and

>The same thing happened, as another example, in the Trindade
>case, where documents have been available for half a century but
>no one bothered to properly look or even ask for them until our
>recent efforts -- and by "our efforts" I mean all researchers
>dedicated to reviewing this case, both at home and abroad.

>>This is serious and real Ufology, much beyond unproductive

>The Brazilian Air Force states it is completing the full
>disclosure of *all* of its UFO files, and that further files
>will be directed to the National Archives as it's allegedly not
>in their duty to investigate the subject. The released files
>reveal how even the high echelons of the military would fall for
>crude hoaxes (including a Minister falling for the hoax of the
>"Uranus Project"), and that mostly all of the research efforts
>were due to the personal interest by some key figures, so much
>so that as soon as they left their posts, the projects were
>terminated. And so much so that even the files and evidence
>produced by these projects were literally left to rot.

>The best these files show is that the military can also include
>people, in all echelons, who believe in the ETH. But they lack
>as much evidence to prove that hypothesis as we civilians. Or at
>least that's what the files show. Even the Brigadier, I think
>the most relevant person in the Brazilian UFO Disclosure (and
>again, due to his personal interest) was very clear about that.

>Knowing all this is getting closer to evaluating the real
>situation, and as such is indeed productive Ufology. But I would
>say that the more disclosure we see, the more the skeptical
>position is favored.

Dear list,

Mr. Kentaro once more is wrong. It is amazing how he claims such
things without being part of this great campaign. He knows
nothing about it and keeps playing the 'devil's advocate'.

It is very easy for him simply wait for the results of our work
and then, in front of his computer, write incorrect things. Its
Kentaro's way of life.

1 - Brig. Pereira was and is important, but he was not
responsible to the disclosure. You, Mr. Kentaro, must read more
about Fernando Ramalho's work on it.

2 - Credit for the campaign is, in a great part, thanks to A.J
who worked for ufology before you were born. Without his work,
together with a lot of people over the years, there wouldn't be
ufology in Brazil today.

3 - Mr. Kentaro about Varginha, the documents might have been withheld
for many years without the campaign and our work.

4 - Trindade. Please, you have no new arguments, so let's not
talk about it.

And most importantantly, you are trying to dimish the hard work
that we are doing here in Brazil with the campaign UFOs: Freedom
Of Information Now.

You have no idea of what are we doing. We are not simply sending
requests to the Brazilian government to release documents. We
worked hard to get in touch with congressmen and we were

What we are doing here in Brazil is remarkable, and like it or
not you will have to deal with it. We do need critics to do a
better job, but not people like you that wait for the moment to
write about what you don't know.

I am starting to think that what you have against the Brazilian
ufology it is truly a personal matter against A.J.

Sorry List. This will be my last email on this subject.

Thiago Luiz Ticchetti

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