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Re: New Official Brazilian UFO Files

From: Kentaro Mori <kentaro.mori.nul>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 11:51:40 -0300
Archived: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 06:42:32 -0400
Subject: Re: New Official Brazilian UFO Files

>From: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti <thiagoticchetti.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 09:37:28 -0300
>Subject: Re: New Official Brazilian UFO Files


>1 - Brig. Pereira was and is important, but he was not
>responsible to the disclosure. You, Mr. Kentaro, must read more
>about Fernando Ramalho's work on it.

I didn't write he was responsible for the disclosure. I wrote he
was the key figure in the Brazilian UFO Disclosure. If anyone
asks why _only_ the Brazilian Air Force, and not the Army nor
the Navy released their UFO files, the simple answer can be
found on the fact that only in the Air Force there was Brig
Pereira, who had the authority and the personal initiative to
collect UFO files from a series of branches for several years,
preparing for the eventual disclosure he views as beneficial to

>2 - Credit for the campaign is, in a great part, thanks to A.J
>who worked for ufology before you were born. Without his work,
>together with a lot of people over the years, there wouldn't be
>ufology in Brazil today.

There was Brazilian ufology before Ademar Gevaerd, there will be
afterwards. In fact, Brazilian Ufology through the work of
researchers like Olavo Fontes et al, who were working before
Gevaerd was born, was and is much more widely known than it is

>3 - Mr. Kentaro about Varginha, the documents might have been
>withheld for many years without the campaign and our work.

As the first and main Varginha Case researcher, Ubirajara
Rodrigues, explained to me, this Inquiry "was never withheld".
After it was concluded it was archived, and has been publicly
available since 1997. Rodrigues, who gave his affidavit in this
inquiry, had already done that and knew the full contents of it
before the alleged "disclosure".

And you must know that, because you found where that document
was archived because when you asked the authorities where the
"secret" Varginha Case files were, the Army simply replied that
_all_ they had on the case was that very same inquiry, archived
there for public access.

And even then you didn't ask for them! It was the IstoE
journalists who did that, and they sent copies of the documents
to you. This is very different from the picture that has been

>4 - Trindade. Please, you have no new arguments, so let's not
>talk about it.

The same goes for Trindade. Extremely relevant documents were
publicly available at the Navy Documentation Service for over
half a century, but very few people asked for them. I know of
only one initiative before ours - which is remarkable since it
was sponsored and coordinated from abroad and even that was
quite recent.

Afterwards, and at the time unbeknownst to us of that previous
one, through the efforts of Rodrigo Visoni we obtained and later
shared with fellow researchers those official files. Then, just
this year, Alexandre Borges asked where Visoni got the files,
and it was then that he found they were at the Navy
Documentation Service. After a lot of insistence, which must be
very praised, Borges managed to access further valuable files to
the case that were not properly indexed - but one must not look
for cover-ups, but simply due to, we must say, administrative
incompetence of these files.

That makes more than half a century these UFO files had been
lying there, publicly available but with no one to simply ask
for them with some insistence. When you realize that, and that
the same thing happened with the Varginha Inquiry, I think this
reinforces the view and importance of Brig Pereira in the BAF
UFO Disclosure, who made this effort to ask and collect those
files in all branches of the Air Force.

Realizing one of the most important things for UFO Disclosure in
Brazil is simply getting past bureaucracy paints a very
different picture from the one that has been sold. And this is
not to mention the "disclosured" files which had been obtained
by Edison Boaventura, long before this recent campaign, who got
_original_ UFO files that even the Brazilian Air Force didn't

The Air Force simply didn't care for those files and they were
left to rot, as (amazingly!) happened with the Operation Saucer
film strips, huh?

I fear the same may have happened with some of the Trindade
files. The official Navy report and some key memos are not where
they should be. But, knowing all this, before thinking about a
cover-up, I fear these files, the _originals_ may have been
extracted by a UFO interested authority and then eventually
lost. I fret the (actually) secret Navy Report on Trindade that
was sent to APRO was the _original_ one. In which case it was
destroyed by the Lorezens after they translated and publicized
it, as per request of the sender.

I don't purport this to be the whole story but I hope it
presents a different point of view and presents further
information on the behind  the scenes disclosure of Brazilian
UFO files to anyone interested.


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