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Re: Mori Vs. Gevaerd

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 08:56:48 -0300
Archived: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 15:00:27 -0400
Subject: Re: Mori Vs. Gevaerd

Dear Listers.

I noticed that the subject of this discussion has changed from
"New Official Brazilian UFO Files" to "Mori Vs. Gevaerd". I
respect Errol's always wise decision and the way he moderates
this List - and this is why it is so successful.

However, I do sincerely think and feel that Listers here have
much more interest in other subjects, in real Ufology, in real
cases, in productive discussions, rather than in personal
issues. It has become quite clear through the years that Mori
and I don't get along. Period. He doesn't respect my work and I
really don't care. The libels I suffered from him will be dealt
with in the proper environment.

As for what he doesn't respect my work, and myself, I have
commented on it in my previous message and I really, really
don't think that this List should waste more valuable time with
this. Period again.

On other hand, why would continue I post anything here that is
interesting and new about the Brazilian Ufology, like our
disclosure process, with new important documents revealed, if
then I will have to spend hours of my precious time to reply to
Mori's distorted declarations? Things that he writes only
because it was me who did that particular post? And because the
news that I inform are resulting of a work that my team and I do
and that he dislikes? Why would I?

I do like to post interesting and new about the Brazilian
Ufology and I have been doing so for over a decade here. But I
rather get legitimate questions made from Listers than have to
go over and over with this nonsense with Mori. And I hope that
he has the good sense to realize that his behavior has become a
disease to many people, and that he must overcome it.

So, I'd love to keep posting interesting things here, like I did
in the past (just check out the archives), fascinating
interviews with top ranking officials, great cases that happened
in the Amazon, interesting abductions, info on our disclosure
etc etc etc, but I do so with the purpose of feeding the
international UFO community with productive Ufology. And this is

And for that matter, have you folks taken the time to check out
the Brazilian official files of 2010, released last week and
comprised of 7 documents and new cases, including some very
important ones produced by commercial airline pilots.

These new files are here:


The 2010 files are the last 7 ones. In the parent directory
folder you will have the files for the other decades:


I have sent these files to translation for you. Although, it may
take time to be ready, I hope you enjoy.

I welcome all Listers questions and will reply gladly. But
honest questions without skepticism and agendas that are beyond
de legitimate interest to see Ufology stronger. And if I could
add something, let me end by saying that I love the healthy
skepticism, because it makes us wonder and evolve, but I am
definitely not interested at all in dealing with the other type
of skeptics - those whose sole purpose is denial.

A. J.

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