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MUFON: A "Game-Changing"(?) Project

From: Isaac Koi <isaackoi.nul>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 22:34:19 +0100
Archived: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 07:05:34 -0400
Subject: MUFON: A "Game-Changing"(?) Project

Most of the references to MUFON on this List and other
discussion forums during the last year or two have not been very
positive. Apart from the posts on various forums by those
involved in a power struggle within MUFON and posts expressing
concerns about MUFON's contract with Robert Bigelow's company,
in the last few days some of us have been entertained/dismayed
by footage of MUFON's new International Director (Clifford
Clift) on The daily Show on 20 September 2011, which included
Clifford Clift participating in a role play with someone dressed
up as an alien speaking in a funny voice:


Anyway, I thought it worth posting on here some news about a
couple of more positive developments regarding MUFON.

First, on part of MUFON=92s new forum (discussed below) and on
several other websites there are (possibly over-hyped)
indications of a new website being developed by MUFON and a new
app which will, according to one of those involved in developing
the project, "revolutionize the public interaction with the UFO
phenomena forever" and as having "game-changing implications":



I=92ve become rather wary about such claims, since many people
have over-hyped their UFO projects/books/documentaries/seminars
in the past. However, I thought some of you might like to know
about the project and form their own views on the related
claims. At the very least, they show that some people within
MUFON appear to be hard at work, rather than just attacking one
another and playing politics.

The new app has variously been referred to by people within
MUFON as "Project Bravo" and "UFO Connect". (It seems that it
was originally referred to as "Project Bravo" but the "UFO
Connect" label now appears to be more fashionable).

MUFON has been apparently been making substantial efforts to
raise awareness of the UFO Connect project (setting up a
website, issuing various videos and promoting it on its forum,
Facebook and Twitter), but I only heard about it very recently.

The most informative of the various videos now available, which
gives an overview of this project, can be found at:


I note that this video was posted on 3 September 2011, but --
despite all the apparent efforts by MUFON to promote interest in
this project -- had only had 132 views in the first 10 or so days
(but has jumped in the last few days, since I posted about the
project on the abovetopsecret.com forum).

The relevant part of MUFON=92s new forum includes the following
summary of UFO Connect:


[Begin Quote]

UFO Connect is a revolutionary mobile application consisting of
educational and interactive tools involved in the UFO phenomena.
The mobile application consists of free and pay for modules with
varying capabilities. This application was constructed for
volunteers to help better communicate and educate MUFONs (Mutual
UFO Network) primary mission to "The Scientific Study of UFO's
for the Benefit of Humanity". in addition the application will
revolutionize the public interaction with the UFO phenomena
forever.The mobile application consists of three main modules,
MUFON Mobil App, UFO Search and Skywatch Alert.

[End Quote]

The UFO Connect website is at:


It gives more details of the various modules being developed as
part of this "revolutionary" mobile application, in relation to
which some pretty big claims are being made.

The most interesting item in development appears to me to be the
"Skywatch module", the webpage for which includes the following:


[Begin Quote]

What is Skywatch Alert?

Skywatch Alert is the UFO Connect's flagship application. This
module will revolutionize how the general public, UFO/Skywatcher
enthusiast and serious UFO investigator interacts and witness
the phenomena we have come to know as UFOs. This application
works much like the well known Amber Alert system for missing
persons and law enforcement activity. Witnesses of a current UFO
event will participate in this by being the source of the Alert.
Skywatch Alerts main inspiration cam from the developed from
Operation Skywatch, a US Air Force program that enrolled over
1.5 million volunteers to watch the sky for potential enemy
aircraft during WWII. The same concept is applied here where
potentially several million individuals around the world will
contribute to the UFO Connect Skywatch alert system allowing for
millions more to witness a UFO event. This application will give
the users the power to witness the UFO events as they are
happening. Users will be able to not only monitor their
preferred customized Alert areas but will also have the ability
to alert everyone of a live witnessed event too. Simply the user
fills out the report form, takes a picture or video of a UFO
sighting and alerts any user in the area of their customized
alert preferences. The purpose of these functions is to put the
power of disclosure and understanding of the UFO phenomena in
the people=92s hands instantly.


Push Notifications

Even when you are not in the app, the setting where you toggle
the push notifications to the on position will display a push
notification on your mobile devices screen.

[End Quote]

While I consider this project interesting (hence this post...),
I am slightly concerned that a lot of time and real effort is
being spent on an alert system which:

(a) presumably will require a _lot_ of users across the USA (or
the world) to make it worthwhile and I'm not sure this app will
get that many people signing up to it (NB the number of people
that watched the video about the app prior to my posting about
it on a couple of forums was VERY low);

(b) may be prone to attract hoaxers.

Secondly, I hadn=92t noticed until very recently, but MUFON has
restarted its discussion forum.

So far, it hasn=92t seen much activity -- particularly by MUFON=92s
own members and leadership. Still, the optimisitic view (and I=92m
almost always an optimist) is that MUFON will use this forum to
improve communication with its members and the wider ufological
community. This will require, however, more involvement on that
forum by MUFON's members and leadership. Indeed, without that
involvement I have doubts as to whether yet another UFO forum is
a positve development -- a view I=92ve expressed the MUFON forum
itself in a thread entitled "Why create another UFO discussion
forum?": http://tinyurl.com/64x3z26

While I=92m not entirely confident of its future, those that have
criticised MUFON for not doing various things or failing to be
sufficiently open may want to pop across to that forum and raise
their issues in the open there -- in the hope that someone within
MUFON will respond or at least take some notice of relevant

I=92ve started a few threads on there myself in the last few days
to see how much of a response I get from MUFON representatives,
including: "Statistical analysis of MUFON case reports?":



"MUFON's Pandora project and famous cases":


I=92m currently waiting to see whether it was worth spending time
participating on that forum...

In any event, I'd like to wish those working hard on this
project for MUFON the very best. I hope the claims being made
about their work turn out to be justified.

All the best,


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