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Re: D'oh! Light Speed Threshold Broken?

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 00:32:35 +0100
Archived: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 07:09:56 -0400
Subject: Re: D'oh! Light Speed Threshold Broken?

>From: Albert Baier <albertgbaier.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul>
>Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 12:02:38 -0500
>Subject: Re: D'oh! Light Speed Threshold Broken?


>Guys, List

>The CERN paper:


Thanks Albert.

Interestingly it now seems that Fermilab (Chicago) might've made
the discoveryfirst, a coupla years ago  Here's the relevant
quotes from an interview in the UK's Daily Telegraph:



Before any conclusions can be drawn, the CERN team's results
will be checked by scientists across the globe including at
Fermilab near Chicago, where a similar experiment known as Minos
is based.

Prof. Thomas - the co-spokesperson for the Minos project - said
the team had thrown up similar results several years ago but had
discounted them because the possible margin of error was too

She said: "Our errors were rather large so we dismissed it.
Nothing is further from your belief than that the results might
be correct. When I heard about the Cern results my first
thought was that they must be wrong, there must be something
they have not taken into account." ..."We will repeat our
experiment with higher precision, hopefully in the next six
months. The Fermilab team will then begin a second stage of
their experiment, called Minos Plus, which is even more similar
to the Cern trial and will deliver results accurate to one
nanosecond, she said."



Ray D

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