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Re: Q&A On That FTL 'Discovery'

From: Lyle Michel <ljm1915.nul>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 13:09:13 -0700
Archived: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 08:45:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Q&A On That FTL 'Discovery'

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>Subject: Re: Q&A On That FTL 'Discovery'

>>From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
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>>Subject: Q&A On That FTL 'Discovery'


>>So why can't something go faster than the speed of light?

>>Because it would violate the laws of cause and effect.

>There appears to be some confusion here. The speed of light is
>not zero-time. The particles that CERN observed arriving 60 nano
>seconds earlier than expected, did not arrive 60 nano seconds
>before they departed, as implied. They still took a period of
>time to get from A to B; they just did it faster than

This reminded me of a story shared by Charles Hall of the Tall
White Fame! When the concept of traveling the speed of light
came up and Charles shared is feelings regarding our thinking
about light speed As of  1965 the Tall Whites seemingly laughed
their heads off (to coin and earth expression).  Charles was
obviously being confronted with the fact that beings from other
worlds were Right in front of him.  And of course they could
travel faster than the speed of light. How else would they have
been able to travel to earth.

Lyle Michel

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