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Re: Kenneth Arnold William Rhodes & Maury Island

From: Jerome Clark <jkclark.nul>
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Subject: Re: Kenneth Arnold William Rhodes & Maury Island

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>Subject: Re: Kenneth Arnold William Rhodes & Maury Island

>>From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993.nul>
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>>Subject: Re: Kenneth Arnold William Rhodes & Maury Island

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>>>Subject: Re: Kenneth Arnold William Rhodes & Maury Island

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>>>>Subject: UFO UpDate: Kenneth Arnold William Rhodes & Maury Island

>>>>Source: Kevin Randle's A Different Perspective Blog


>>>>Saturday, April 07, 2012

>>>>Kenneth Arnold, William Rhodes And Maury Island


>>>>I mention all this by way of background to a new point. I have
>>>>been working on a book for Visible Ink Press and one of the
>>>>things I have been doing is revisiting the Maury Island
>>>>sighting. This took place on June 21, 1947, which is only a
>>>>couple of days before Kenneth Arnold made his sighting, but it
>>>>received no publicity, or interest, until after Arnold's report
>>>>exploded all over the newspapers and the world.

>>>I suggest you read Kenn Thomas' JFK & UFO: Military-Industrial
>>>Conspiracy and Cover-Up from Maury Island to Dallas. Thomas
>>>covers Arnold's involvement providing more information than has
>>>normally been reported. He goes into great depth showing just
>>>what Crisman's real role was in the incident. Especially,
>>>misleading Arnold.

>>>To my mind, and knowing Thomas' work, the subject of Maury
>>>Island incident and the personalities involved were covered to
>>>my satisfaction. I can't think of another aspect that would
>>>bring forward additional facts.

>>Does Thomas mention Crisman's gunfight with the Deros of Shaver
>>mystery fame? Does he note that Crisman sent a letter to Ray
>>Palmer in 1946 claiming inside knowledge of the Deros?

>>Does he note that Haldor Dahl, who owned the North Queen, the
>>vessel that he thought of as the salvage ship didn't belong to
>>Harold Dahl, and that Thomas thought it was a typographical
>>error? He didn't bother to find out if there was a Haldor Dahl
>>(who, BTW, was one of the owners of Tacoma Boat Building Company
>>which had originally built the boat for the Navy during the war
>>and bought it back when the war ended.

>>Does he mention that Crisman claimed to have been awarded the
>>Distinguished Service Cross but that his name does not appear in
>>any of the databases which list the names of all those who have
>>been awarded it?

>>Does he mention that Dahl's son, who was supposedly injured when
>>the UFO began spewing slag denies the event happened and that no
>>one, except Ray Palmer, ever claimed to have seen the hospital

>>I bring all this up simply because it points to the truth of the
>>Maury Island hoax... and yes, I now expect to have scorn heaped
>>upon me for having the audacity of suggesting that this admitted
>>hoax was, in fact, a hoax.


>It has been a while since I read Kenn's book. Therefore, because
>he has a really remarkable memory, if I were you, I would contact
>him directly.

>The only interesting information I took away from the book was
>linked to a Major George Sander - the military contact who was
>in Tacoma to question the survivors of the Davidson and Brown
>plane crash. According to Thomas' research, Major Sander tried
>to convince Arnold and, his co-investigator, Smith, that the
>Maury Island incident was a hoax. I quote from the book:

>"Sanders clearly wanted Smith and Arnold to believe that their
>slag came from here (the Tacoma Smelting Company); Arnold even
>suggested that Sanders might have tried to hypnotize them into
>this belief." Thomas is quoting from Coming Of The Saucers.

>Arnold thought that Major Sanders was a "smooth operator", but
>wasn't smooth enough to convince Arnold that the fragments he
>and Smith had weren't important. If Arnold thought Maury Island
>was a hoax, that was not his opinion during his investigation.

Arnold's naivete is painfully obvious even in his own account,
as I remark when I wrote about Maury Island in the encyclopedia.
It seems sadly obvious that Arnold himself was so personally
honest that he simply lacked the necessary cynicism that would
have protected him from the sociopathic likes of Fred Crisman.
By the time Sanders spoke with him, Arnold was not thinking
reasonably because he was caught up in the lies Crisman told.
Ruppelt says something of the same in his treatment of the

>And, yeah, I was surprised to find out Arnold was investigating
>Maury Island because he was being paid by Ray Palmer. Wow, who

Who knew? Well, just about everybody. Arnold wrote about his
experience as an investigator of Maury Island in the very first
issue of Fate, published in the spring of 1948. He repeated the
story in the 1952 book he co-wrote with Ray Palmer. He spoke
about it at the 1976 Chicago UFO Congress which Fate sponsored.
Arnold was naive about Palmer, too.

>My purposes for reading the book was the role Crisman played in
>the JFK assassination.

And what role would that be, other than the imaginary, long-
discredited one?

Jerry Clark

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