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This Week at Inexplicata - April 11 2012

From: Scott Corrales <lornis1.nul>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 11:16:23 -0400
Archived: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 08:50:30 -0400
Subject: This Week at Inexplicata - April 11 2012


The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Source: El Tribuno Digital


Date: 10 April 2012

Argentina: VISION OVNI Looks Into Strange Pujato Ground Traces

A cornfield that appeared to display strange marks caused
astonishment to many citizens of the town of Pujato (Santa Fe
Province). The event prompted a visit from member of Vision
Ovni, the Victoria-based group devoted to the study of
unidentified flying objects.

On 5 April, cornstalks standing 2 meters tall were found
flattened in the same direction in the middle of a lot. The
field is some 2 kilometers distant from Route 33 and the marks
were found by Rub=E9n Marelli, the owner, who presented a
complaint on the following day.

Vision Ovni's science team, consisting of El=EDas Kolev and Andrea
P=E9rez Simondini, among others, studied the phenomenon. During a
field survey, they found a trail measuring 2.10 meters wide and
nearly 600 meters long, which presents side trails that open and
mark a sort of figure eight, doubling back on themselves.

The ground print begins the moment that the rural gate is
traversed, and ends 10 meters from the rural gate on the
opposite side of the field.

"We were able to find strange prints within the field,
presenting a sort of "drag-mark" measuring 10 centimeters by 40
long, ending abruptly in a sort of nest made of sticks, with
some very interesting perforations on the ground," noted the
research team.

Researchers are gathering evidence and eyewitness accounts. "We
have a lot of material. We hope to gather more information about
the event in upcoming hours," noted Andrea Simondini.

[NOTE: El Tribuno gives the landowner's name as "Rub=E9n Marelli",
while other media outlets dub him "Raul Marelli"]

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to
Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Date: 10 April 2012

Argentina: Pujato Field Owner Dismisses UFO Involvement

Raul Marelli, owner of a 32-hectare field in the Pujato area,
found a 600 x 2 meter fringe of flatttened vegetation. Local
residents stated that an unidentified flying object (UFO) landed
on Saturday morning on a cornfield, making its mark.

Marelli, a 62-year-old farmer and cattleman, reported to the
constabulary of the locality in Santa Fe to make his report,
mainly for the damages suffered. What remains unclear is who or
what caused the damage. No crops were stolen and no tracks of
vehicles vehicles were found in the area. Only the flattened
corn stalks.

"The property was planted three months ago. There are a few
months more before harvest and everything looks flattened. It's
a not very straight, rather fertile piece of land, with the
plants flattened in the same direction," the property owner told
Radio 2 this morning.

While he acknowledges not having found the tracks of machinery
or a vehicle, the man dismissed the possibility that a flying
saucer was involved.

"I've been living here for many years and there's never been
anything that's led me to think that. But if you want to
investigate and change my mind, I've got no problem with it," he

The man recognizes that even if it was a directed attack, the
losses are not considerable. "I don't know what they did it. If
it was to cause damage, it was minimum. The finest lot contains
300,000 kilograms of corn. The affected lot has only a thousand,
in other words, there are 299,000 left. I don't understand what
their intentions were."

Police personnel are investigating the event and some
researchers are already discussing the possibility that a "crop
circle" is involved =96 what is known as a landing strip for
flying saucers. "I don't share any of those beliefs. I don't
believe," said the farmer.

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to
Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Source: NOUFA (Noticiero Ufologico Autonomo)
Date: 9 April 2012

Chile: Regarding 'Military Secrecy'
NOUFA Newsroom

The accident involving a C-212 Aviocar belonging to the Chilean
Air Force (FACh), also known as the Juan Fern=E1ndez tragedy, was
an aviation disaster that took place at 17:48 hours local time
(20:48 UTC) on 2 September 2011 when a C-212-300 Aviocar
carrying passengers and a military crew crashed into the sea as
it approached Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile.

Domestic repercussions were tremendous, as the flight included
personalities of the country's television and social elite, plus
military figures. The total number of victims came to 21.

Interpretations as to the causes of the accident have been
changing since the very first moment. Furthermore, new
background information has been added as to the reasons for the
aircraft's failure: lack of maintenance, insufficient fuel for
the journey, excess weight, birds, an undeclared change in
pilots, unexpected air turbulence, etc., etc.

Now, "military secrecy" is being invoked to the astonishment of
the victims and the entire country to conceal errors (not only
in this accident, but many others as well...)

Moving along to the subject of UFOs, which is what concerns us
here, we believe that if the Chilean Air Force (FACh) invokes
'military secrecy' in an air accident involving civilian and
military figures alike, we can easily imagine that should
something important become known about the UFO phenomenon, the
civilian population would be even less able to receive
transparent and timely information on the subject from this
branch of the military. It is logical to think that this clause
can be invoked whether national sovereignty is affected, and
while both subjects are not comparable, the subject of UFOs has
indeed been treated as a military secret.

The foregoing is to reflect yet again that the UFO phenomenon is
a hard one to discuss, and we will never know, openly and first-
hand, what it really is. Much less if it is the hands of
military and official agencies that consider themselves the
guardians of our collective security. Declassification by
military authorities throughout the world has not revealed
anything extraordinary...and we believe that the Truth, and
transparency of information, are the greatest protection one can
afford the population.

A subject that invites earnest reflection.

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul
Nunez and IIEE)

Source: www.notiexpress.com.ar/news.cgi/accion=3Dvernew&id=3D132847

Date: 04.08.2012

Argentina: Alleged UFO Sighting and Landing in Pujato (Santa Fe

A striking incident shattered the customary peace of Pujato, a
community of some 4000 residents located 42 kilometers west of
Rosario on Route 33. Several persons claim that a UFO landed in
a local field, leaving clear traces in the corn.

The owner of a 32 hectare field, and local residents, claim that
an unidentified flying object (UFO) landed in the early hours of
Saturday on a corn field, crushing a radius of 600 meters long
by 2 meters wide on the property.

Raul, a 62-year-old farmer and cattleman, reported to the
constabulary of this community in the province of Santa Fe to
present a complaint, mainly for the damages suffered. What is
remarkable is that who or what caused the damage remains
unclear. There was neither a crop theft nor traces of vehicle
tracks on the soil: nothing but crushed vegetable matter.

Those living near the cornfield further reported witnessing a
craft with strange lights and colors flying over the area,
according to Hector Lopez, a reporter from Radio 2. These people
happened to be in the vicinity of the local cemetery (as if the
report needed further colorful details) at the entrance to the
community on Route 33.

The incident took place around 3 o'clock in the morning. The
mark left by the putative UFO measures 600 meters long by one
meter sixty wide.

Walter Freniche, the local sheriff, confirmed the report and
told Radio 2 that the area of crushed vegetation was checked
out. He notes that there was no theft, and no tire tracks were
in evidence. "Although it's quite possible the event took place
some four or five days ago and they can no longer be seen."

Freiniche added that "residents claimed seeing lights" although
none of them approached the constabulary. "The comment exists,
but they never came to make a statement," he said, adding: "It's
a tough case."

Personnel from Pujato's Section 14 are investigating the case,
with technical assistance from an agronomer who was surveying
the field in question.

(Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to
Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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