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Re: Alien Invasion Plans Revealed

From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 20:31:05 -0700
Archived: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 10:19:49 -0400
Subject: Re: Alien Invasion Plans Revealed

>From: Jay Nelson <jnelson.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul>
>Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 11:14:07 -0600
>Subject: Alien Invasion Plans Revealed

>I found this on a conspiracy news site, traced it back to the
>source through YouTube, and good grief, it's real. This link is
>to a video from the Aussie version of the Today show...
>What she says is this Prof. Paul Springer is a US Air and Space
>Command and Staff College spokesman "with special government
>clearance to talk." The man then makes some good-sounding
>tactical points - the main thing is to conserve forces; the
>aliens might go against our nukes just to protect the resources
>they want; and the planet just might unite to fight them.
>Sounds like a plan to me! Question is, are they setting us up
>for the real thing, or...

>In any case, this simple admission that the Powers That Be are
>even remotely considering the possibility of alien invasion is
>about as close to Disclosure as anything I've ever seen. And the
Nat'l Geo. overlay of invasion movies is predictable, I suppose,
>but it's sure not pulling any punches. I notice that the woman's
>questions are thoughtful, to the point, and there's no giggle
>factor at all. Remarkable.

>If this isn't a test to see public reaction, what is?


Nice catch. It certainly does raise a lot of questions,
including whether it is a test of public reaction.

First of all the statement that they needed to obtain clearance
from the U.S. government for Prof. Springer to even talk.

Second, why would there be classified contingency plans for an
alien invasion? Yes, no doubt the Pentagon has contingency plans
for all sorts of things that will likely never take place, but
they at least have to have some slight possibility. E.g., I
seriously doubt there is a department planning for an invasion
from Switzerland, but here we have one planning for an alien

Apparently the Pentagon attaches a higher probability to an
alien invasion over a Swiss one, and the matter is classified. I
guess the UFO debunkers need to go after them for wasting
resources, since the debunkers already know so absolutely that
even alien visitation, much less invasion, is highly improbable
if not impossible, and cite vast interstellar distances and
Occam's razor to supposedly "prove" it.

Prof. Springer also talks about the nation's of the world
uniting to defeat the alien menace, which sounds suspiciously
like Gen. MacArthur publicly speaking of the same thing in the
1950's and early 1960's on three separate occasions. Apparently
MacArthur didn't get the CSICOP memo either that such notions
are ridiculous because they know better.

On the other hand, I hope they're right.

David Rudiak

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