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QM Consciousness & Para [was: Finding ET May

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 16:41:24 +0100
Archived: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 20:44:30 -0400
Subject: QM Consciousness & Para [was: Finding ET May

>From: Eleanor White <ewraven1.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 16:52:08 -0400
>Subject: Re: Finding ET May Require Giant Robotic Leap

>>From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
>>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul>
>>Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 17:57:50 +0100
>>Subject: Finding ET May Require Giant Robotic Leap

>>Communicating with infrared lasers is communicating at the
>>speed of light, which is the fastest we can hope to achieve.

>As long as science keeps insisting that ESP and like phenomena
>are nonsense. Gotta keep with that 1940s science, you know.

Hello Eleanor

Fully agree and think that we will find a way around the speed-
of-light limit on information transfer by QM entanglement, Which
would also free up the (possible) matter-transfer via signals.

FYI, after reading your post had two lucky coincidences, thanks
to the Daily Grail:


The first was updating myself on news of Roger Penrose's further
developing of his 'microtubules and (QM) consciousness'
theories, in collaboration with Stuart Hameroff and colleagues


Quantum Physics And Consciousness

The complete report is worth a read, and ends with some
surprising speculations.

[Quotation Begins]

"There are interesting philosophical consequences. Firstly, if
it is true that quantum superposition and decoherence in
microtubules play a role in consciousness, and microtubules act
as information processing units, then we will have to wait a bit
longer for the supposed singularity that is projected if Moore's
Law is followed.

Secondly, if quantum superposition and decoherence and Hamerhoff
and Penrose's model is correct then some form of panpsychism or
panproto-experientialism may be true. Consciousness on this view
is a foundational, irreducible component of reality. Or as
Hamerhoff states it "Consciousness or its 'proto-conscious'
precursors are thus somehow built into the structure of the
universe-a view that we might label pan-protopsychism" and
"Consciousness is a sequence of transitions, of ripples in
fundamental spacetime geometry, connected to the brain through
Orch OR". Some call it materialism on steroids, other call it a
form of idealism.

Say whatever you want about the theory, it certainly is
interesting. Whenever a scientist of Penrose's caliber endorses
something then it is probably worth looking into even if you
ultimately do not find it or its philosophical implications

[Quotation Ends]

QM consciousness allowing connections by ripples in spacetime?

If that wasn't enough, next came to a review of 'Science and
Psychic Phenomena' by Chris Carter, where apparently most of the
hard evidence cited was obtained by scientists. This review also
finishes with a flourish.

[Quotation Begins]

"Carter goes on to describe a time-displaced PK experiment by
physicist Helmut Schmidt, in which signals from a binary random
event generator were recorded simultaneously on two cassette
tapes, without anyone listening to them. One tape was given to a
subject to listen to, with instructions to produce more 0s or 1s
(usually in the form of clicks on the left or right of stereo
headphones). When the results were analysed the influence of PK
was observed. However the results also matched the other tape,
which had been untouched.

One interpretation is that PK reached back in time to when the
random events were originally generated. But a more interesting
possibility, consistent with the Von Neumann interpretation, and
put forward by Schmidt and his co-experimenters, is that events
are not physically real until there has been an observation.

From this viewpoint, the PK effort would not have to reach into
the past because nature had not yet decided on the outcome
before the PK subject, the first observer, saw the result. Then,
the PK effort should no longer succeed if we have some other
observer look at the pre-recorded data previous to the PK
subject's attempt. [An] experiment to study this situation ...
has, indeed, reported a blocking of the PK effect by a previous
observation. The Von Neumann theory inevitably tends to invite
quasi-theological speculation. What happened before there were
conscious observers? If consciousness was needed to create
humans - as conscious observers - then God or supernatural
beings enter the equation. Carter quotes quantum theorist Euan

It is remarkable that such ideas should arise from a study of
the behavior of the most elementary of systems. That such
systems point to a world beyond themselves is a fact that will
be loved by all who believe that there are truths of which we
know little, that there are mysteries seen only by mystics, and
that there are phenomena inexplicable within our normal view of
what is possible. There is no harm in this - physics indeed
points to the unknown. The emphasis, however, must be on the
unknown, on the mystery, on the truths dimly glimpsed, on things
inexpressible except in the language of poetry, or religion, or

[Quotation Ends]

So it seems some capable and hard-headed physicists are now
venturing where 'skeptics' fear to tread.


Ray D

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