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Rendlesham UFO Case - Another Perspective

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Subject: Rendlesham UFO Case - Another Perspective

Source: Jerry Cohen's Website


August 1, 2012

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Case - Another Perspective
Did Ian Ridpath really get it completely right? Maybe not -
by Jerry Cohen


Folks, this is a long piece but I believe, a good one.
Obviously, you will be the judge of that. If you're curious
about Rendlesham (1980) and you have patience to go through it
as I have, I suspect this is probably a must read. For me, what
I learned from this investigation in the last six months was
more interesting than I ever could have imagined. For those
interested in analyzing this case in-depth, this on-line
rendition will be much easier to cross-check than anything most
people could probably achieve in a standard book. Many of the
internal links are redundant just to help people either
instantly retrieve earlier points or check the veracity and/or
accuracy of things I've said. I don't expect you to access all
the URLs, but some are there simply for an instant replay of
various issues in the proceedings if needed.

It is definitely important for one to realize that when I
started my research into this, I honestly had no idea which way
it was going to go. As it turned out, it necessarily wound up
becoming a critique of The Rendlesham Forest UFO case by Ian
Ridpath, located at


Ian has been thought by a number of people to have written the
definitive, scientific piece on this topic.

Although I didn't expect it, what I discovered for myself and
have laboriously toiled to display for you here will hopefully
demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that, as impressive-looking
as Ian's website is, his on-line rendition concerning Rendlesham
may not actually be as definitive as is presently thought. It is
as much a surprise to me as to anyone else reading this.

Another reason I'm putting it on-line is because I believe it
clearly and thoroughly explains why Halt, Burroughs, and
Penniston were included in the prestigious international group
of people who testified concerning their specific UFO
experiences at the National Press Club conference in Washington
DC, November 12, 2007. It also explains why a number of
researchers haven't been able to fully agree with Ian's solution
for Rendlesham in all this time. A link to the aforementioned
conference has been provided at the end of this piece.

At the outset, it is necessary to say it is a pleasure to note
the time and hard work which Ian, David Clarke, James Easton,
Peter Brooksmith, Jenny Randles, Tim Printy, Georgina Bruni,
Robert Hastings and others had put toward their investigations
into Rendlesham. I am truly thankful for their diligent work. In
particular, one can note the amount of honest thought and
obvious effort and expense which went into Ian's presentation
concerning same. His website's layout makes it very easy for
other researchers to read and analyze. Therefore, nothing I am
about to say diminishes in any way my respect for what he and
others have accomplished in this regard. As a matter of fact, my
own fact gathering and analysis for this piece probably would
not have been totally possible without the excellent foundation
Ian laid for us, including the impressive linking and data he

That being said, the majority of what you are about to read will
be the displaying of a number of items of agreement and
disagreement between Ian's thinking and my own. Also included is
my additional analysis of certain testimonial data which, as far
as I can see, seems to have taken second place in Ian's
investigation. When the result of that analysis is given its
due, contrary to Ian's on-line presentation, I believe it is
possible for others to conclude the summation of those
testimonies points to an excellent chance one or more UFOs were
present at Bentwaters/Rendlesham in December 1980.

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