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PRG Update - August 13 2012

From: Paradigm Research Group <PRG.nul>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 15:03:17 -0700
Archived: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 09:27:32 -0400
Subject: PRG Update - August 13 2012

Paradigm Research Group

PRG Update - August 13, 2012

Archived at:

An Extraordinary 40 Days

In a span of six weeks the following happened: In late June the
story broke a retired senior CIA officer, Chase Brandon, had
publicly stated Rowell 1947 was the crash of an extraterrestrial
vehicle with bodies. In early July the United Kingdom released
yet another batch of UFO/ET files from its archives. In late
July Australia, a very, very close intelligence ally of the
United States, proactively released for the first time UFO/ET
related documents from government files. In early August the
story broke a retired Air Force Lt. Col., Richard French, who
flew combat mission in Korea and Vietnam and worked in military
intelligence, stated Roswell 1947 was the crash of an
extraterrestrial vehicle.

October Surprise?

PRG has noted with interest an article in Space.com which came
out today. There is some speculation on the Web an announcement
about Mars life could come out conveniently prior to the
November election. PRG considers this a distinct possibility.
There are two likely options: 1) confirmation of life on Mars
long dead, and 2) confirmation of life (likely microbial) now.
The second option would have the greatest impact on the election
prospects of the President. Degree of confidence in this
outcome: 60%.


In a recent exchange with colleagues, I wrote the follow in
response to a comment there is a "self-coverup" and the larger
public don't want Disclosure and won't listen to the awareness
efforts underway. I thought to share this response with the PRG

I would suggest that given the extraordinary complexity of what
is a global phenomena, it is not possible to easily assess the
disposition of seven billion people and two hundred nations
toward the truth of a reality that has been deliberately
suppressed. Denial is the critical separation between the
Disclosure movement and all the great social/political activist
movements of the 20th Century. No person and no government
denied there was segregation in America. None denied the British
were a colonial occupier of India, that South Africa practiced
apartheid, that woman did not have a universal right to vote in
the United States, that a war was underway in South East Asia.

The governments of all nations, by intention or by acquiescence,
have denied there is an extraterrestrial presence at all and
therefore nothing to disclose. This is unprecedented at such a
scale. That is why one of the key tasks of the Disclosure
movement is to raise public awareness of the truth of the
matter. The governments have billions of dollars to maintain
denial. We have thousands of dollars to increased awareness.

There is one account that makes this distinction quite well.
When Laurance Rockefeller initially approached the Office of
Science and Technology Policy in 1993 the OSTP wanted nothing to
do with it. Had Laurance not been a friend of the Clintons, it
could well have stopped right there. Laurance happened to "let
it be known" he was considering placing full page ads in major
newspapers across the country calling for the release of all
files, amnesty for witnesses and other considerations. It would
have cost millions. He was quickly told that would not be
necessary and the OSTP would work with him on his initiative
towards the President.

A close call for the truth embargo. How I wish Laurance had
placed those ads. With that in mind, how many entertainment and
sports celebrities or progressive entrepreneurs or established
activist organizations could place those ads tomorrow and barely
miss the money? Quoting Captain Jones, "we have only just begun
to fight."

Disclosure, like suffrage, like civil rights, like Indian
independence, like Apartheid's end, is inevitable. It is only a
matter of how soon. And how soon is only a matter of will and

Disclosure Petition IV - Chase Brandon

The petition placing the recent statements of retired CIA senior
officer Chase Brandon on the White House website completed its
30-day run as of August 10. A fifth Disclosure petition will go
up later this month. PRG does not expect the White House "We the
People" project to last beyond the November election. It was
basically a campaign ploy to engage voters, and the public has
lost interest. However, it has made it possible for the
extraterrestrial presence issue to reside on the White House
website for the first time in history. It also generated a
formal response from the White House to the basic Disclosure
demand - also a first.

Disclosure Petition - Change.org

PRG has placed a basic Disclosure petition at Change.org, that
can be signed. When you have a moment, mosey on over and toss
another shrimp on the barbie and leave a comment.

World Disclosure Day

WDD now has 5350 endorsements including 250 organizations. New
efforts are needed to raise awareness of WDD and get the
endorsements over 10,000. If you have not yet endorsed WDD,
swing by the website and add your support.

PRG Media Archive/ Direct Media Archive

There are now 6310 mainstream (no ET/UFO/Paranormal media),
English language articles on the UFO/ET phenomena from
newspapers, magazines, television/radio websites worldwide
archived on the PRG website. Over the past 24 months PRG has
noted a 20% decline per year in the number of such articles
being generated by mainstream media. Two possible explanations
for this decline are: 1) an acceptance by the media that
sightings in particular are no longer news. They happen all the
time and the accounts are very similar. This is perfectly
understandable. 2) the growing number of articles being
generated by "direct media." To some extent the mainstream media
are electing to leave such coverage to "direct media."

PRG defines "direct media" as structured news and commentary
venues where journalists and non-journalists can publish
directly to the public without an editor or fact checker. Over
the past 24 months the number of such articles has exploded to
the point it has been difficult to maintain the PRG Direct Media
Archive. Some of these venues compensate the writers; some do
not. In some cases compensation is based upon page views or ad
clickovers. PRG is not aware of any mainstream media venues
which pay writers in that fashion, but it is possible.
Obviously, such compensation raises journalistic issues. But to
be fair, mainstream journalist's compensation is indirectly
dependent on readership levels or television/radio ratings.

At this time the direct media venues that are publishing the
most ET/UFO/Exopolitical articles in order by number are the

 Examiner - www.examiner.com
 Gather - www.gather.com
 The Canadian - www.agoracosmopolitan.com
 American Chronicle - ww.americanchronicle.com
 OpEd News - www.opednews.com

Direct media articles must be approached with a different set of
criteria. Caveat lector strongly applies and quality varies more
widely. That said, this new genre helps fill the gap created by
the government imposed truth embargo which has prevented
standard media from appropriately covering the UFO/ET issue
since the 1950's. PRG will continue to archive direct media
articles, but encourages readers to recognize these

Exopolitics World Network / United States Network

Anyone living in one of the countries or U.S. states without a
portal exopolitics website, who would like to volunteer to
create and maintain a site, please contact PRG.

Upcoming Conferences

 Nottingham, UK - Aug 31-Sept 2
 Copenhagen, Denmark - Sept 7
 Santa Clara, CA - Sept 15-16
 Philadelphia, PA - Sept 28-30 (Stephen Bassett presents)
 Las Vegas, NV - Oct 5-7 Louisville, KY - Oct 10-14
 Pittsburgh, PA - Oct 13-14
 Minneapolis - Oct 18-21
 Fort McDowell, AZ - Oct 29-Nov 4

Paradigm Research Group
4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814
PRG.nul 202-215-8344

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