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Re: Nick Pope's Credibility Blown

From: Jerome Clark <jkclark.nul>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 09:31:21 -0500
Archived: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 13:35:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Nick Pope's Credibility Blown

>From: Joe McGonagle <joe.mcgonagle.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 21:23:17 +0100
>Subject: Re: Nick Pope's Credibility Blown

>>From: Paul Kimball <paulkimball.nul>
>>To: post.nul
>>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 02:07:39 -0300
>>Subject: Re: Nick Pope's Credibility Blown


>>All of this venom directed at Nick Pope has gone well beyond any
>>attempt at legitimate criticism of his work (which is certainly
>>fair game), and reeks of a personal vendetta. It's sad, but it
>>says a lot more about Nick's critics than it does about him.

>Sorry Paul, I don't see your logic. Nick exaggerated and lied in
>order to promote himself with the media and within ufology, that
>is a simple and demonstrable fact. Many of those working in the
>field including yourself and Jerry tolerated it and in your
>case, (and that of others, eg Leslie Kean) actually supported
>his false image, hence I regard their/your own work as tainted.
>Now you seem to feel that it is somehow my fault or that it is
>my behaviour which is somehow immoral?

>It seems that a large proportion of 'ufology' and all of the
>media are incapable of recognising misleading behaviour, or if
>they are capable, they simply don't care. If Pope claimed to
>have been a Navy Seal or a Viet Nam veteran would your
>perception be different? A walt is a walt, he has already tried
>to infer that his background was in the 'defence intelligence'
>field, yet another part of his Ego which doesn't stand up to

>>There are far worse things that damage the "reputation" of
>>ufology than people like Nick earning a living by working for
>>advertisers from time to time. For example, the casual anti-
>>Semitism that has been an undercurrent of ufology (and

>Hey I have no problem with someone earning an _honest_ living,
>but I don't see what is honest about claiming to have been 'in
>charge of' a non-existent 'UFO project' or misattributing the
>work of others when you know the true attribution.

>I dislike people making a _dishonest_ living (and that includes
>a large proportion of politicians, salesmen and journalists
>IMO). When they are active in my sphere of interest, then I see
>no reason not to point out the error of their ways. Not to do so
>is tantamount to endorsing what they espouse.

>>conspiracy theory in the broader context) for decades now. This
>>almost never gets a mention by the people busy bashing someone
>>like Nick (or by anyone, for that matter - it's a dirty little
>>secret). Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel used UFOs as a way to
>>lure impressionable young people into his web of hate years ago,
>>which is the most odious example, but a look at the Jeff Rense
>>website will give plenty of other examples. And yet many people
>>on this list have appeared on Rense's show (myself included
>>once, without having first looked into who he was or what he was
>>about - a mistake I never made again), and continue to do so.
>>Others post or re-post material from his hate-filled website.

>>I think some people on this List have their priorities way out
>>of whack.

>I don't disagree with any of the above paragraph - people
>shouldn't knowingly support racists and should expose their
>behaviour. The same applies to charlatans, even if they do have
>a nice English accent and appear to be inoffensive publicly.

>Just in case you missed my strap line on previous posts, ufology
>gets what it deserves.

Absolutely. But does it deserve the self-righteous, self-
congratulatory likes of Joe McGonagle?

If it does, then we're all doomed.

Jerry Clark

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