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Re: Ventura Bigelow FAA & UFO Info

From: John Velez <jvelez49.nul>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2012 04:55:31 -0500
Archived: Sat, 08 Dec 2012 06:34:56 -0500
Subject: Re: Ventura Bigelow FAA & UFO Info

>From: Peter Davenport <director.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2012 18:47:26 -0800
>Subject: Re: Ventura Bigelow FAA & UFO Info

>>Source: Robert Salas' Facebook page


>>Friday 7 December 2012

>>I don't usually pay much attention to schlock TV of this kind
>>(meant to shock, titillate, entertain, amaze, and amuse).


>>However, in this case, kudos to Jesse Ventura for shining some
>>light on Robert Bigelow.

>This issue first came to my attention at NUFORC on June 21,
>2000, I believe it was. NIDS released a statement, on that date,
>to the effect that, in the future, all UFO sighting reports made
>to FAA facilities would be shunted to Bigelow's organization in
>Las Vegas.


>I invite the UFO community to keep in mind the above incident,
>when considering whether they wish to co-operate with Bigelow's
>team. There have been other unexplained incidents that may lead
>in their direction, as well, I believe, but absent proof, it is
>pointless to address them here.

>National UFO Reporting Centre

Hello Peter, All,

I have a question you can pass on to your lawyer for me, if you
will. Some explanatory background first: I know for a fact that
John Carpenter, who was in charge of the MUFON Abduction Project
at the time, had access to files that were being submitted by
researchers across the country for the database they were
assembling. He had been selling their abduction research files
to Robert Bigelow. I provided evidence (including confirmation
from John Alexander and Carpemters wife herself,) at the time I
made the indictment. I'm not going to repeat all that here.

I raised a huge and very public stink about it on this very List
in the late 90's. Many abductees expressed deep concern over
this situation at the time. Other than Carpenter being booted
out of MUFON shortly afterward, nothing ever came of it. I never
lost my anger and distrust for Bigelow though.

My question for your lawyer is;

Is there a statute of limitation for initiating a lawsuit for
invasion of privacy? Given that it's all older than 13 years
ago, I seriously doubt we have a legal-leg to stand on. What a
screw job. I'm sure this post will only serve to provide me with
a little therapeutic catharsis, but little of any practical use
against, Bigelow.

I'm talking about Files which contain very personal and possibly
career and life altering/damaging information about the
individuals involved. Hypnosis sessions, interviews, names,
addresses, places of business, personal family information,
medical records, psychological evaluations - the lot.

Let me know what your lawyer has to say. I'd be interested to
know if there is any legal recourse against Bigelow or NIDS for
the abductees who had their files sold to Bigelow by various

Hell of a private funding source for research eh? Sell out the
witnesses. Mercenary douche-bags.

I'm even more curious if Bigelow's deal with the Feds was/is a
'two way street'! That stuff may have ended up in the files of
one of those alphabet soup gubbamint agencies for all anyone
knows. CIA, FBI, NSA, ONI?

Boy, did seeing this thread hit a sore spot with me!

Warmest regards to all my old cohorts,


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