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Re: Trent Photos Deemed 'Hoax'

From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 15:39:28 -0800
Archived: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 06:35:43 -0500
Subject: Re: Trent Photos Deemed 'Hoax'

>From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 15:50:35 -0400
>Subject: Trent Photos Deemed 'Hoax'

>Tony Bragalia has 'determined' that Trent hoaxed his photos
>because more photos on the same roll of film* show his 9 year-
>old son standing on a ladder in the same yard with the same
>cloud cover.


>*Note that one commenter to Bragalia's Blog stated that the shot
>of Trent's son was taken by Life magazine not Trent.

More than one commentator on Bragalia's blog and
ufocon.blogspot.com has noted that the shot of Trent's son was
in fact taken by the LIFE photographer. I likewise noted that
FACT over on Kevin Randle's blog today.

The LIFE Trent photoshoot used to be on Google images, but has
been removed for some reason. The Trent son on the ladder was
clearly part of the photoshoot, complete with the LIFE
"watermark" at the bottom of the photo.

So far Tony Bragalia has not acknowledged he is dead wrong about

More lameness was saying that Mrs. Trent was a "repeater," (the
evil Phil Klass used the exact same argument to try to discredit
Trent) having had more than one UFO sighting. So what? Lots of
people have more than one sighting, including some very
prominent and reputable ones, like astronomers Clyde Tombaugh
(6), Lincoln LaPaz (2), and Frank Halstead (4). But supposedly
being a "repeater" makes one somehow suspect, and furthermore
supposedly provided Paul Trent with one motive to prove his wife
right. Huh? The other "motive" was supposedly that Trent was
really a publicity hound because he posed for pictures
afterward. Well so did everybody else in that photoshoot,
including Evelyn Trent, Bill Powell of the McMinnville
Telegraph-Register who first published the photos, Trent's son,
Trent's dog, and Mrs. Trent's rabbits in their rabbit hutches,
"publicity hounds" one and all (especially the dog).

When I was in McMinnville in 1998 trying to locate the Trent
place, I knocked on the door of a neighbor for directions. After
telling him what I was after, he gave me that "look" like he
thought I was another UFO nutcase. But then he surprised me by
saying that probably half the people in the area had UFO
sightings. He and his family had had a rather spectacular one,
and his wife's parents reported seeing a "mothership." Of course
this is anecdotal and proves nothing other than Evelyn Trent
wasn't exactly the only one in the area with a UFO sighting.

As I was writing back on UFO Updates clear back in 1999, there
had been a lot of sightings in the area back in Trent's time.
The McMinnville paper about a month later had an article in
which several firemen from a nearby small town claimed that they
had seen a similar object. Then I wrote:

"Here's another line from an editorial in the Longview WA "Daily
News," in which they were advancing the theory that the saucers
were a military secret weapon. [Trent was quoted with a similar
opinion, and gave it as one reason he hesitated with going
public with the photos.] This was published on June 13, 1950 in
the immediate aftermath of the Trent photos. Longview, BTW, is
only about 60 or 70 miles from the Trent place.

"Skepticism Wanes As Evidence On 'Flying Saucers' Piles Up
'...So _common_ have reports of the discs become that when this
newspaper carried a story recently about three men working on
the roof of a Longview Fibre Co. building seeing a round flat
craft circling over the mouth of the Cowlitz River, the report
stirred almost no interest whatsoever.'

"...If the Longview editorial was to be believed, UFO reports
had become so common in the region at the time of the Trent
sighting that people generally didn't consider them news any
more. The editorial opined that the frequency of sightings could
best be explained by a secret government project, although they
also advanced the possibility of an unknown Soviet craft and
even interplanetary scout craft. But the craft were undoubtedly
real and Trent had photographed one."

David Rudiak

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