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Strange UFO Encounters

From: Sheryl Gottschall <the.gottschalls.nul>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 21:01:33 +1000
Archived: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 06:52:51 -0500
Subject: Strange UFO Encounters

Source: The Northern Star, Goonellabah, NSW, Australia


29 December, 2012

Strange UFO Encounters

Treat us with respect, say several Northern Rivers residents who
reckon they have had very real alien abduction experiences.

Australian Close Encounter Research Network principal Mary
Rodwell said her recent experience with network Ten's The
Project, on December 4, had left victims of claimed experiences
reluctant to talk to the media.

A qualified nurse and counsellor, Mrs Rodwell said after almost
20 years researching UFO encounters she could recall countless
times that the stories of people's encounters were
misrepresented in the media.

"To be quite honest some of the articles that I have read... I
have looked at my interview and I can't even see any similarity
to what I actually said," she said.

"When you have had an experience that is quite profound for you
and you find comments in the media that are really dismissive or
making fun of it, that makes people very reluctant to talk."

Mrs Rodwell said the realisation that unidentified flying
objects have been visiting Earth for at least 50 years had
gained more mainstream acceptance since people like astronauts
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spoke publicly about their

"Buzz Aldrin has talked about evidence they saw on the moon and
Neil Armstrong talked about actually taking film of two huge
UFOs watching them when they first landed on the moon."

Beyond sightings, Mrs Rodwell said she spoke to people who
recalled abduction experiences and families who told about
aliens interacting with their children in their homes.

"I have had little kids, five-year-olds, talk to me about going
through walls and they tell me they like going up on the craft
because they learn more (there) than they do going to school.

People of all ages have told me they have had the experience of
being taken through solid walls on the way to the craft and it's
like their molecules changed.

A little kid of four told me he didn't mind little black aliens
coming to play with him because they were quite friendly and
their skin felt like 'dolphin skin'.

This little eight-year-old told me that once a year he goes up
with a couple of his school friends to a craft and they have
their annual medical exam by aliens."

Mrs Rodwell said she had heard many people recount the notorious
"probing experience" by aliens on UFOs.

"People have said a range of things happen on the craft from
having DNA samples taken to having genetic samples taken
including ova and sperm.

People who have had serious illnesses have also reported healing
experiences and found after an encounter their condition has

After hearing of sightings or encounters from police, doctors,
solicitors, psychologists, pilots and psychiatrists, Mrs Rodwell
said this credible evidence, plus the fact 12 countries world-
wide had released their UFO files, amounted to a mountain of

"Quite often the witnesses are highly credible and they inform
people not because they want the exposure, they just want to say
isn't this incredible."

Based on her research and counselling, Mrs Rodwell said
sightings and abduction experiences were linked in a lot of

"Sometimes with a sighting may come a missing time episode or a
feeling that something may have happened that they cannot

She said it was impossible to discredit all these claims.

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