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'Strange Sounds In The Sky' A Giant Capacitor

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 11:20:40 -0000
Archived: Wed, 01 Feb 2012 07:55:27 -0500
Subject: 'Strange Sounds In The Sky' A Giant Capacitor

Hello List,

Early to bed last night, and opened the 'sleep book' where it's
been stuck for a few days (p. 383 where Penrose asks 'Where do
we go from here' re: QM), and realized I was too pre-occupied to
concentrate on his arguments. I was still wondering if there
was enough information to analyze those "strange sounds in the

Lying there reviewing the recordings something jumped out at me.
Although it was only seen in a couple or three cases, towards
the end there's a flash of 'sky-light' (definitely *not*
lightning) and the strange sounds cease immediately!

Earlier yesterday had gone back to electrics, electronics, radio
and satellite training and experience to rebuff any suggestion
that the sounds could be received natural "radio signals" of any
kind (no feasible antenna or demodulator could carry that load),
but suddenly that 'flash of light' made me think of capacitive
discharge - in the sky!



A capacitor (condenser) is basically two plates of conducting
material separated by a thin layer of insulating material (a
dielelectric) and it can serve as a block to some electrical
frequencies while allowing other frequencies to pass through,
although no current flows through the device - only specific AC
voltages pass to the second plate.

But initially, at "switch-on", the capacitor is a perfect block
- it won't pass any signal until it has 'charged up' by getting
a sufficient voltage at the i/p plate.

That idea suddenly made sense - if a conducting layer of some
kind formed 'in the sky', say above or below the roof of the
troposphere (weather layer), then the earth (or rather the
water-table or a conducting geological stratum) could act as the
second plate and we then have a capacitor capable, if 'charged-
up', of passing certain freqencies in either direction. And
here's where the QM comes in (actually the two-slit experiment):
'interference patterns' (as in waves) can make the 'power' build
up in certain areas while leaving other close-by areas 'empty'
or quiet (as in the two-slit experiment).

The actual content of any noises passed through will depend on
the voltage changes on the 'i/p plate', and could be an analog
of the Sun's heart-beat, or even a wider cosmic pulse.

Some obvious questions:

1) what is forming the top layer (plate)? And why now? (possibly
starting in 2008 or 2009 in USA). It could be man-made, but I
remember a forecast some ten or more years? ago, that the solar
system would soon hit a 'wall of dust'. Could this be a side-

2) are the frequencies we're hearing limited to those that
resonate in human bodies, skulls etc? see:


3) only relatively small geographical areas seem to be affected
at any one time. Is this due to 'patchiness' of the top layer or
to isolated water-table or strata conditions forming the bottom

I'm sure you will think of more.

Ray D

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