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UFOs And Nukes - Chapter 8

From: Robert Hastings <ufohastings.nul>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 13:19:55 -0500 (EST)
Archived: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 08:22:11 -0500
Subject: UFOs And Nukes - Chapter 8

Re: Did Unknown Intruders Erase ICBM Target Codes?

It seems that the report generated some legitimate discussion. I
would like to respond by posting a few excerpts from my book -
rather than re-inventing the wheel, which I don't have time to

I will begin by inserting the first installment below. Its
relevant to one of Kathy Kasten's first questions on this
particular thread. I will begin organizing a couple more
installments, probably signifcantly shorter than the one below,
and forward those later today.


UFOs And Nukes - Chapter 8 Visitors

In situations where irrefutable, empirical evidence for a given
point of view has yet to materialize, one is still permitted to
express an opinion, or propose a hypothesis about the topic at
hand, as long as one has extensively researched that topic.

In a previous chapter, I attempted to objectively describe the
UFO phenomenon, as it has been reported and recorded over the
past six decades. Here, however, I openly express my own opinion
about the nature of the UFO enigma, and begin with one
fundamental premise: Based on the available data, limited though
it may be, the phenomenon which has confronted and confounded us
for so long, can best be explained as encounters with beings
from another world or, perhaps, many worlds.

Indeed, if nothing else, the radar data alone suggest that this
scenario has merit. I defy anyone to present verifiable evidence
that the U.S. government, or any other government, was flying an
aircraft in 1952 which could travel thousands of miles per hour,
instantly make a right-angle turn, then continue on its way,
unfazed by the impossibly violent maneuver. All of those things
actually occurred in July of that year - more than once - and
were verified by expert radar operators during the now-famous
UFO over flights of Washington D.C.

At the time, the Chief Civil Aeronautics Administration Air
Traffic Controller at National Airport, Harry Barnes, publicly
confirmed that multiple radar tracks of unknown targets had
correlated exactly with pilot reports of various UFOs' positions
and flight paths. Barnes further confirmed that the UFOs had
performed literally 90-degree turns, as well as 180-degree
course changes - that is, instantaneous reversals of their
direction of flight, with no turn per se. No known aircraft is
capable of these feats, even today, nearly 60 years later.
However they were achieved, it appears as if gravitational and
inertial forces were suspended, resulting in no adverse effects
to the craft or their presumed pilots. If this were not enough,
one of the UFOs over Washington D.C. was tracked as it traveled
at 7,000 miles per hour! At the time, the fastest American and
Russian jet fighters could fly just under 700 m.p.h.

Although there now might be an experimental aircraft at some
secret base in Nevada capable of these fantastic speeds and
maneuvers, in 1952, humans had not yet built such a craft. After
all, if we, or the Soviet Union, or any other nation, had our
own UFOs decades ago - which were capable of executing right-
angle turns at 1000 m.p.h., or instantaneously hovering in mid-
air - why would we, or they, continue to manufacture fixed-wing
aircraft which require, in some cases, a half-mile to turn in
the air, and really long runways to roll to a stop?

Moreover, if either the U.S. or the Soviets possessed an
advanced aircraft of the type that over flew the nation's
capital in 1952 then, at some point during the nearly 50-year-
long Cold War, that aircraft would have certainly been unveiled
in the most menacing manner possible, just as each country
periodically flaunted its latest nuclear weapon systems, during
that anxious era's recurring episodes of mutual saber-

If either of the superpowers had an aircraft that could travel
thousands of miles per hour, and literally fly rings around the
other's own airplanes, neither government would have waited
until the nukes started falling to reveal such a weapon.
Instead - if an American or a Russian UFO actually existed - the
government possessing it most likely would have hoped that
merely revealing its existence would be so intimidating that the
enemy would stand down and reevaluate his own plans for nuclear

In an alternate, far more harrowing scenario, a superpower's
UFOs, if they existed, could have been used preemptively, as a
low-altitude platform to deliver nuclear bombs. Such an
unexpected first strike - involving neither ICBMs, whose launch
would be detected by long-range radar, nor high-altitude
strategic bombers which would also be tracked - could have
potentially neutralized the other's ability to launch its own
nuclear weapons. Therefore, a nation possessing UFOs might
conceivably be immune from nuclear attack.

In any event, neither the "flaunt-your-stuff" nor the "hit-'em-
first" scenario ever played out during the Cold War era,
providing additional evidence, in my view, that the mysterious
intruders we call UFOs are not advanced manmade aircraft.

Whatever their actual origin, the objects over Washington D.C.
in 1952 were explained away by the U.S. Air Force as optical
illusions and false radar returns caused by a weather phenomenon
known as "temperature inversion." However, this official
explanation, hastily issued by public relations personnel at the
Pentagon - and undoubtedly designed to calm public anxiety - was
empirically discredited by meteorologists long ago.

Therefore, given the validity of the still-unexplained and
utterly amazing radar data - in this, and hundreds of other UFO
tracking cases - I suggest that bona fide UFOs are most likely
craft piloted by beings from one or more technologically-
advanced civilizations in our galaxy.

Not knowing the motivations of these beings, it is difficult to
tag them with a label. Are they explorers? Scientists?
Conquerors? Saviors? Or only nosy neighbors? For the moment,
let's just call them visitors. If they are indeed here and
intend to reveal themselves to us one day, humankind will have
entered into a new era, from which there would be no going back.
Childhood's End, as one author aptly called it. To say that the
changes would be profound is an understatement. To truly know,
once and for all, that humankind is not alone in the universe
would transform every one of humanity's collective self-
concepts, in addition to providing the long-sought, elusive
answer to anyone who has ever looked up at the stars and
wondered about the existence of other worlds.

However, there are also other, less mystical considerations. If
proof of alien visitation is realized, there will also be
immediate and quite possibly dire consequences: For example,
will the public panic, in every country? Even if only one in a
hundred did so, that's still a lot of humans running amok. Will
Wall Street and other financial markets crash, and banks fail,
as people rushed to withdraw their money while awaiting further
developments? Will other catastrophic consequences, even short-
lived ones, cause human civilization to teeter on the brink? We
simply do not know.

The assumption that Earth is being visited by aliens immediately
requires that one go back to basics and ask several fundamental
questions: Who are they? Where do they come from? How do they
get here? Why would they want to visit? Why have they not
completely revealed themselves to us and, if they ever do, what
will the reality of their existence and presence here mean to

Of course, there are even more questions: Are the beings
piloting the UFOs from more than one planet? If so, do they all
have the same agenda, regarding humans? If not, should we
welcome one race but fear another? If all of this were not
enough to ponder, given our own cutting-edge theories about the
cosmos - involving parallel universes and other exotic concepts
- we may also have to ask whether the visitors are from our own
physical realm or possibly from another dimension of reality
about which we have no knowledge.

Many questions, but no answers as yet. It seems evident that we
will not have those answers until the visitors themselves
provide them. A coordinated announcement by world governments,
regarding the reality of extraterrestrial visitation, would
start the ball rolling. However, even if such an announcement
were to occur at some point, we may be disappointed to learn
that our leaders know little more about the precise origins and
motivations of the visitors than does the person on the street.

At the very least, one would think that the U.S. government
might share some of its classified information on UFOs, however
limited its value, in conjunction with such a dramatic public
announcement. On the other hand, that information might
conceivably exacerbate public anxiety, rather than helping to
alleviate it. If this were judged to be the case, then much of
what our government, and other governments, know about UFOs
might remain hidden indefinitely. Of course, we cannot rule out
the possibility that some other government would be more
forthcoming than our own, despite the discord this might cause.
Nevertheless, given Washington's pronounced lack of candor on
UFOs thus far, this particular scenario is entirely likely.
After all, since when has any policy ever been completely agreed
upon by every major power on Earth? The policy relating to the
disclosure of the presence of aliens will probably be no

Regardless of the imponderables, including what world
governments may or may not know or do in the future, I argue
that a public, grassroots effort must be made in the interim to
understand - as best as possible, using the data gathered so far
- the nature and intentions of those who pilot the UFOs.

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