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Re: Did Unknown Intruders Erase ICBM Target Codes?

From: Robert Hastings <ufohastings.nul>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 21:32:50 -0500 (EST)
Archived: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 10:49:16 -0500
Subject: Re: Did Unknown Intruders Erase ICBM Target Codes?

>From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 14:13:49 -0400
>Subject: Re: Did Unknown Intruders Erase ICBM Target Codes?

>There has always been a strong hint of electro-magnetic energy
>associated with this phenomenon so erased tapes could just be a
>by-product of the phenomenon's presence. And the tapes didn't
>need to be erased; just corrupted to make them useless. Micro-
>wave activity (possibly broad-band in nature) has been evident
>as well.

>EMP could be a possibility depending on what drives this

[Book Excerpt]

Their impact on U.S. national security, they conceivably provide
insight into the motivations of those operating the UFOs. Unlike
the cases of mere surveillance at ICBM sites, these incidents
may well represent an intentional effort to interfere with our
ability to launch nuclear missiles. However, before we can
ascertain this with some degree of confidence, we need to know
whether the shutdowns [and activations] were indeed premeditated
acts or merely the result of some kind of field effect generated
by the UFOs which inadvertently caused the disruptions.

While I and most of my former/retired USAF sources believe that
the malfunctions were intentional and meant to be demonstrations
of some sort, no one outside of the Pentagon and CIA knows for
certain. Of course, it's possible that those folks are as much
in the dark as the rest of us."

[End Of Book Excerpt]

In short, I have of course considered the possibility of EM
effects _inadvertently_ disrupting the missiles. However, other
reports from the nuclear sites undercut the viability of this
scenario. I am thinking of those cases when the UFOs are
observed sending down laser-like beams onto missile sites and
weapons storage depots - which to me are suggestive of a
deliberate targeting operation of some kind. I will not go into
the details of any of those cases here. However, I will send
summaries of them to anyone who writes me at:


Moreover, one case in particular leaves no doubt that our
nuclear weapons are indeed being intentionally targeted: The Big
Sur Incident. Despite the misleading claims, some of them
seemingly intentional, by "skeptics" (who have unpublicized but
documented links to the US government's nuclear weapons program)
and the uninformed observations of persons not familiar with the
details of the case, it appears that a UFO was indeed captured
on motion picture film as it paced, circled and shot down a
dummy nuclear warhead during a test flight.

I will answer no questions about this incident from others
posting on this List until they can demonstrate to me that they
have read, entirely, my latest article on the event, including
the letters written by the principles (ex-USAF officers)
inserted at the end of it. I am just so tired of those who will
opine online for hours about the Big Sur case, but will not
first spend even a few minutes acquainting themselves with the
_actual_ facts. My most recent article on the incident may be
found at:


For those who question the credibility of the two officers who
have reported the warhead shootdown incident, Drs. Bob Jacobs
and Florenze Mansmann, I will simply point out that different
military personnel and civilian missile program specialists have
independent divulged _other_ incidents of UFOs pacing our
nuclear warheads in flight. Indeed, this June 17, 1974 New York
Times piece appears in the linked article above:


"HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - Experts at an Army missile base say they
are puzzled about strange 'ghost ships' picked up by powerful
radar scanner in the Pacific during a tracking exercise last

There has been little official comment on what the scientists
found during the exercise, but Major Dallas Van Hoose, an Army
spokesman, confirmed recently that 'some unexplained aerial
phenomena' were observed during the exercise last August [1973].
Scientists, many of whom are reluctant to be named in interviews
because of general public skepticism over unidentified flying
objects, say privately they have been unable to find any
explanation for the 'ghost ships.'

'We have never seen anything precisely like this before,' said
one ballistic missile defense expert who works for an Army
agency here and who is familiar with the advanced radar used to
test missiles and warheads. Huntsville houses the Army's
ballistic missile defense systems command which tests in the
Kwajelein Atoll region of the Marshall Island Trust Territory
held by the U.S.

Last August the Air Force launched a Minuteman ICBM from
Vandenberg Air Force base aimed for the Kwajelein missile range
which is used by the Army, Air Force, and Navy. The radar
experts in the Pacific found they were also tracking an
unidentified flying object next to the ICBM's nose cone. Radar
picked up an inverted saucer-shape object to the right and above
the descending nose cone and watched it cross the warhead's
trajectory to a point which was below and to-the-left of it
before the phantom ship disappeared. The ghost ship was
described as being 10-feet high and 40-feet long. Two separate
radar systems saw it at the same time which may eliminate the
probability that there was a malfunction in one of the radar
systems. It was also reported that 3 other identical objects
were seen in the vicinity - the same size, shape, and
dimensions. One scientist said the data indicated that the
phantom ship 'flew under its own power' but could not explain
what sort of 'power' was involved.

So far none of the experts here believe the ghost ship was a
natural phenomenon caused by freak weather conditions or echoes
commonly seen on radar screens."


So, apparently, the incident described by Jacobs and Mansmann
was not unique. Regarding the ballistic missile expert's
statement about never having seen "anything precisely like this
before", given that the 1964 Big Sur incident was immediately
classified Top Secret - with only a handful of individuals
knowing the facts - it would have been unknown to other military
and civilian personnel conducting missile tests a decade later.
As for the UFO's apparent shape, I'm unclear as to how radar
could have determined it was an "inverted saucer". This
statement seems to be a garbled journalistic description, which
inadvertently combined both radar and photographic data, as
described by the sources quoted in the story.

If all of this were not enough, according to retired Minuteman
missile targeting technician John Mills, similar incidents
occurred at Vandenberg during the 1980s, including the
unexplained disappearance of dummy warheads during tests where
unexplained objects were filmed flying near them. In one of
those cases, a beam of light was reportedly filmed being
directed from some object out of camera frame at the multiple
warhead "bus" being tested. Some of the MIRVs on the bus simply
disappeared by the time it splashed down in the ocean and was
recovered. According to Mills, NORAD confirmed that no Soviet
satellite was near the test area at the time of the incident.

Mills' comments may be found at:


In conclusion, there are credible reports from ex-military
sources of UFOs deliberately interfering with nuclear missile
systems, ruling out an "incidental EM effect" scenario in those
cases. My view, again, is that all of the missile shutdowns and
activations are deliberate and demonstrations of some sort.

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