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Rceording And Measuring The Largest 'UFOs'

From: Ray Stanford <dinosaurtracker.nul>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 13:54:40 -0500
Archived: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 23:29:25 -0500
Subject: Rceording And Measuring The Largest 'UFOs'

[In case you get some version of this more than once, please
accept my sincere apology. I had a 'keyboard accident' and so
you might, or might not, get this approximate message twice.]

Tonight's the night when at 6:00 to 8:00 PM (CENTRAL time, USA)
I will be interviewed for two hours on Eddie Middleton's call-in
internet 'radio' show:


The following is my topic, and I guarantee you it's a vedry
significant one:

Recording & Measuring The Largest 'UFOs'

Magnetic Monsters Of The Stratosphere

The multi-witnessed, daylight-film-documented reality of
gigantic, long, narrow objects generating or releasing hundreds
of smaller objects (including triangular ones), strongly
suggests that whatever Anomalous Aerial Objects (AAOs) might be,
the things arrive from very great distances. The vast number of
smaller objects that go from, and to, the huge 'parent' objects
suggests an important agenda that remains mysterious and
unknown. Yet by referring to my project's INSTRUMENTED
recordings, I can tell you the frequency range of their extreme
low-frequency magnetic field, and that of their closely
correlated field that has been detected and documented by our
recording gravimeter.

The Organization for Physical UFO Science and I have daylight-
filmed three distinct types (and sizes) of 'carrier objects',
and I will explain in detail what we've learned about each type
and their associated shuttles.

I've spent 58 of my nearly 74 years trying to find ways to get
scientifically meaningful hard data on anomalous aerial objects
(AAOs), and applying the techniques and equipment during
encounters in, preferentially, broad daylight.

A lot of evidence has been recorded as a result of the efforts
of my project, and if you really want to hear what colleagues
and I are learning from that effort, do yourself the favor of
joining us in NIGHTSEARCH from 6:00 to 8:00 CENTRAL TIME

Again, this is the location:


It you don't listen, you just won't get it.  Are you happy to
only hear baseless rumors and poorly conceived, totally impotent
crying to governments for "disclosure"? What kind of UFO
publicity hounds get before media cameras and microphones at
every chance to naively beg liars to tell them "The Truth". Well
maybe bassets (a scent hound), or borzois (a sight hound), but
not me.

My 'beef' is that scent hounds follow rumors, while sight hounds
seek out sighting reports (especially 'eating up' those from
aircraft pilots).  Well I got fed up with both kinds of such
inadequate stuff decades ago, deciding that we must take
INSTRUMENTS into the field to bring back hard evidence that
could address the mind of mainstream physical science.

So, please listen tonight and let me share with you some of the
only kind of evidence that will speak clearly to hard science
(physical science), taking the issues entirely above the
special-interest voices of politics and governments.

Eddie Middleton tells me that NIGHTSEARCH is a call-in show, so
tune in, listen to what I have to announce, and then call in if
you've questions.

Join us for two hours that I'm confident will keep your ears and
mind intensely tuned.

Ray Stanford, founder of the Organization for Physical UFO
Science (begun in 1964) and author of the book on the 1964 best-
documented CE III case in the USA, Socorro Saucer in A Pentagon
Pantry (Blueapple Books, 1976)

P.S.: O.K., for those of you new to my mailings, I'll come clean
and confess the UFOillogically unthinkable, in case you might
have heard of me in as much more earthy context: I track
DINOSAURS, too!  :-o,  ;-)

Such down-to-earth pursuits may be anathema to anyone with feet
off the ground and a mind fantasizing about advanced aliens
allegedly tripping in from the wet-behind-the-ears stars of the
Pleiades, but I can at least show that I'm down-to-earth enough
to have found a new taxon (a new genus and not just a new
species) of dinosaur, a cute little hatchling nodosaur, an
armored dinosaur, officially recognized as Propanoplosaurus

At the following link, you will find a photo of the fossil
hatchling dinosaur (the only U.S. east coast hatchling dinosaur
found, to date, and the only nodosaur hatchling presently known
from anywhere), and the announcement from the world-renown Johns
Hopkins Medical University:


Listen to 'Strange Days... Indeed' - The PodCast



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UFO UpDates - Toronto. They may not be reproduced
without the express permission of both parties and
are intended for educational use only.

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