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Re: UFO Morphology Issue Revisited

From: Jim Deardorff <deardorj.nul>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 15:57:00 -0800 (PST)
Archived: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 11:02:26 -0500
Subject: Re: UFO Morphology Issue Revisited

From: Michael Tarbell <mtarbell.nul>
To: post.nul
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 12:13:07 -0700
Subject: UFO Morphology Issue Revisited

>An interesting post at the Michael Swords "Big Study" site:

> http://tinyurl.com/76lg5do

>discussing the 'diversity of UFO morphology' conundrum, last
>broached in some depth here circa Oct 2007, e.g.,

> http://www.ufoupdateslist.com/2007/oct/m12 -008.shtml

> http://www.ufoupdateslist.com/2007/oct/m12 -011.shtml
>et al

>In the interval since I can't say I've had (or encountered)
>any ground -breaking insight into this issue. In my opinion
>it remains something of an elephant in the room,
>particularly for the ET/nuts -& -bolts paradigm.

>Swords seems likewise troubled with it, essentially conceding
>that the few explanations he is willing to entertain (e.g.,
>'artistic flair' on the part of ETs) are "marginally


I much prefer a third explanation why the UFOs witnessed and
photographed almost never look identical. But it=92s difficult to
apply a single name to it because it encompasses the thought
that the UFO intelligences involved (I=92ll call them ETs) often
have more than one purpose for taking any particular action.
Here I=92ll just call it the "comprehensive disclosure strategy."
Its three major emphases are:

1. Gradual disclosure. The ETs avoid any sudden disclosure
that would/could cause chaos, collapse of societies,
governments or religions, etc. The 'leaky embargo' hypothesis
covers this ground, as discussed in 'Inflation - Theory
Implications For Extraterrestrial Visitation (2005) by
Deardorff, Haisch, Maccabee & Puthoff. The ET actions in this
regard would have to include keeping the scientific
establishment in a state of denial while at the same time
providing sightings, etc., to a significant minority of the

2. Education. This has been Dr. Leo Sprinkle=92s main theme over
the years. Through their covert actions plus inactions the ETs
inform those who can accept it of their presence, their
capabilities, of how much more advanced they are than we, and
that they are not here to destroy us, eat us up or enslave us.
By allowing certain less ethical aliens to abduct us for their
own purposes (while not leaving too much evidence behind), they
teach us that we will always need to be on our guard against
such types. The actions of the ETs in charge teach us that they
feel free to defend themselves against our attempts to destroy
their vehicles, but that rapid retreat is preferable. They tell
or show us of their contempt for our despoiling the planet, our
gross overpopulation, our nuclear weapons arsenals and nuclear
power plants, our wiping out of biological species and habitats,
etc. They teach us that they are not gods & goddesses, and not
here to save us from ourselves through direct actions of their

3. Being catalysts. Their goal for bringing about ultimate
Disclosure seems to be one of being catalysts for our bringing
about Disclosure ourselves through our attempts at spreading the
word -- if successful this will avoid the chaos and panic that
would ensue from any mass worldwide exposure by the UFO
intelligences themselves.

Under 1. above, causing their sightings and photos to involve
both known symnmetrical shapes and unknown - appearing objects
that generally differ in detail from each other is but one of
many methods by which they can keep scientists and ufologists
alike from settling on any single hypothesis that might bring
about premature Disclosure. We can perhaps imagine what science
and technology a couple centuries ahead of ours could do, but
not hundreds and thousands of centuries ahead. Hence science
cannot deal with a phenomenon that can outdo our science

This comprehensive disclosure strategy presumes that there are
ETs in charge of overseeing us who are neutrally benevolent,
which may not be at all acceptable to most ufologists.

Jim Deardorff

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