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Inter-Dimensional Or Demonic

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 21:32:56 -0000
Archived: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 20:44:56 -0500
Subject: Inter-Dimensional Or Demonic

Hello List,

Recently been reviewing some presentations with agendas. They
all use the "para" conclusions of folk like Mack and Hopkins,
Hynek and Vallee, to steer their readers/viewers to believe that
unexplained phenomena are either 'inter-dimensional' or

While personally accepting that there's a range of mysterious
events - which _do_ happen - most notably under 'poltergeist' or
similar headings, think we should by now know enough about the
limitations of human perception to be very wary of jumping to
conclusions based only on our stock of ancestral images.

Scientific research into perception, especially visual or
optical, has shown that we (and all higher mammals) can only
'see' what we already know; i.e. if a new-born kitten is
prevented from seeing certain shapes during its first weeks of
life it will never be able to 'see' those shapes ever again.
More shocking perhaps is the fact that some folk, blind from
birth, when their sight is restored late in life can only see
'monsters' and threatening images. Many retire to darkened rooms
and some commit suicide rather than face those visual horrors.

Backing up the hypothesis that we can only see what's already in
our minds, a while ago got a mail from a doctor in India who'd
presumably been reading my page on 'ghosty' phenomena. He said
that the many millions of Hindus don't ever see Western-type
ghosts but, interestingly. in a prison he acted as MO for, there
_were_ reports of hauntings. That seems significant because in a
prison you're more likely to find non-conforming or non-
religious folk anyway, so the odds _could_ favor some non- Hindu

However, the most cogent reason for not jumping to conclusions -
especially between stark alternatives like 'inter-dimensional'
or 'demonic' - lies in Quantum Mechanics. First, we don't find
(many) scientists opting for supernatural explanations for QM's
anti-intuitive results. Second, the classic QM two-slit
experiment shows entities acting as either particles or waves -
but not both at the same time. Therefore I believe a logical
person should conclude those entities are neither particle nor
wave, but something else.

And that principle probably applies to the simplistic
alternatives that we primitive humans have so far applied to the
UFO/ET problem.

I.e. they're likely to be 'something else'.


Ray D

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