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Sampling Earth's Biodiversity

From: J. Maynard Gelinas <j.maynard.gelinas.nul>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 07:37:25 +0800
Archived: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 20:51:36 -0500
Subject: Sampling Earth's Biodiversity 

Speculative: On sampling Earth's biodiversity In Search For
Novel Reactive Compounds

Hello list,

Given there is so little hard information on this subject,
sometimes unfounded speculation is the only tool available.
Here's something that just occurred to me over the weekend:

Core assumptions (and I note that I in no way assert that these
assumptions are true, just that they are necessary to follow
this argument):

- Some minority of UFO phenomena represent visitation by
extraterrestrial probes and/or species in manufactured craft.

- UFO phenomena has been noticed and recorded since antiquity.
It may well predate even the arrival of humans.

- UFO phenomena has shown little interest in human activity
beyond minor curiosity.

- All complex species, of greater or lessor intelligence, act
with intent and purpose. Even lower animals act with basic
intent to forage food and reproduce. Thus, complex species not
from Earth would as well.

Assuming these are true, what is the intent?

- Unrelated species on earth behave toward another in one of
three ways:

1) Predators find, kill, and eat prey.

a) There is no recorded history of UFO phenomena
representing some kind of hunting activity.

b) For Earth species, food is raw materials and electrons
bound in hydrocarbon bonds. It is energy.

c) Advanced technology would offer a range of alternative
energy sources, from solar collection to fusion to potentially
alternatives not recognized by humans.

Therefore: These hypothetical extraterrestrials would not come
to earth for food or energy.

2) Species competing for the same resources engage in various
levels of organized warfare.

a) From herbivores fighting over similar patches of grass for
reproductive success to lower apes fighting over the same
constrained resources, this pattern repeats itself across
Earth's evolutionary history.

b) We should assume such evolutionary principles are universal
and therefore whatever biological Extraterrestrial creatures we
encounter will behave in the same manner.

3) Noncompeting species ignore one another.

a) UFO reports seems to indicate little to no interaction with
humans beyond minor curiosity.

Therefore: hypothetical extraterrestrials view human beings and
human activity as non-threatening and non-competitive.

The next question to ask:

- What is special about Earth?

1) It is not raw resources.

a) Saturn has plenty of available water in its rings.

Water has been found on the moon, and indications of such on
Mars. b) It is widely assumed that throughout the asteroid belt
there is an abundance of raw metals and other trace elements.

c) Extrapolating from this solar system, one might assume such
abundance of raw materials are available throughout the galaxy
and likely the universe.

Thus: terrestrial raw materials do not make Earth special.

2) Life is highly conserved.

a) We may well find life on Mars, but it will almost certainly
be bacterial and not of complex organisms.

b) There may be life in the seas of Europa, but this is highly
speculative and there's no evidence yet to support that

c) It is unlikely that life will be found anywhere else in this
solar system.

Thus: Life is rare; complex multicellular life is likely

Thus: what makes Earth a local jewel in this region of space is
not its water, but its extensive and vast biodiversity.

- Why does biodiversity matter?

1) Pharmaceutical companies exploring the Amazon and other
remote areas to search out new molecular compounds of medical

a) Extreme biodiversity creates a tremendous wealth of novel
molecular reactive agents that may be potentially useful.

Thus: self-replicating systems - Life - has value as a molecular
assembly system and discovery tool for novel compounds.

2) Complexity theory and directed evolution suggest that
manipulating a fitness function of an evolutionary system for
practical purpose is a useful way to find novel 'emergent'
solutions to complex problems.

Thus: Life may be tailored to find complex molecular compounds
over time similarly to what is envisioned by Drexleresque
nanotechnology proponents.

Earth Is A Closed System Suitable For Controlled

- But what have humans been doing since the industrial

a) We've dumped vast amounts of carbon into the atmosphere,
shifting climate globally.

b) We've deployed dangerous nuclear weapons throughout the
globe, threatening nearly the entire biosphere with potential

c) Humans left the planet and begun exploring outer space, akin
to a lab rat escaping its cage.

 Thus: humanity may well now represent a threat to the primary
 goals of an extraterrestrial species visiting earth to harvest
 its biodiversity for novel compounds and new solutions.

I doubt I'm the only one who has thought along these lines. What
do List members think, and do any list members have references
to other discussions like this?



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