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This Week INEXPLICATA - 15-01-2012

From: Scott Corrales <lornis1.nul>
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 06:05:56 -0500
Archived: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 20:16:22 -0500
Subject: This Week INEXPLICATA - 15-01-2012

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

January 14, 2012

Costa Rica: Authorities Cannot Ascertain Source of Midnight "Explosion"

Source: La Nacion (Costa Rica)


Date: 09 January 2012

San Jose (Hilda Miranda =96 Newsroom). The loud noise resembling
that of an explosion was heard by dozens of people around
midnight yesterday hitherto lacks any explanation by

Neither the National Meteorological Institute (IMN) nor the
OVISCORI (Costa Rican Vulcanology Observatory) have any records
of a phenomenon that could have been responsible for the loud

According to hundreds on the social networks, a powerful report
- lasting more than five minutes =96 was heard around midnight

Reports from readers of La Nacion on Facebook suggest that the
reverberations were heard in parts of San Jose and in more
remote communities such as Turrialba, San Ramon, Coronado,
Heredia, Escaz=FA and others.

According to the IMN, the atmosphere=92s behavior in recent hours
was normal. "Experts checked the satellite signal and no record
of any anomalous situation was found," stated Mario Sanchez, the
agency=92s press officer.

Similarly, the Observatorio Vulcanologico y Sismologico de Costa
Rica (OVSICORI) informed that there was no record of any strong
tremor that could have given rise to the loud buzzing.

Another version that made the rounds held that the explosions
were from festivities in the town of Zapote, but the parties in
charge of the celebrations dismissed this conjecture.

"The fireworks were normal. We are aware of that noise, but we
don=92t believe that it has anything to do with the festivities at
Zapote, because people heard it in places far from [the
community]," said Rafael Arias, an advisor to the San Jose city

Arias further noted that the closing cannonade was at
approximately 9 p.m., but that unauthorized parties discharged a
series of "bomblets" around 12 a.m. "But it wasn=92t a loud sound
either," he noted.

Some readers also stated that lights in the sky accompanied the
loud noise.

Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Alex Astua

Argentina: Seven UFOs Reported Over Resistencia

Date: 08 January 2012
Source: Diario NORTE

Strange flashes in the skies over Resistencia attracted the gaze
of residents of different sections of the provincial capital,
who reported the presence of numerous unidentified flying
objects (UFOs) coming out of the south and heading north. The
sighting occurred on Thursday noon, when the sun was at its

Residents of Villa San Mart=EDn spread the word so that several
would be able to see the seven objects moving through the air
unhurriedly, some of them flashing lights.

Availing themselves of the cellphones, some managed to capture
images showing small circles in the sky. One of [the witnesses]
recounted the episode to NORTE, claiming that it occurred once
more yesterday.

While choosing to remain anonymous to avoid being laughed at by
those who know him, the young man =96 who only managed to take a
few photos =96 stated the following: "Along with other residents
of Villa San Martin, we saw objects on 5 January, only a few
minutes before noon. First there were three. They were
triangular in shape and reflected the sun like mirrors. We could
see them clearly, since they were flying relatively low and
traveled north apparently very slowly. It was later possible to
clearly see other similar ones, for a total of seven, moving at
the same speed and heading."

While some of the objects issued a very strong white reflection,
at certain moments it was possible to tell that they "were
shaped like boomerangs."

"It all happened very quickly, and amid the astonishment, I was
able to take a few photos. Unfortunately, under such conditions,
one regrets not having had better equipment to show the objects
in detail," reported a neighbor, who approached us to discuss
the events.

The incident was later subjected to comments through social
networks in the hopes that other citizens who may have seen the
UFOs may make their own remarks, and if possible, contribute new

In their own discussions, the local residents dismiss the
possibility that the sighting may have been part of
meteorological studies, due to the shape of the object. They
also explained that they were following a given course and moved
at a similar speed, never making any abrupt movements as has
been described in many cases. In any event, while some skeptics
are to be found, others claim that these are indeed UFOs.

Translation (c) 2012 Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Mexico: A Fireball over Sinaloa

Source: analuisacid.com.mx
Date: 05 January 2012

Mexico: Fireball over Sinaloa

Local residents reported seeing a fireball in the sky that split
into three parts before disappearing.

The phenomenon took place yesterday afternoon, Wednesday 04
January 2012.

Tatiana Kokima and Emiliato Teran, astrophysicists with the
State Science Center (Centro de Ciencias del Estado), who form
part of the search team, dismissed the possibility that it could
be a meteorite given that the Sinaloa's Seismic Network did not
pick up any impact.

Accoridng to the Civil Protection agency, it could be "space

On the other hand, NASA confirmed detection of a heavenly body
that entered the atmosphere at 18:50 hours on 04 January, and
which could have crashed somewhere in the Sierra de Sinaloa on
the border with Chihuahua, or in the municipalities of Salvador
Alvarado and Mocorito.

No official story has been put forward.

Translation (c) 2012, S.Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Argentina: A High Strangeness Event from 1986

Our friends at Grupo G.A.B.I.E. have shared the following report
from the mid-80s that suggests a possible abduction experience
or at least a high-strangeness incident that is being made known
only now, nearly 30 years later.


The event occurred on 24 December 1986

Experiencer's age: 10 years old

Name: Luis Sanchez

Location: Tucuman, Argentina

Source: Grupo GABIE grupo_gabie.nul

"Christmas Eve, surrounded by family and after the
celebrrations, time was 02:30 in the morning approximately -
that I'll never forget.

"The Christmas toast went by, people's mood was cheered by
celebration - a lovely recollection. I finished launching the
rockets that my father would buy for me while they were seated
around the table, from beneath a gallery in front of the house.
I headed to the door. We always had a large backyard with
plants, trees, etc.

"As I stood at the door, I heard a noise, but I thought it was
the sound of little bottle rockets. But the sound didn't stop -
it was constant, like the sound of a cave with whistling wind or
something like it, like a turbine. It was something that buzzed
in my ears.

"I looked upward, as the sound came from above, and I saw
something. It looked like a car without wheels, slab-shaped (its
lower section, which was visible to me, had a rectangle similar
to a small door). It also had color. It was a strange color,
grey mixed with light blue, clearly visible in the part I could
see. It had two lights in the rounded forward section; a light
that wasn't painful, but was a beam of straight light. Upon
seeing it, I was paralyzed for a brief moment. It was as if they
wanted me to see them. I felt connected - and happy.

"It hovered above my house, going from the door to the back,
crossing the entire house, at a height over the street light
wires, the lamp posts, a slow speed that I can't estimate. It
was like an old lady walking, very slow...it was really low,
some 15 to 20 meters at least. I ran to the back of the house,
since I supposed it would appear there. As I ran, I told my
brother Eduardo, age 8, to come with me to see this thing! I was
fascinated. He ran with me and we came out to the backyard. We
covered approximately 14 meters (45 feet). I looked to the sky,
thinking the object would appear.

"After that, I don't remember anything at all.

"That very same night, I woke up in my bed. I was in my room.
Right next to the place where waited for the object. The time
was around 4 in the morning when I woke up. I went to my mother,
and asked her: "Where's Eduardo?" Sleeping, she replied. I never
knew what happened. That's all that was left in my mind.

"The next day I asked my brother, and he told me he only saw a
light, and remembered nothing else afterward.

"I don't know what happened, but strange events like this began
to occur [in my life]. I will tell you more later on."

Let's hope that G.A.B.I.E.'s enigmatic correspondent indeed
decides to share his subsequent experiences. We will keep our
readers abreast of further developments.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Argentina: UFOs Caught by the Camera's Eye, Yet Never Seen

Quequen (Necochea): UFOs Caught by the Camera=92s Eye, Yet Never Seen
By Guillermo D. Gimenez, Contributing Editor, Inexplicata

On January 6, 1981, around 10: 45 a.m., a photojournalist named
Juan Carlos Lima and a staff writer, both from the El Atlantico
newspaper (Necochea desk) headed toward a residential district
under construction in the vicinity of Quequen=92s Irurzun Hospital
for an article regarding the progress on housing erected for
victims of the 1980 floods, when the great Quequen River
overflowed as a result of torrential rains throughout Buenos
Aires, flooding and destroying homes, bridges and sweeping away
animals and an array of objects.

Having secured photos of the neighborhood and the newspaper
article completed, they returned to the lab to develop the roll
of film. At the lab, Lima noticed that one of his photos
presented a spot. Thinking that it was debris on the film, he
redeveloped it, but was startled to see that it wasn=92t a spot.
Rather, he had photographed a UFO without seeing it.

Analyzing the Case

The photographer, Juan Carlos Lima, took the negative to a photo
laboratory with a wider range of equipment to confirm the
identity of the object he=92d captured, studying it under powerful
magnification with a colleague. Both men were able to make out
its contours, shape and the resemblance to two plates joined at
their edges (or a hat shape). This is the circumstance that
determined the reality of the photograph. He had indeed
photographed a UFO.

The next day, "El Atlantico published the photograph, but
providing an entirely incorrect version and twisting the

Troubled by what was published, the photographer wired the
newsroom at the TELAM news agency and on 08.01.81, Buenos
Aires=92s "Cronica" newspaper published the story supplied by Juan
Carlos Lima under the title "UFOs Also Enjoy the Summer". Over
many long years of research, ufologists have detected that the
press =96 on certain occasions =96 provide another form of
dissemination that differs from the events that truly occurred
in order to provide a more sensational slant to the story.

The Photo

The photo was taken with a Pentax camera, using a 21 DIN black
and white roll of film. Shutter speed was set at 1/240 and an f8
stop. Most of the other photos had already been used in
journalistic pursuits.

The distance between the photographer and the building under
construction, visible in the photo, is approximately 70 meters
(230 ft.) with the sun visible high in the sky (bear in mind
that the time was nearly 11:00 a.m.) with some clouds on a full
summer day.

The Witness

The witness was interviewed four (4) times throughout the length
of this investigation by this author, as well as a colleague
from Buenos Aires, and was perceived as an honest and sincere
person. He displayed no interest in the subject, but firmly
believed that he had photographed a UFO.

Juan Carlos Lima=92s sincerity is further evidenced in his
interest in providing the accurate version of the events upon
seeing a completely false version published by "El Atlantico" in
Mar del Plata (on 07.01.81), prompting him to write a news
agency with the exact story of how he had come to take a picture
of the object ("Cronica", Buenos Aires, 08.01.81).

Similar Cases

Throughout worldwide photo case histories we have come across
incidents similar to this one, with three mentioned by way of

1. April 1, 1970: Mr. Eduardo Stukert takes photos at Urca, Rio
de Janeiro, Brazil. Upon developing the roll, he notices the
presence of four (4) highly luminous and cigar-shaped objects
(mother ships). The photographer had not seen them.

2. April 21, 1973: Palmar de Colon, Entre Rios, Argentina. Ms.
Zulema Martorelli photographs birds flying in an unusual way,
startled by this incident. Upon developing the roll, the
presence of a large object that had been invisible to her was

3. November 11, 1977: Near Montevideo, Uruguay. Photographer
Escribana Alicia Volante de Zito captures another UFO on film
that was undetected by her eyes.

Other Sightings

That very same day (06.01.81) several local residents approached
the newsroom of "El Atlantico" to report on a strange tubular
object, bright yellow in color, which flew over the city that

In downtown Necochea, three other witnesses (whose information
is on file) saw a UFO the size of a coin, yellow-white in color,
heading west at around 21:30 hours on the 6th of January. The
object made an abrupt descent to vanish from the sight of
witnesses. The event lasted only a few minutes. When sources
were consulted about flights on 06 January by helicopters and/or
airplanes, they indicated that no flights other than those
proper to the city=92s air facility had taken place.

Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU


Argentina: The New UFO Museum

Source: Diario Victoria

Date: 01.03.12


Argentina: The New UFO Museum (Museo OVNI)

Last night was the official inauguration of the Museo OVNI in
the city of Victoria, at which provincial and local authorities
were on hand.

This new site is located at Calle Sarmiento between Alem and 25
de Mayo streets, being more centrally located and spacious than
the former facility.

A more tourist-oriented approach is offered to visitors,
including such amenities as, for example, being photographed
while "traveling" aboard a flying saucer. It is also possible to
find journalistic material, photographs, curios, information on
cattle mutilations, crop circles and other strange phenomena.

The inauguration was presided by Ruben Dario Garcilazo,
intendente(mayor) of the City of Victoria, who praised the
efforts made bySilvia Perez Simondini. "This is important for
both Victoria and Silvia, a way of appreciating her research
endeavors, which she has carried out with great seriousness. It
pleases me that this result has been achieved," beamed the

Furthermore, Garcilazo took the opportunity to add: "We hope
that this helps to bring visitors to Victoria, and to this end,
we shall be aiding and supporting this new attraction for the
city, so that it may be declared of municipal interest and
appreciated by tourists to Victoria.

The "Museo OVNI" is the result of years of virtually pro-bono
dedication on the part of Silvia Perez Simondini, her relatives
and friends, who came to Victoria as a result of public
awareness of the phenomenon in the vicinity in late August 1991.

Raul Gonzalez, the provincial secretary of tourism, confirmed
that the opening of the Museo OVNI in the "city of the seven
hills" is a new alternative of great worth for tourism. "This is
a new stage for family-oriented tourism visiting the city of
Victoria," assured the provincial official.

Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO


Argentina: A Landmark UFO Case from 1972 is Disclosed

Marcos Barraza of Nuestro Pasado Extraterrestre shares with us
this document from 1972 - the first official report by
Argentina's "Gendarmer=EDa Nacional" concerning a UFO incident.

He writes the following in his blog: "It was on January 2, 2010,
during the inauguration of the Nuevo Museo del OVNI (the New UFO
Museum) in the city of Victoria that the research staff of
VISION OVNI startled the authorities and the public with what is
the FIRST OFFICIAL UFO DOCUMENT from Argentina's Gendarmer=EDa
Nacional. It is important to examine this document with care. It
includes the information, names and surnames, places and details
of an encounter between a Gendarmer=EDa Aircraft and a UFO, but
[particular importance must be given] to Page 4, which explains:
"This form... and has the purpose of informing the senior ranks
of the Institution for the preparation anf an orderly and
updated file of phenomena of this nature (!!!)." Today, thanks
to the VISION OVNI team, we are sharing with you this first
document, corresponding to the Gendarmeria Argentina. Stay tuned
for more!"

We would like to extend our thanks to Marcos Barraza for making
us aware of this development on his Facebook page and to SYLVIA
AND ANDREA PEREZ SIMONDINI for their tireless work toward ending
UFO secrecy in Argentina.

Without further ado, here is the translation of this landmark
1972 sighting:

Supreme Army Command

Report on Unidentified Flying Objects

Information pursuant to the event:

Time of the sighting: 02 November 1972, 20:30 hours

2. Sighting location: Province of Buenos Aires - Campo de Mayo -
- in flight.

3. Atmospheric conditions:

a) Skies: Clear and starry - Lunar altitude: Moon not visible

b) Atmosphere: diaphanous

c) Adjacent soil: Low and damp.

d) Soil under the observer: Observers were in flight.

e) Visibility: Normal nocturnal flight conditions.

4. Circumstances surrounding the phenomenon.

a) Activity being conducted before the phenomenon was observed:
Nocturnal flying instruction since 19:20 hours.

b) Activity carried out at the time the sighting took place:
Nocturnal landing and takeoff instruction from header 36 of the
Campo de Mayo runway.

c) Persons accompanying observer at the time of the sighting:
1st Ensign D. Alejandro Urs Vogt, Gendarmerie pilot, reviewing
the Flight Squadron, and Mr. Jorge Torrecilla, Gunnery
Instructor at the Gendarmerie and of the Joint Senior Staff for
"Police Training", also a civilian pilot.

d) Location with regard to the observer and the phenomenon.

1. Observer's geographic location: Over Campo de Mayo.

2. Relative position of the place the phenomenon occurred with
regard to the observer and the cardinal points: 320 degrees with
regard to Campo de Mayo (runway 36-18).

3. Representation of the initial position of the phenomenon
observed in the panoramic display: See drawing attached in
Exhibit 1.

4. Indicate in the display the phenomenon's trajectory using
dotted lines, marking its progression with increasing numbers:
See drawing in Exhibit 1.

Page 2

Indicate the distance from the observer: 35 to 40 approximately.

a) Angular altitude of the phenomenon with regard to the
horizon, from 0 to 90 degrees: 25 degrees, approximately.

b) Angle of the vertical plane running through the observer and
the phenomenon in an N-S direction: 320 degrees.

General description of the event:

a) Total observation time for the phenomenon: 40 minutes,

b)Total time it remained in the each position occupied: The
object remained static, accompanying the movement of the
Gendarmeria Nacional aircraft, registration GN 7E during a 10 to
12 minute period.

c) Physical shape and characteristics of the phenomenon or
object witnessed: See drawing and description in Exhibit II.

d) Manner in which the sighting occurred: Plain sight and
through the portholes and windshield of the single-engine Cessna
182 aircraft.

e) Description of the phenomenon. See Exhibit II, Part 2.

f) Attitude of the complainant with regard to the sighting of
the phenomenon: The Flight Instructor of the pertinent
Gendarmeria Nacional squadron, 2nd Commander D. Ramon Hector
Flores, decided to head toward the phenomenon in order to
observe it, requesting authorization to do so from the Campo de
Mayo control tower.

6. Traces, evidence or clues that may have been left behind or

a) Disturbances experienced (engine, radio, battery, etc.):

b) Marks, signs, or damage that may have been left behind in the
vicinity (over homes, etc.): None.

c) Traces or clues arising from the event which may have been
collected (material, etc.): None.

d) Photographs, films: None taken due to a lack of equipment.

III. Information Related to the Reporting Party

1. Personal information.

a) Ramon Hector Flores, Second Commander, Gendarmeria Flight
Squadron, based out of Campo de Mayo.

b) Age: 35

c) Education: Secondary, Escuela de Gendarmeria Nacional,
Escuela Nacional de Aviacion Civil (civil aviation school - 3

Page 3

Obtained commercial pilot's license with rating for instrument
and nocturnal flying, crop-dusting and flight instruction.

a) Work locations for the past 10 years: Campo de Mayo, Formosa
and Flight Squadron.

b) Home Address: Tomas Edison 1076, San Miguel, Province of
Buenos Aires 656-0302 and 656-0425.

2. General Information (psychological profile)

a) Has the informant witnessed objects or events of an unknown
or hard to explain nature? (evil lights, wolfman, ghosts, etc.):

b) Reading material, movies, magazines and television that he
customarily reads or views: Reading material related to
aeronautical subjects or current events.

c) Hobbies and specialties: Recreational shooting and sports.

d) What does he understand "the beyond" to mean?: The informant
believes that he is unprepared to define the possibility of life
on other worlds. Does not believe in spiritism and extra-sensory

e) What was his opinion to this day of those who claimed to have
had, or participated in, UFO experiences?: In most cases, they
were stories from people who had truly seen something, not
dismissing the possibility that psychological influences and the
lack of technical knowledge may have lead people to believe they
had witnessed alien spacecraft.

f) What does he think of his recent experience?: Personally, he
believes that it has been interesting, yet unable to speak as to
the nature of the phenomenon. He therefore restricted himself to
providing an objective report of what was seen.

g) What was the reaction of his escorts?: The reaction of the
informant and his escorts was one of complete calm, proven by
the decision to try and ascertain the nature of the phenomenon
by moving in for closer inspection.

h) Was he smoking, or were any of his companions doing so?: He does not=
 smoke and his escorts did not smoke throughout the proceedings.


Page 4

IV. Opinion of the commanding officer regarding the informant's
personality: Brilliant and outstanding officer who has merited a
grading of 90 points.

V. Opinion of the commanding officer about the facts reported:
Bearing in mind the seriousness and professional and moral
capacity of 2nd Commander D. Hector Flores, I fully accept his
version of the events reported.

Campo de Mayo, November 5, 1972.
{SEAL- Commander in Chief of the Army - Flight Squadron -
SHIELD - Gendarmeria Nacional]


Brig. Alberto Thomasset - Commander - Flight Squadron.

REMARKS: This form must be filled out by the immediate superior
of anyone who attests to the sighting of an Unidentified Flying
Object and has the purpose of informing the senior ranks of the
Institution for the preparation anf an orderly and updated file
of phenomena of this nature, observed by personnel of its
branch. This is an authentic copy of the original in four pages.

5. General Description of the Event

c. Physical Shape and Characteristics of the Phenomenon or
Object Observed:

At the time that the sighting occurred, the object looked like
an enormous half-moon with an irregular bottom edge, with a
small light with bluish edges apparently hanging from this
bottom edge. It subsequently disappeared after Campo de Mayo
tower gave permission for the phenomenon to be examined more
closely. The crew ascended toward it.

At a distance of approximately 12 kilometers, it was possible to
see the object more clearly. It had a nearly spherical shape and
well-defined shape at the time (see drawing in Exhibit II,
upper). The bluish light vanished and the object's reddish hue
became dim (a shade resembling borravino). It maintained this
shape and color until the observers came within 300 meters
approximately. At this time, a left turn maneuver was executed
to avoid a collision at 1600 meters to the southeast of the city
of Campana, Province of Buenos Aires.

e. Description of the Phenomenon:

Proceeding with the description initiated in the preceding
point, the observers added that with the intention of improving
their sighting, they turned off the aircraft's instrument and
navigation lights (statutory external lights).

While making the left turn, it was possible to see that the
object was approaching the aircraft, bringing about the need for
this maneuver, until the object in question remained behind the
aircraft's tail (stern). As the aforementioned maneuver was
executed, two or three lights became visible. These were small,
average-sized and of even size in the object's lower third (see
drawing in Exhibit II, lower section).

The referenced turn was terminated with an approximate heading
toward Campo de Mayo. At that moment, Mr. Jorge Torrecilla
(civilian escort to the pilots), who was seated behind the
pilot, noticed that the object was located 10 degrees to the
left of the airplane's tail (stern), acquiring a more muted
tone, maintaining its shape and distance with regard to the

The crew initiated a new left turn to try to see the object in
more detail, but it lost itself from sight momentarily.

Once the maneuver was completed, and unable to see the vehicle,
information was requested from the Control Tower to ascertain
its presence. At that time, 1st Ensign D. Alejandro Urs Vogt
noticed that the object was directly above the aircraft,
prompting the crew to make a pronounced spiral dive down to an
altitude of 600 meters. Two course changes were made at this
altitude with 90 degree angles. In spite of this, the object
remained constantly over the aircraft. All of this was reported
to the Campo de Mayo Control Tower, which ordered the aircraft
to return to base immediately, while it cleared other aircraft
in flight from the area to enable a prompt landing.

The crew continued its straight line descent to Campo de Mayo,
getting ready for final approach.

During this maneuver, the onlookers temporarily lost interest in
the object. When they tried to locate it again, they were unable
to do so. They asked the Control Tower for more information.

The tower reported that they had stopped seeing the referenced
phenomenon. The crew then requested authorization to make a 360
degree turn to try to place the object once more, which was not

Upon returning to the base, they were welcomed by Army personnel
for debriefing.

Throughout the proceedings, the crew kept permanently in contact
with the control towers at Campo de Mayo and La Plata,
respectively, advising them of their radio-electric location,
altitude and other required information. The crew was also able
to listen - over the radio - that an Aerolineas Argentinas
airliner reported having the phenomenon in sight. Aside from all
this, pilots from the Moron Air Base operating in neighboring
areas were also made aware of the circumstance.

Translation (c) 2012 S. Corrales, IHU Special thanks to Marcos
Barraza and VISION OVNI

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