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UK Animal Mutes - Fact or Fiction?

From: Dave Haith <visions1.nul>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 23:27:51 -0000
Archived: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 15:59:10 -0500
Subject: UK Animal Mutes - Fact or Fiction?

Back in May 2010 Dr David Clarke ran a piece on his blog,
mocking the UK based Animal Pathology Field Unit - set up by
Phil Hoyle and David Cayton to investigate cases of animal

Blog link here:


Under the heading 'Ewe couldn't make it up' he questioned why
The Sun newspaper followed by others, had run stories about
mutilation incidents without naming any farmers involved

He wrote "Who are these farmers and why isn't a single source -
apart from Hoyle - named in the story?"

His blog piece added that his own basic enquiries established
that an animal health team which is part of DEFRA (the
Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) hadn't
received a single complaint from farms or an unexplained animal
mutilation report in the past five years.

David asked "But why let the facts get in the way of a good

I came across David C's blog this week while looking into new
horse mutilations being reported in Wales and the West Country,
so contacted David Cayton with David Clarke's reported criticism
casting doubt on the accuracy of his unit's reports.

A couple of links here about Hoyle and Cayton's APFU.



In the interests of 'balance' - which journalism lecturer David
Clarke appears to have neglected in this case - I will paste
here Cayton's response to Clarke's comments (which he describes
as a "debunking rant")

Cayton writes:


"Clarke just doesn't understand so much about farmers and their
uneasy and unhappy views about DEFRA!!!! Over the years, farmers
have said that they would only engage with them if something
serious like foot & mouth broke out on their premises. If they
'invited' them on to examine an animal mute, they are likely to
pass it off as something normal and confiscate the carcass AND I
know of 2 cases where the farmer has been seriously threatened
if he talks to media or the likes of us!! Typical 'threat', is
to warn that they will 'review' their government 'subsidies'!
This could lead to serious financial problems and at worst
posing their home and livelihood entirely!

Further if they 'invite' these people onto the farm, they go
sniffing around looking for items of criticism leading to
possible penalties being imposed! DEFRA personnel are seen as
bad news!

In our collective experience, farmers will more often than not,
demand complete anonimity to be agreed by us, before they will
liaise and allow us to examine and photograph their animals!

The very recent ongoing horse and pony mutilation deaths are
prime examples of the operations of certain cells of DEFRA
and/or other high level government departments /units, who are
the agencies behind warning the police, RSPCA and the vets to
wrap up their enquiries and promulgate stupid responses like
normal sick animals as the cause, or natural predation, cults
and the like!! Many Veterinary Practices around the U.K. are
directly controlled by DEFRA as they are VLA accredited (
Veterinary Laboratories Agency). This is one vital way that
enables DEFRA to keep their finger on the pulse re the animal
mutilation problem!!  Also they will try all ways possible to
keep these attacks off the public radar and concoct all manner
of silly explanations for it if and when there is a leak to the
media in some form, eg. Horse & Hound magazines etc etc!!

Pressurising a vet to then refuse the horse owner to have a
second opinion or independent autopsy and even, as now get the
police to refuse the horse owner photographs of their own

Clarke is just another of the detractors being constantly used
by the media to throw cold water on any 'dangerous' factual
information which could cause members of the public to stop and
seriously consider these events as likely evidence of alien
intervention on our planet! We have little doubt that he and a
few others are actively 'encouraged' to do this and at the same
time 'appear' to represent serious ufology!!

Only last night, he was at it again, along with Ian Ridpath and
Mark Pilkington, all invited by the BBC to make 'their' dubious
contribution to the Stargazers Live Program, broadcast from
Jodrell Bank RT in Cheshire, fronted by Prof. Brian Cox.!!!!!!
These 3 'gentlemen were required' to help 'put to bed' any
serious studio discussion that aliens are actually here on a
regular basis.

Ironic that at 10pm on Sunday August 18, 1996, a cigar shaped UFO was seen=

by credible witnesses, stationary for over an hour directly over the Lovell=

main dish, beaming down a wide NON DIVERGING, soft beam of whitish light,
directly into the dish! I was refused a look at their daily log by an
officious and unpleasant female spokesperson! I knew the telescope was in
use at the time, so assumed it was seen, a mere 300 feet above and /or also=

the beam may have interfered with the operation of the telescope??

Richard Hall covered this item on his RP 'Starship TV programs, under the
banner of 'The Cayton Files'. Still on his website I believe? DVD's also

End Cayton's statement.


Whether or not the recent UK mutilation cases are anomalous or
simply some ritualistic or perverted horse ripper - I know not.

But here is a link to the Welsh case:


And here is a web posting from the daughter of Linda Mann, the
horse owner...


"I'm Nicola, the daughter of Linda. Thanks for the lovely
supportive comments. As you can imagine this is devastating.
Barney was a rescue pony and the sweetest gentle little soul.
I'm reading the news reports that the "police are doing an
investigation"..well that's just not true...they took two hours
to respond to the call, didn't even bother to go and look at his
body on Thursday when it was reported and only did on Friday
when my brother and I insisted that they do so.

Since then the police have never once asked any questions or
showed any interest in the mutilation of Barney. A two foot long
by one foot deep cut deep cut has been made along Barney's
stomach and his genitals (he was a stallion) have been removed,
his eyes, ears and mouth were cut. I asked the police who
attended on Friday why they haven't treated this as suspicious
when anyone can see with an untrained eye that the wound to his
abdomen was foul play. Her comment....."it was dark when we saw
the pony's body" It was evident that boot prints and other
evidence were around the scene. Now another poor stallion in
Cornwall has been taken under the same fate. Can anyone help us
get the word out about how serious this needs to be treated? We
really need help to stop this happening again and find the
people who did this to these two stallions.

To date I have =A3500 reward for anyone giving information leading
to a conviction..so please if you think you may know anything
please contact us. Please email me with any help or information
you might have missmann2001.nul I just wont stop or let
these thugs sleep easy until we have justice for our dear friend
Barney. Thanks again for your heart warming messages. Nicola"


I gather the police have now concluded their investigation of
this Welsh case and state that the horse died from 'natural

Dave Haith

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