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Re: Saucers Of Manipulation Pt. - 1

From: Jerome Clark <jkclark.nul>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 08:16:37 -0500
Archived: Fri, 06 Jul 2012 09:24:17 -0400
Subject: Re: Saucers Of Manipulation Pt. - 1

>Source: MysteriousUniverse.Org


>Thursday, July 5th, 2012

>Saucers Of Manipulation Pt. 1
>by Nick Redfern

>The late Mac Tonnies - author of The Cryptoterrestrials and
>After the Martian Apocalypse - once said: "I find it most
>interesting that so many descriptions of ostensible 'aliens'
>seem to reflect staged events designed to misdirect witnesses
>and muddle their perceptions." Mac was not wrong. In fact, he
>was right on target. One can take even the most cursory glance
>at ufological history and see clear signs where events of a
>presumed alien and UFO nature have been carefully controlled,
>managed and manipulated by the intelligence behind the

>A look back at many of the early books, periodicals and fanzines
>on the Flying Saucers of yesteryear will show they were filled
>with encounters between astonished humans and aliens "taking
>soil samples". "Radar-visual" encounters were all over the
>place. People were always in the right place - or, depending on
>your perspective, the wrong place! - to see the surprised and
>rumbled ETs hastily scoop up their little tools and race back to
>the safety of their craft. And they would always be sure to take
>to the skies in view of the witness.

>If, however, we critically analyze events of this type, it
>becomes obvious that a trend is at work. These were not matters
>of an accidental or stumbled upon nature - at all. The entities
>were seen because they clearly wished to be seen. The reason:
>almost certainly to encourage the spreading of a belief in
>aliens amongst us - and in definitive meme-like style. And it
>has undeniably worked. After all, barely 65-years after the
>Kenneth Arnold encounter at Washington State in June 1947, the
>UFO phenomenon - and what it potentially implies, whether you're
>a believer or not - is, today, known of just about here, there
>and everywhere.

Nick Redfern is a nice guy, and I enjoy his books. But this is
the sort of thing that serves to remind me why I don't maintain
a blog - I wouldn't want to have to fill space, in the absence
of more substantive information and ideas, just to fill space.

This reads like the sort of thing you write when you're devoid
of actual insight and so must fill the vacuum with hand-waving,
unsupportable speculation, declared - naturally - with utter
certitude. Not, of course, that this is the sole example of such
rhetorical overreach in ufology. Or, for that matter, in
astronomical literature addressing the subject of intelligent
alien life.

Instead of passing this off (at least in some loose sense) as
non-fiction, Redfern really ought to use it as the premise for a
novel and proceed accordingly.

Jerry Clark

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