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Does ET Have A Face?

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Subject: Does ET Have A Face?

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14 Jul 2012

Myth & Mysteries: Does ET Have A Face?
By Fatima Sajid

One of the biggest mysteries and question in today's world is
not whether anyone is out there, but rather, "who is out there"?
The reason being that with so many Earth-like planets being
discovered, the prospect or possibility of life in worlds or
planets besides Earth has already been accepted by the best
researchers and scientists of the world.

But the question is what would a life form from another planet
look like? The simple answer is that it would be a species which
is adapted to the environment of its own world, just like we are
to ours. But here too there are a lot of interesting aspects to
life. There are places here on Earth deep under the oceans where
there is no sunlight. Yet there is life. There are extremely hot
boiling geysers spurting out of the earth with life in the
bubbling fluid.

In Russia, microbial life has been found under miles of thick
ice. There are tiny living organisms inside the layers of rocks
found deep in Earth where there is neither sunlight nor water.

So how does one define or describe life on another planet? Yes
water is the most important ingredient for life as we know it,
but now astrobiologists are of the opinion that it is possible
that life on some other planet might also be silicon based. So
here is the big question; what does ET, the Extra-Terrestrial
really look like? There are hundreds of claims of people having
seen aliens or having been 'abducted' or let's say kidnapped by
aliens and remember undergoing some sort of experiments by a
species other than human.

Many of them have been proved to be hoaxes, hallucinations or
the result of a disturbed mind. But, yes there is a 'but' here,
there are still many unsolved cases that remain a mystery. Among
the ones that even sceptics are not able to solve or give an
explanation to, are people examined by qualified and respected
professional psychoanalysts and doctors who do agree that their
patients have had some kind of encounter with an outer world

But let's put that debate aside for the time being. We will only
try to see what are the kinds of descriptions and possibilities
of what an alien being would look like according to the most
accepted claims.

First of all, Hollywood has played a great part in showing
certain type of aliens from another planet with their typical
physique of thin grey and medium or short beings with large eyes
and long limbs. Whether the idea came from the alleged UFO crash
at Roswell New Mexico during the 1940s in which alien bodies
were said to have been found which fit the description of the
so-called Greys, or whether it was just an acceptable specimen
to put in movies which would be believable, one does not know.
It would be the right image to have us see that though the
beings from another world do look kind of weird, they still have
two legs, two arms, two eyes and a head on their somewhat odd-
looking necks and shoulders.

But would an alien really look like that?

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