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Re: Many Coloured 'Fireballs' Reported To NUFORC

From: Martin Shough <parcellular.nul>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 17:36:45 +0100
Archived: Fri, 01 Jun 2012 07:28:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Many Coloured 'Fireballs' Reported To NUFORC

>From: Peter Davenport <director.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 10:09:07 -0700
>Subject: Many Coloured 'Fireballs' Reported To NUFORC


>I have called this phenomenon to the attention of the List in
>months past, but seemingly to little avail. However, the
>phenomenon continues, and the reports of the "fireballs" seem to
>be on the increase.

I checked the NUFORC site for the exciting May 19 case updates
which Peter told us would be there yesterday. As I write they
still are not. But I expect more of the same, the same being

[Begin Quote]


We have addressed this issue almost continuously over the last ten
months and it appears to us to be occurring unabated. Some people have
suggested that the objects that are being seen and reported are so-called
"Chinese lanterns, but we do not accept that this theory can explain any
but a small fraction of the reports we have received. We provide links
below to several of the recent reports of these "fireballs":

HELSINKI, FINLAND, APRIL 29, 2012, @ 21:20 HRS. - Two adult witnesses
observe eight yellow lights move quickly over the city. Full Report See
image at right. Hi Res #1  Hi Res #2 Hi Res #3

SANDY, UTAH, MAY 1ST, 2012, @ 21:30 HRS. - Two adults witness a string of
orange lights above the Wasatch Mountains in the eastern sky. Full Report

JAMESTOWN, NORTH CAROLINA, MAY 04TH, 2012, @ 00:38 HRS. - A man who was
returning from work witnessed a peculiar orange glowing light in the night
sky. Full Report

SANTA FE, TEXAS, MAY 4TH, 2012, @ 22:25 HRS. - A law enforcement officer
witnesses seven orange-colored lights maneuver in the night sky. Full

[End Quote]

At least three of these falls within the spread of reported
behaviours typical of lanterns. That is not a proof that they
are lanterns, but it is a good prima facie reason why they could
be, and it is up to the claimant (Peter Davenport) to provide
substantial reasoned argument or evidence to support his
announcement that "we do not accept this theory".

I think some investigators still don't appreciate the sheer
volume of these things sold and I have the feeling that the US
is still less aware of them as an issue than the UK and other
European countries have been for some years now. There are
periodic attempts to ban sales in several countries, recently in
Spain, and a UK govt e-petition was started last year. Farmers
and conservationists are regularly up in arms about the fire
risks and dangers to wildlife. Hundreds of UFO reports have been
generated. So this is a very visible and by-now hum-drum issue.

Here's a fairly typical news story from over 2 years ago:

[Begin Quote]

Sky Lanterns, a leading supplier in Britain, said it was looking
at modifying designs to make its lanterns safer and stop firms
selling ones containing metal.

James Cameron, managing director of The Glow Company, a British
retailer, said lantern sales had nearly quadrupled in the past

In 2008, the Doncaster-based firm sold 29,000 Chinese lanterns,
rising to 100,000 last year, with sales peaking in July.

Mr Cameron said: "They have become very fashionable in the past
18 months, helped by the buzz created by reports of UFO
sightings which later transpired to be Chinese lanterns.

"We understand the concerns of farmers and are stopping using
wire in our products in favour of fire retardant string."

The rise in sales in Britain and an increasingly competitive
marketplace have seen prices fall from around =C2=A35 per lantern to
=C2=A32 on average.

BIS said it did not have plans to ban Chinese lanterns in
Britain but was "carefully considering=E2=80=9D complaints from

[End Quote]

Of course they are still going strong. Think about those
numbers. 100,000 'Chinese' or 'Thai lanterns' sold by one
company in the UK in 2010 alone! Every one of them a potential
UFO. And we now have a lot of collective experience in how
these things are perceived and reported as UFOs. Is it any
wonder that some of us are underwhelmed by Peter's repeated
excitement when peaks of orange-blob sightings come around every
so often =E2=80=93 very typically around times like New Year and July

If it turns out to be true that there was a non-random peak of
such reports on May 19th (as Peter implies), there may be a
cultural explanation.

For one example, the Marine Conservation Society recently
expressed concern about increased use of Thai or Chinese
lanterns in the run up to the Olympics. The manufacturers have
of course grabbed the opportunity:

[Begin Quote]

Chinese Lanterns for the Wedding season - Sky Lanterns for the
Jubilee and Olympics

There are so many occasions where Sky Lanterns are perfect and
this year there are two new fantastic opportunities to use
them....They will create the perfect atmosphere for a special
evening and will be a talking point for weeks after. Mix in with
some coloured Sky Lanterns =E2=80=93 red, white and blue of course to
make the display even more special.

Next, of course, is the Olympics....


[End Quote]

I note that Peter Davenport's May 19 hot-spot date was the start
of the Olympic Torch relay - across Britain - which may only be

Another possible coincidence is that Saturday May 19th in the US
was the day of the 'Washington, D.C.-Bangkok Sister City Jubilee
Celebration 2012'


in the middle of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage
Month, which is "a celebration of the history, contributions,
and culture of Americans from Asia and the Pacific Islands" (who
make up 5.6% of the US population) encompassing public festivals
across the country in cities including Chicago, Los Angeles,
Washington, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and New York City:


and was marked by this Presidential Proclamation from Barack
Obama on May 1:


Do these events increase the likelihood of the type of outdoor
celebration at which Thai lanterns might be released on
Washington-Bangkok Sister City Jubilee day? I don't know, but
it's a line of inquiry.

Peter's complaint (repeated multiple times now) that no one
takes any notice of his drifting fireballs is unreasonable and
untrue. Each time I (for one) have responded by examining the
reports and videos that he recommends and making quite detailed
comments on them with specific and often quantitative
observations, inviting debate =E2=80=93 invitations which he
religiously ignores. I will not be wasting any more time.

Martin Shough

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