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Re: Reconciling Impossibles With Observed Phenomena

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2012 23:07:53 +0100
Archived: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 09:16:56 -0400
Subject: Re: Reconciling Impossibles With Observed Phenomena

Hello List

Recently on NPR, Marcelo Gleiser has written intelligently from
two seemingly opposed viewpoints:

Of Alien Intelligence, The Supernatural And Divinity


Should Humans Explore The Stars?


both of which I found today (thanks to Graham Hancock's sci-
updates web-page) and realised, at first sight, that Marcelo had
neatly covered some positive and negative aspects of my own
musings of the last year or so.

Firstly, that present-day humans can't possibly do interstellar
travel in present-day 'space-ships' (tin cans with rockets
attached). If they tried they would be quickly killed by either
radiation or impacts: both are soon lethal in deep space and at
any significant relative velocity.

Secondly, and even so, a great deal of reported 'sightings' and
'encounters' are eerily like what we could expect from visiting
super-advanced civilizations: i.e various kinds of 'magic'.

Therefore I think we have to look at the big picture of what is
actually observed and try to reconcile these apparent
'impossibilities' with our own knowledge and projected near-
future discoveries.

So what do we see?

In space we see large spherical or globular objects, maybe 5 or
6 miles in diameter, of non-metallic appearance, moving in a
non-ballistic manner and paying no regard to the laws of
inertia. Also in space we catch glimpses of 'super-fast' small
entities, apparent sizes ranging from 'tiny lights' to 'human-
sized streaks', which seem to be associated with, or deployed
from, the much larger non-metallic objects.

In and below the atmosphere we typically see a bewildering mix
of smaller metallic-looking disks, triangles, cigar-shapes etc.
occasionally over-looked or 'shepherded' by a super-sized object
which can be of a somewhat amorphous or shape-changing nature.
(Nb. none of the above descriptions are hard'n'fast - mutations
and exceptions abound.)

While on the ground we have reports of sightings and encounters,
often of high strangeness, with entities of many types, most of
which seem to have 'super-human' abilities or to break the
(presently known) laws of physics.

I claim that we can stand back, look at the big picture and see
that it is all as we should expect, given the above constraints
and observed phenomena.

I.e that advanced civilizations send out inertia-drive protected
and propelled massive craft of non-metallic (some of poss.
gelatinous) build, carrying hardware deep inside, to be deployed
as and when necessary. That intelligent organic entities (the
actual advanced beings) do _not_ travel outside their home solar
systems but control and direct interstellar craft by
instantaneous (entangled) communications, which also allows
organic beings safely 'at home' to direct their robots and
possible android 'waldos' in their interactions with Earth

After all, it's exactly what we will have to do if we wish to
explore the Universe.


Ray D

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