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UFOs And Phone Interference

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Subject: UFOs And Phone Interference

This happened a couple of times on my radio program Strange
Days... Indeed. And a couple of decades ago, a radio station
North of Toronto was blown-off the air and much of its studio
and phones wiring fried during a discussion about sightings
around a lake in the area. No... the weather was fine, no

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May 29th 2012

UFOs And Phone Interference
Nick Redfern

There can surely be very few stranger experiences for the
researcher of Fortean and paranormal phenomena than when those
same phenomena decide to turn the tables and focus their
attentions upon the aforementioned researcher. And there is,
perhaps, no better example of this than in relation to the
mystery of the Men in Black - whose shadowy and creepy
activities seem to have consistently targeted UFO witnesses and
investigators alike. Including, just maybe, me. Read on...

On last Saturday night's Coast to Coast show I was interviewed
on that very subject: the Men in Black mystery. It was a 3-hour-
long episode (1AM to 4AM) in which I discussed with the host of
the show, John B. Wells, the many and varied complexities of the
legend of the Men in Black.

During the course of the show, we covered a great deal of
ground, such as: (A) the saga of Albert Bender (arguably, the
one man more than any other who kick-started the MIB mystery),
(B) Gray Barker's significant part in the controversy (largely
thanks to his classic 1956 book, They Knew Too Much About Flying
Saucers), (C) the MIB-Mothman connection detailed by John Keel
in The Mothman Prophecies and by the aforementioned Barker in
The Silver Bridge (the latter being a book I particularly
recommend), (D) the many and varied theories for who - or what -
the Men in Black might be, (E) modern day encounters with the
MIB, and much more.

But, there was something else too...

Normally, whenever I do a radio show, it goes ahead without a
hitch or a glitch. But, not when I'm talking about the MIB. On
many occasions now, when that subject surfaces, we seem to
encounter endless telephone interference - which is, as many
will be acutely aware, an absolutely staple part of MIB lore.

As anyone who has read the work of Keel will know, cases abound
where people immersed in the conundrum of the Men in Black have
encountered all manner of very bizarre telephone interference,
such as hearing strange voices ranting in bizarre or foreign
languages, as well as equally weird electronic noises, clicks,
and bleeps. And, very often, in the night hours and early
mornings when the world is transformed into a very different and
mysterious place.

And, indeed, it might be said that last weekend's Coast to Coast
show was just the latest addition to this odd and clearly
ongoing situation.

On no less than four occasions during the course of the show,
the landline dropped, forcing the producers to call me back.
But, the phone didn't ring out at my end on any of those call-
back occasions. So then they tried my cell phone. Which was
fine, as I always have that handy for use as an emergency back-
up. Well, it was okay for a while. That is, until the cell
started dropping and we had to then use another land line.

So, all in all, no less than three phones for one interview - a
significant portion of which was focused on the very issue of
the Men in Black and telephone interference!

[More at site... thanks to 'The Norm' for the lead]

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