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Contacts Abductions & Convictions

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2012 06:37:14 +0100
Archived: Sat, 09 Jun 2012 06:07:54 -0400
Subject: Contacts Abductions & Convictions

Hello List,

I was recently watching Stanton Friedman's major (3 hour)
presention on video - Flying Saucers Are Real" on YT - and found
many points previously unknown. Afterwards, on the second night,
accidentally clicked over to an interview with David Jacobs
(with clips from Budd Hopkins) which I might not have chosen to

Even so, became interested. Not because I actually liked Jacobs'
on-screen persona (he came across as quite opinionated) but
because he seemed to construct some interesting logical
constraints, which lead to some alarming (also seemingly
logical) conclusions. I.e that the Earth's human population is
being invaded or assimulated by a program of alien 'hybrid'

Now I'm not a ufologist and therefore wouldn't dare offer advice
on that subject but, due to extensive reading in historical and
folk-lore fields, when Jacobs was later talking about the
psychological dangers to the 'experiencers', I couldn't help but
think of the basic rules handed down - throughout history - to
similar experiencers of much earlier dangerous encounters with

[Before listing them, must agree with one of the contributors to
that video that he - and I - would be extremely unlikely to
experience such physical or mental 'invasions', purely due to
our technical and scientific upbringings and careers, which seem
to preclude sensitivity to those high strangeness events.]

Jacobs's accounts indicate that the 'invaders' contact and
instruct  people mostly at night/mainly telepathically/and are
deceptive and sometimes destructive BUT seem to follow a logic
and a set of rules of their own.

That is strangely like the histories of other-worldly encounters
we find stretching back for millenia. Therefore, by following
the ancient rules as laid down, modern experiencers could maybe
protect themselves.

History's rules: historical accounts say that religious
'believers' can escape any danger by calling on their God. But
the accounts also say that non-religious folk can also be immune
IF they address the entity(s) logically, first asking for a
name/identity, and then for a reason or motive for the
visitation, and then proceeding rationally and dispassionately.

The few recurring cases also stress the importance of repeating
that formula on each visitation; perhaps to re-establish the
identity of the entity, or maybe to re-state the rules of the

This might all seem a bit wild and esoteric, yet, along with
Vallee and Hynek, am inclined to think 'total ufology' has
strong linkages with historical and even mythical events, so re-
stating those rules of conduct might help some folk who need it.
After all, it might be mainly a matter of 'convictions' (in
which case our politicians are doomed).


Ray D

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