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Interviewing Peruvian Military UFO Researchers

From: A. J. Gevaerd  - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 10:58:51 -0300
Archived: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 10:58:39 -0400
Subject: Interviewing Peruvian Military UFO Researchers

Dear Listers,

I am presently in Lima, Peru, interviewing local military UFO
researchers. In the last years I'm dedicated to interviewing men
on this continent who, while on military duty and as part of
their military routine, have been engaged in UFO investigations.

I've interviewed, in Brazil, among others, Brazilian Air Force
Brigadiers Jose Carlos Pereira, of the Brazilian Airspace
Defense Command, and Socrates Monteiro, a former Minister.

Then I went to other countries in South America which have had
in the past or still have in full activity _Oficial_ research
organizations. In Montevideo, Uruguay, I have interviewed
Colonel Ariel Sanchez, from the Uruguayan Air Force's Comision
Receptadora y Investigadora de Denuncias de Objectos Voladores
No Identificados (CRIDOVNI), the official committee of UFO
investigations in that country. The interview was fully
published to this List.

And last month, in Santiago, Chile, I interviewed General
Ricardo Bermudez, a retired Chilean Air Force jet pilot and
presently in charge of the Centro de Estudios de Fenomenos
Aereos Anomalos (CEFAA), the local official UFO investigations
centre. Both conversations were extremely successful and have
yielded a lot of interesting UFO information.

In Peru, yesterday, I interviewed retired Peruvian Air Force
Colonel Julio Chamorro, who is now a flight navigator with a
cargo company that operates flights to the Peruvian Amazon in
Antonovs. Chamorro was the man who initiated the process of
creation, from 1999 to 2001, of the Air Force's Oficina de
Investigacion de Fenomenos Anomalos Aeroespaciales (OIFAA), an
office to receive reports of UFO sightings, centralize and
co-ordinate their investigations and inform the population. It
was all official.

Unfortunately, OIFAA have been paralyzed in the last years, but
plans to reactivate it are well advanced. Yesterday, talking to
Commander Chamorro, I learned that the office was established
after a determination made by the former-President Alberto
Fujimori, in the 90s, after an increase of UFO sightings in
several areas of the country, especially the capital, Lima, and
some military installations.

One such installations is the La Joya Air Force Base, in
Arequipa, in the deserts of south of Peru. It was there that
fighter pilot Oscar Santa Maria made his astounding pursuit of a
UFO at close range, in the 80s. I have learned that the base was
full of Soviet military at that time, as part of Peruvian-
Soviet Union agreements to perform military operations in the
country, including training and installation of defense

Commander Chamorro also gave me details of an incident, of which
he was one of the 2,000 witnesses, while serving as an officer
at La Joya. He also gave me details of many interesting cases
that were registered all over the country and investigated by
OIFAA. Among them, the sighting that former-President Fujimori,
along with several of his security detail, had of a huge UFO
over the Peruvian Amazon, near the city of Iquique. It is
assumed that it was after that experience that OIFFA had its go

I have published some photos of the interview on my Facebook


Have a great weekend.

A. J. Gevaerd
Brazilian UFO Magazine

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