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Re: Could Aliens Have Created Life On Earth?

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 08:02:53 +0100
Archived: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 09:23:20 -0400
Subject: Re: Could Aliens Have Created Life On Earth?

Hello List,

From those somewhat panicky responses to that thread we can see
some people did not bother analysing the information (expert
opinions) at www.perceptions.couk.com/creation.html but simply
reacted in fear and hatred. Here's what they either didn't know
or failed to see:

The data sppear to show several high improbability areas,
raising the questions of

a) a universal "Creation" (by supernatural figure(s) that
science cannot prove or disprove);

b) an 'intervention' which changed the local (observable)
universe to contain stars which generate carbon, nitrogen,
oxygen and other life-necessities;

c) an 'intervention' which directly manipulated complex
molecules to 'kick-start organic life on Earth;

d) an 'intervention' accounting for the mysteriously large
differences between homo sapiens and all other primates: both
chromasomal and in the fossil record (no 'missing link').

Quick analysis:

a) We can set aside a) "Creation" - it's purely a matter of
assertion and 'faith' (like the 'Big Bang?).

b) Lee Smolin's odds against life-friendly stars were 10^229 (1
followed by 229 zeros), but that assumed a homogenous universe;
however the concepts of a multiverse and/or of bubble-universes
allows us to apply the anthropic principle and say that we are
bound to live in a life-friendly bubble or local universe
because that's where our kind of organic life can develop.

c) Hoyle and Wickramasinghe's odds against life-processes were
10^40,000 (1 followed by 40,000 zeros) but that's in a 'one-off'
setting; however the 'panspermia' hypothesis (rapidly becoming a
solid theory - see updates to
www.perceptions.couk.com/panspermia.html) allows us to extend
the operating area to the whole of our observable universe and
over many billions of years which, although non-computable just
now, probably brings those odds down to maybe even to a positive

d) We're - maybe - left with the evolutionary gap situation of
homo sapiens, which is surrounded by uncertainty - much of it
generated by dogmatic (and feuding) scientists, assisted by
rumours of 'forbidden' archeology, OOPARTS etc.

IMHO one can get a clearer picture by reading Elaine Morgan's
books (starting with 'The Aquatic Ape' 1982), which seem to tie
that 'gap' period to Earth, or at least an Earth-like planet
with salt seas, shrimps, oysters and other shellfish etc.

Even so, the necessary 'gap' seems much longer than mainstream
science has appreciated or is willing to admit to - so some
mystery remains.


Ray D

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