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Biosphere Computational Modeling

From: J. Maynard Gelinas <j.maynard.gelinas.nul>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 15:40:12 +0800
Archived: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 08:29:54 -0500
Subject: Biosphere Computational Modeling

Speculative: On Using Earth's Biosphere For The Computational
Modeling Of Novel 3D Morphology And Function

In the previous post I posited that hypothetical aliens might be
using a combination of cellular agents in Earth's biosphere with
directed evolution (Complexity Theory) to evolve useful
molecular reactive agents for other purposes. The genesis of
this idea was my desire to both find a rational purpose for
Extraterrestrial visitation while removing anthropocentric
arguments. At the same time, any argument would have to fit the
pattern of observed phenomena from antiquity to modern times,
while at the same time conforming to the known behavior of
unrelated species on Earth as a model for supposed
Extraterrestrial <-> Human interactions.


In short, by manipulating the genome of a target organism (or
several organisms) within an ecosystem tailored to a specific
fitness function, one might derive novel useful compounds. It
would be akin to a chemistry Erector Set at the atomic scale.
Define a set of initial conditions, implement them, and wait n
number of generations to collect the output. Some of the
responses seemed to miss the general point of Directed Evolution
and Complexity Theory, so here is a fine introduction to the
subject available on the web:


I would like to now expand upon that notion in a second thought
experiment by suggesting another possibility along similar
lines. In short, this post proposes that an Extraterrestrial
species might find Earth's biosphere useful for computationally
modeling and deriving novel 3 Dimensional molecular structures
expanded out to the macro scale within a bounded fitness for
specified functionality. What that means: if one looks at a
multicellular organism (land or sea animal), one notes evolved
structures from the molecular scale on up to the macro scale
that conforms to a fitness function defined by the open
environment. Extraterrestrials then might use this as a
mechanism to selectively evolve specific physiological forms as
a model to design other large scale structures from the
molecular scale up to the macro scale.

 For example, suppose this hypothetical Extraterrestrial species
 wanted to design a large space ship with volumetric complexity
 similar to an evolved biological organism, and yet work out any
 potential 'bugs' in the system prior to manufacture. By
 changing the genetic structure of various Earth organisms in
 equilibrium with their environment, and then selecting a new
 fitness function, the Extraterrestrial might then wait n number
 of generations (hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions) and
 then sample shifting morphology of evolved structures to
 determine if they might be relevant to solving certain problems
 at hand.

Why Utilize a Biosphere Like a Computer?

Engineering novel 3 Dimensional structures with defined form and
function is an extremely hard problem. Doing so from the
molecular scale to the macro scale would demand vast
computational resources. To give an example of how difficult
this problem is, consider that across decades of bioinformatics
research, there is still no reliable means to computationally
model and predict basic protein folding. Typically, systems used
in this research are composed of thousands of server level PCs
arranged in supercomputer clusters. Yet as Moore's Law continues
to advance the speed and efficiency of computing, the problem
remains intractable. Proteins are molecular structures built of
thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, - perhaps,
at most - millions of atoms and measure at the micrometer scale.
Imagine trying to solve a similar problem for a design at tens,
hundreds, or thousands of cubic meters.

Computers built around the design principles of Turing and Von
Neumann architectures are inherently unable to solve problems at
this scale within a viable time frame (the lifetime of the
universe). It may well be that even quantum computers would not
be up to the task. Therefore, using biological systems as a
computational substrate to model these kinds of complex
structures may be the only solution available.


- Mutilations: Given that oceans offer an easy means to simulate
zero buoyancy in a way similar to the environment of space, I'd
suggest that their primary targets for designing structures used
in outer space would be sea faring animals. However, land
animals might offer means to solve other problems for deriving
useful structures utilized within an open gravitational field.
This might explain cattle and other animal mutilations, as a
rationale for genetically modifying organisms and then sampling
and re-sampling over time specific morphological structures of
various target land animals across multiple generations.

- Abductions: While I simply cannot accept the use of hypnotic
regression as viable evidence gathering, let's assume such
occurrences are on-going for the thought experiment. Why? It
could be part of a similar program to design intelligent bio-
mechanical robots. Hybrids might be useful for surveillance of
human political events, in order to predict and intervene in the
event of global thermonuclear war. For a nuclear war would not
just crash their 'program', it would destroy the computer
itself. Thus causing vast numbers of 'Gray Hours' (so to speak)
in lost work output. However, one thing it would not indicate is
a long term program for invasion.

a) Why not Invasion?

Because what space faring civilization that had successfully
built the industrial infrastructure to sustain themselves in
space would ever want to move back to a planetary gravity well?
The energy expenditure involved in ferrying mass numbers of
materials and organisms to and from orbit makes simply making
space a home vastly more desirable. Thus, Earth is more of a
jail than a home.

b) Why Not Simply Eradicate Humans Now?

Within this framework, human beings would have shown themselves
to be quite the pest. As noted in my previous post, we've
altered the climate globally due to industrialization, we've
developed nuclear weapons which threaten the simulation goals,
and may well poke our noses into the central goals of the
simulation, thereby potentially ruining the simulation output
and even the simulation hardware itself. Any Extraterrestrials
using Earth in this manner are almost certainly concerned by the

Yet ecosystems are complex webs of interaction whereby modifying
one aspect of the system has secondary, tertiary, and ad
infinitum order effects that would be thoroughly unpredictable.
Were they predictable, using a biosphere for complex 3D modeling
would be unnecessary. Thus, to eradicate humans during run-time,
who are part of the biosphere and the simulation itself, would
likely introduce disequilibrium in the model that would generate
garbage results on final output.

c) Alien Hybrid Prediction:

Again, not that I believe in abductions or alien hybrids given
the poor evidence available, but if such a program were in
effect, and this framework of using a biosphere for 3D
computational modeling is valid, then I predict that any hybrids
injected into human culture would be sterile. For to allow
hybrids the ability to reproduce would introduce unpredictable
changes during run-time that would increase over the
generations, likely also impacting final output of the program
with garbage results. This is the flip side of the coin to
eradicating humans (or any other part of the simulation in the
biosphere) during run-time.

d) What Happens When the Simulation Run-Time Ends?

For human society, _very_ bad things. For at that point we would
be of no use to the systems specialists of such a program. Thus,
at that point, eradication would be not just viable, but likely
desirable. In fact, if an Extraterrestrial design engineer
wanted to run the simulation again for a different purpose,
eradication would be end result anyway - even if humanity hadn't
proven itself to be the pests that we are.

e) How to Respond?

Run like hell. Given the technological and thus likely military
asymmetry between human and advanced Extraterrestrial, to stand
and fight for Earth would be suicide. In fact, attempting to set
up shop within our solar system might well be just as stupid.
Assuming this is model is true, and that humanity has no idea
when such a model run-time might end, to first find another out
of the way star with no habitable planets and no reason for
Extraterrestrials to visit might be a pretty good first start.
Then humanity would need to get off planet and run. Run as fast
as we can.

However, to utilize scarce resources in order to effect a
massive military build-up in hopes for a 'last stand' defense
would be - IMO - idiotic. Humanity wouldn't stand a chance.



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