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Killer Downside Of Warp Drives

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Subject: Killer Downside Of Warp Drives

Source: PhysOrg.com


March 1, 2012

Warp Drives May Come With A Killer Downside
by Jason Major, Universe Today

Planning a little space travel to see some friends on Kepler
22b? Thinking of trying out your newly-installed FTL3000
Alcubierre Warp Drive to get you there in no time? Better not
make it a surprise visit - your arrival may end up
disintegrating anyone there when you show up.

"Warp" technology and faster-than-light (FTL) space travel has
been a staple of science fiction for decades. The distances in
space are just so vast and planetary systems - even within a
single galaxy - are spaced so far apart, such a concept is
needed to make casual human exploration feasible (and fit within
the comforts of people's imagination as well... nobody wants to
think about Kirk and Spock bravely going to some alien planet
while everyone they've ever known dies of old age!)

While many factors involving FTL travel are purely theoretical -
and may remain in the realm of imagination for a very long time,
if not ever - there are some concepts that play well with
currently-accepted physics.

The Alcubierre warp drive is one of those concepts.

Proposed by Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre in
1994, the drive would propel a ship at superluminal speeds by
creating a bubble of negative energy around it, expanding space
(and time) behind the ship while compressing space in front of
it. In much the same way that a surfer rides a wave, the bubble
of space containing the ship and its passengers would be pushed
at velocities not limited to the speed of light toward a

Of course, when the ship reaches its destination it has to stop.
And that's when all hell breaks loose.

[More at site... thanks to 'The Norm' for the lead]

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