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Re: Let's Crank It Up A Notch - Cox

From: Dave Morton <Marspyrs.nul>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 05:37:08 -0500 (EST)
Archived: Fri, 09 Mar 2012 06:06:25 -0500
Subject: Re: Let's Crank It Up A Notch - Cox

>From: Jerome Clark <jkclark.nul>
>Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 10:54:31 -0600
>Archived: Tue, 06 Mar 2012 14:38:17 -0500
>Subject: Re: Let's Crank It Up A Notch - Cox

<everything snipped down to Jerry's comments>

>This of course is precisely the sort of non-answer - not to
>mention casual misrepresentation of the UFO evidence - that we
>would expect from a hard-core ideologue like John Harney. To
>wit: more sausage processing, more lock-stop dismissal, more
>faith-based certainty that nothing "exotic" is going on, more
>entirely predictable endorsements of fellow "skeptics'" alleged
>solutions to cases.

>How uninteresting. Why, I ask myself after all these years, are
>we even wasting time with these guys?

>Jerry Clark

Exactly, Jerry.

When I first joined UFO UpDates years ago, I was shocked to see
lame arguments and false claims by strange people being
seriously argued by those in the know, such as yourself. My
feeling was that if the skeptic was misguided but sincere, some
education might not be a waste of time. But for the rigid
debunker, it's a waste of electrons to inform and attempt to

Although, if one wants to engage in a debate with such a person
for the entertainment value, that's fine with me. I do like
humor, and I enjoy seeing some knucklehead skewered by masters
of the pen. I also learn a lot in the process, so it's both
funny and very rewarding at the same time.

My secondary reason for posting is because I watched part of a
History Channel program, last night, regarding UFO Evidence. I
was very impressed with the quality of the program, but waiting
for the other shoe to drop when they would 'explain' to us
children, us poor, deluded children, how the vastness of space
prohibits travel across the Universe during reasonable time

Sure enough, the other shoe dropped, and I turned off the TV. I
was going to watch the rest of it, but I just couldn't take it
anymore - being lectured to by nice "scientists" who calmly
inform us 'children' how mistaken we are in thinking we see
flying saucers. Mistaken, because they can't get here from
there. And apparently, no anti-gravity power plant would

Gee. I didn't know that. How silly and delusional of me to think
that I had actually seen some flying saucers. How would we
explain the optics and physiology of such illusions without
resorting to conditions like brain tumors, drunkenness, mis-
identification, etc?? Ah yes: It must have been the planet
Venus, or an airplane, a helicopter, a metor, a balloon, a
dirigible, a kite, a model plane, a mirage, sun dogs, the moon,
fireworks, an eclipse, a satellite, etc - all of which I've also

And how unscientific of me to first observe, then analyze what I
saw. Oh wait: That's what scientists do. I'm not a scientist,
but I can certainly use the scientific method, to some extent,
to analyze my observations. And I do pass the vision tests for
my driver's license renewal every 5 years, so my vision must be

These debunkers are like religious nutjobs, repeating the same
dogma over and over to the unwashed masses, who are helpless and
retarded ordinary civilians, living their mundane lives,
watching their silly TV sitcoms, unaware of the speed of light,
the vastness of space, the various forces inside an atom, who
need to be educated in the form of "See Dick and Jane run. See
the dog. See the cat.". I couldn't take it anymore and shut off
the television set.

Why do these so-called "scientists" act so stupidly?? It's mind-
boggling. I guess it might have something to do with academic
tenure and the respectability factor in academia. The kook
factor. But how pathetic and dishonest. Salt has lost its taste,
and the big lie has become Big Brother's Truth.

"Not Truth, but Employment". What would that be in Latin?
"Suppressio veri est negotium"? Close, anyway....
("Suppression of the truth is my job").
How would that look under the masthead for Harvard, Yale, and
the other important institutions of higher learning?
Linguistic improvements by talented Latin writers gladly

Thanks to the good folks at UFO UpDates for keeping the truth
alive. It reminds me of Galileo and others, who had to go
underground to keep the truth alive after persecution by the
Church. I'm not a fan of secret societies, but I do understand
why they were formed: Necessity. Unless, of course, some big
name in academia publicly proclaims flying saucers to be real.
Wouldn't that be great? He would need to be independently
wealthy, and not care about his future reputation among
academics, but it could be done.

Dave Morton

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