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PRG Update - March 15, 2012

From: Stephen Bassett <PRG.nul>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 00:01:04 -0800
Archived: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 08:02:40 -0400
Subject: PRG Update - March 15, 2012

Paradigm Research Group

PRG Update - March 15, 2011

Disclosure Petition II - The Rockefeller Initiative



Presently the petition has 6431 signatures with 9 days and 12
hours remaining to acquire 25,000. At this point it will require
a significant main stream media exposure to reach that number.

The decision by the White House to increase the threshold to
25,000 has significantly reduced prospects for any petitions to
generate an administration response. At this time only 62
petitions are active with few likely to reach 25K. It is assumed
public interest in the We the People project has also been
reduced. But the number is what it is, and there are more than
enough interested public to reach that threshold.

However, PRG is troubled that reports of problems creating an
account, logging in, and/or signing Disclosure Petition II
continue to pour in. Why? PRG has communicated with the We the
People site moderator and has forwarded many of these
complaints. Little else can be done. Notably one petition
calling for constraints on trade with Vietnam does have 150,000
signatures. Is that petition also having the same issues?

Just as there is no crying in baseball, there are no excuses
in activism. It is assumed, nay certain, a political advocacy
process will be resisted. Don't like that, find another vocation.
Therefore, consider the following point in the genre of
analyzing moves in a chess game.

The first Disclosure Petition was posted on day one of the
project and had the required 5,000 signatures in a few days. Ten
days after that the signature requirement was increased to
25,000. As a defensive move, is the White House We the People
project tampering with those petitions it wishes not to respond
to knowing that signing and login difficulty coupled with the
25K requirement assures failure? If true, well played.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to punch through this
resistance. If enough people share the petition link and fight
through the signing issues, the 25K can be achieved.

Whatever the final count, the Rockefeller Initiative will be
highlighted on the White House website for at least 30 days.
That may be enough to trigger media engagement of a major story
- four people who ran for the presidency of the United States
did not think it necessary to tell voters about efforts to end
the UFO/ET truth embargo during the Clinton administration. The
public are just potted plants with no need to know, no right to
know and no ability to handle profound truths.

It Could Happen Tomorrow


This documentary which accompanies The Disclosure Dialogues by
Jennifer Stein and Ron James won two EBE Awards at the
International UFO Congress in February. The Disclosure Dialogues
and It Could Happen Tomorrow are an excellent resource for those
wanting to understand the exopolitical realities of the ongoing
Disclosure process.

The Pet


Disney, the studio that gave us Mars Need Moms, an animated
frolic involving alien abduction which lost around $160 million,
has decided to double down with a television series involving
alien abduction. The Pet is about =93a man who=92s abducted by
aliens, taken to their planet and turned into a family pet.=94

Too bad the film industry doesn't have enough respect for the
people who have spent decades studying the real extraterrestrial
phenomena to consider them a source of advice on ET related
films. Cowboys and Aliens lost about $110 million. Even the
rich and powerful can be victims of the truth embargo.

15th Annual Sonoma International Film Festival



For the second year ETs are once again part of the Sonoma
International Film Festival - April 11-15, 2012. The "UFO
Sidebar" is about disclosure (and discussion with the experts) -
featuring the documentary film Day Before Disclosure by Terje
Toftenes followed by Q&A.

Then a film presentation Life After Contact by Bryce Zabel.
Bryce is a producer, screenwriter and co-author with Richard
Dolan of A.D. After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life after

There will also be a panel discussion, Studio 5, with astronomer
Dr. Gordon Spear, author/film maker Bryce Zabel, and political
activist Stephen Bassett followed by Q&A moderated by Jim

The Scale of Universe


Here is a wonderfully creative website. Cary and Michael Huang
have posted a follow-up to their Scale Of The Universe
animation, The Scale Of The Universe 2. Its a ten-to-the-power-
of type with the viewer able to go back and forth in size and
distance using their scroll wheel or Left and Right keys. Each
icon is clickable for an explanation. A remarkable perspective
that reminds us how vast is the world we strive so hard to

PRG Speaking Schedule

Ashland, OR - April 20 (pending)
San Francisco, CA - April 27-29
Cubat=E3o, Brazil - June 15-17
Quito, Ecuador - June (pending)
Philadelphia, PA - Sept 28-20

PRG Interview/Podcast Schedule


Many of these interviews are archived

Jan 2 - Jerry Pippin Show w/ Jerry Pippin
Jan 4 - Godlike Productions After Dark w/ Edward Mueller
Jan 7 - Beyond the Matrix w/ Patricia Cori
Jan 9 - Late Night in the Midlands w/ Michael Vara
Jan 13 - Stranger Advice w/ John Zaskoda (podcast)
Jan 13 - A Global Focus w/ Patrice Sheridan
Jan 27 - Kate Valentine Show w/ Kate Valentine
Feb 3 - The Truth Denied w/ Roxy Lopez
Feb 3 - The Jackal's Head w/ Angel Espino
Feb 15 - XZone Radio w/ Rob McConnell
Feb 15 - Phenominal ETs w/ Tim Dulger
Feb 17 - Inception Radio w/ Jamie Havican
Feb 17 - Mike Siegel Show w/ Mike Siegel
Feb 22 - Truth Serum Radio w/ Jason Valenti
Feb 23 - Phenominal ETs w/ Tim Cote
Feb 23 - Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory
Feb 24 - Red Ice Radio w/ Lana Lokteff
Feb 24 - Thresholds Radio w/ John Stephenson
Feb 24 - The Whole Agenda w/ Marco Pepino
Feb 26 - Conspiracy Show w/ Richard Syrett
Feb 27 - Podcast UFO w/ Martin Willis (podcast)
Feb 27 - Kevin Smith Show w/ Kevin Smith
Feb 28 - First Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet
Feb 28 - Protect Freedom w/ Bob Keegan
Feb 29 - UFOs Undercover w/ Joe Montaldo
Mar 1 - Topic UFO w/ Rick Scouler
Mar 2 - A Global Focus w/ Patrice Sheridan
Mar 3 - Ohio Exopolitics w/ Mark Snider
Mar 3 - Spooky Southcoast w/ Tim Weisberg
Mar 4 - An Hour with an Angel w/ Graham Dewyea
Mar 7 - Truth Theorem Radio w/ Jason Valenti
Mar 8 - Project Next w/ Eben Rey
Mar 8 - Matinee Madness w/ Mike Montgomery
Mar 8 - Conundrums w/ Jay Michael (tape)
Mar 9 - The Truth Denied w/ Roxy Lopez
Mar 9 - Brilliant Essence Radio w/ Astrid Stromberg
Mar 12 - Healing Conversations w/ Lauren Galey

Mar 16 - Starseed Energy Radio w/ Jonah Bolt - 8:30 pm PST
Mar 21 - Stranger Advice w/ John Zaskoda (podcast)
Mar 21 - Universal Spiritual Connection w/ Leilani Graham -
    6 pm PST
Apr 2 - Programa Alternativa Extraterrestre - 5 pm PST
May 25 - Liberty Broadcasting Network w/ Brian Jones -
    3 pm PST

Paradigm Research Group
4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814

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