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Farewell Big Bang Dark Matter/Energy & Space-Time

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 22:56:44 -0000
Archived: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 07:39:47 -0400
Subject: Farewell Big Bang Dark Matter/Energy & Space-Time

Hello List

There's a nice weighty article in UFO Digest by Roland Michel
Tremblay, titled "Dark-Matter, Dark-Energy and the Big-Bang All
Finally Resolved" and it's the latest call for a re-assessment
of the embarrassing state of big-science - and it seems he also
thinks (as I do) there's 'vested interests' and maybe even a
cover-up involved.

It's well worth reading in entirety,  but here's his final


[Quotation Begins]

Time to End Our Mounting Theoretical and Physical Crisis in

So, from a theoretical perspective, our core gravitational
theory in Cosmology, General Relativity, is a patchwork of
scientifically unexplained, abstract sub-theories, with a
'Cosmological Constant' that is continually added and removed in
repeatedly failed attempts to match observations, proclaimed as
everything from a "great blunder" to a mysterious 'Dark Energy'
permeating the universe.

And from a physical perspective, we have recent claims of a
universe somehow accelerating apart after a presumed 'Big Bang'
creation event despite conflicting observations increasingly
showing all the stars existing within stable galaxies or
galactic clusters threading throughout the universe. The recent
law-violating claims of a universe accelerating apart are based
on Hubble's largely unquestioned and scientifically unverified
assumption that redshifted starlight equals velocity, and the
best 'Big Bang' evidence is now actually verifiably erroneously
Nobel Prize-awarded microwave noise.

This is undeniably the current state of Cosmology today - and
the current destination of billions of public tax dollars
earmarked for scientific investigation and advancement. It is
clear that vested interests in the scientific community are not
about to enact any significant change to this state of affairs,
so it is up to an informed and concerned public to do something
about this ongoing state of crisis in our science.

Farewell 'Big Bang', 'Dark Matter', 'Dark Energy' and 'Space-

If we simply allow ourselves to take a critical look at a double
Nobel Prize-winning observational claim and re-think two highly
questionable century-old 'laws of nature', we remove three of
today's largest mysteries from Cosmology: the 'Big Bang', 'Dark
Matter' and 'Dark Energy'. It is worth noting that these
Cosmological claims, 'laws' and observations are largely
abstract or remote in nature, and so are far more susceptible to
being thrown wildly off track, and require extra care and
scientific due-diligence.

However, now with appropriate corrective analysis, there is no
longer a mysterious infinitely small singularity from which the
entire universe burst forth, no longer completely undetectable
exotic 'Dark Matter' dominating our universe, and no longer a
mysterious law-violating 'Dark Energy' accelerating the universe
apart. In their place is a possibly static universe of
potentially infinite size and age, within which stars of regular
matter undergo continual births and deaths, with gravity-driven
dynamics in ordinary three-dimensional space.

This leaves a number of immediate questions: Does the scientific
community for some reason want to retain our current
cosmological picture, with its deep and possibly irresolvable,
ongoing mysteries and unquestioned "laws of nature"? And if not,
and they are truly sidetracked on a centuries-old journey in
search for answers, then what might this gravity be that is
driving our simple and possibly static and endless universe?
Newton's gravitational-force theory has many problems, as
Einstein recognized in trying to replace it, and Einstein's
warped space-time theory has even greater issues. And we
certainly won't get anywhere inventing "Dark Matter" or "Dark
Energy", so what is
the answer?

[Quotation Ends]


Ray D

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