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Re: What Was UFO Sighting In Sri Lanka?

From: Steve Sawyer <stevesaw.nul>
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Subject: Re: What Was UFO Sighting In Sri Lanka?

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>Date: Monday, March 19, 2012 3:59 AM
>Subject: UFO UpDate: What Was UFO Sighting In Sri Lanka?

>Source: BBCNews


>3 March 2011

>What Was UFO Sighting In Sri Lanka?

>Classified files released by the National Archives have revealed
>an RAF officer had a close encounter while on holiday in Sri

>The man took images of the UFO which were found in declassified
>papers held by the Ministry of Defence.

>Dr David Clarke, author of The UFO Files and senior lecturer in
>journalism from Sheffield Hallam University, said more UFO
>sightings happen when Hollywood films are made about aliens.

>[More at site... thanks to Diana Cammack for the lead]

Hi List,

This is a belated reply to the List message above, from the
19th, which I only today got around to opening, and then checked
out the very brief story and BBC video link concerned.

If you go to the link, you'll see part of an interview with Dr.
David Clarke, where he initially addresses the photo of what
appears to be a pinkish/yellowish glowing oval just over a lower
cloudbank, with wispy white clouds surrounding it shown in the
background of the very large video screen in the BBC TV studio
during the excerpted interview.

When Clarke was apparently asked what he thought the photo
showed, he said:

"For the first time, we've got some decent photographs, and
that, you know, that one, which is one of the series taken by
this guy who was in the RAF, who was on holiday, I think a
safari holiday in Sri Lanka, and he heard what he thought was a
clap of thunder, looked into the sky and saw this thing rising
into the sky, like a multi-colored... cloud, doughnut-shaped
thing, took some photo- graphs of it, when he got back to the
U.K., sent it to Fylingdales [RAF AFB] where he used to work,
for an opinion, and they simply said 'Oh, well, it was Sri
Lanka, we don't need to worry about that.'" [Clarke laughs a

[BTW, my understanding is that the report/photos went on from
Fylingdales to the MOD. Were they as similarly cavalier about
this report and photos as Clarke indicates Fylingdales was, just
because it occurred in Sri Lanka? What, if anything, did the MOD
"UFO desk" at DIS/MOD that Nick Pope formerly occupied do about
this report? Any follow-up? If so, what was concluded? If not
pursued, why not?]

The woman interviewer seemed to express surprise, saying:

"Oh, did they?"

Clarke: "Yes." [laughs a lttle bit]

Interviewer: "So we still don't know... do we know what it is?"

Clarke replied:

"Well, it looks to me like a lenticular cloud, in the sort of
like cloud, clouds that form around mountain tops, and that look
very saucer-shaped, and get backlight by the sun."

Interviewer: "Yeah. If that guy was in the RAF, he would've
see... he would....it .. have...

Male interviewer (who had turned to look at the blown-up photo
displayed behind him) interjects: "He'd know, wouldn't he ...How
couldn't he?" [crosstalk]

Female interviewer: "Yeah! He would know his clouds..."

Clarke: "Oh, he thought he'd seen an atomic bomb going off... it
was an airburst, is how he described it."

Female interviewer: "OK.OK."

[remainder of interview continued at the link / video clip]

This incident in Sri Lanka took place on March 24th, 2004.

I'd just like to pose a few questions and comments:

An RAF employee, on vacation in Sri Lanka, hears what he thinks
is a sudden clap of thunder. Dr. Clarke goes on to also say the
guy thought he might have seen an atomic bomb going off, or a
nuclear airburst. Note two things: there appears to be a white
dot or small circle in the middle of the oval lighted cloud, if
that's what it was, slightly off-center to the right. What is
that? It isn't the sun, as this is a blown-up photo, and the sun
would've appeared larger in the blow-up.

And what about the second, small bright white dot or streaky
smear in front of the dark frontal cloudbank Something else?

What are these two whitish dots, one within the lighted oval
shape, the other below and to the right? "Micro-lens flares"?
Photo defect/artifact? Klassic atmospheric plasmas? I dunno-- I
can't seem to find any online references to these two visual
artifacts, which may (or may not) be significant, in terms of
further, detailed photo interpretation.

Also, note that if this was a lenticular cloud, why aren't any
of the relatively nearby clouds or the edge of the frontal
cloudbank also glowing in either pinkish or yellowish color,
along their fringes, but which are instead illuminated by
whitish light, as opposed to the same colors of light within the
oval spot, which is primarily pinkish, mixed with a yellowish
color? Even the fringes of the oval, if this was a lenticular
cloud, backlit by the sun, should also have been either pink or
yellow in color, like the primary body of the oval shape in the
sky, I would venture.

[The pink and yellow colors, in some of the photos on the net,
seem almost to have a kind of intertwined, semi-circular
"partial ring" dimension or interleaving to them. This may be an
artifact of photo compression or caused by the sort of
relatively small photos being displayed on the web, or digital
manipulation, however.]

[It would be nice to have much larger original and blown-up
pictures in higher resolution to perhaps get a better idea of
what the originals really look like, with original dimensions
and color/tonality.]

Perhaps the sun is somehow "lensing" through only the lenticular
translucent shape to create the colors only in the body of the
oval "cloud," but if so, how does that so selectively happen?
What might be the optics or refractive physics involved in the
appearance of the colors only within the oval shape, and not on
the fringes of it?

Look at the photos, with various sizes, dimensions, and
illumination, for comparison and cross-reference, at these
Google search pages:

http://bit.ly/GYf5Hc and http://bit.ly/GVgkYC

Here's a copy of perhaps the original photo, sans blow-up:




[Also shows blow-up further down this forum thread]

Here's two pages from Dr. Clarke's website and blog:

http://bit.ly/GOo6o5 and http://bit.ly/GLGUjM

I guess what I'm trying to suggest here is that, it would be
useful to have the RAF employee's original report and testimony
as to what he both heard (clap of thunder, bomb blast) and saw
(thought it might be a nuclear airburst), in addition to more
than just the one photo (original and blown-up), to see if on
the other photos there are any indications of a rapidly
expanding seeminly self-illuminated "cloud" or other kind of
unusual atmospheric phenomenon rather than just simply assume it
was either a "lenticular cloud" or "ice- crystal" cloud, as Dr.
Clarke conversely posited.

And, considering the apparent conjunction of the very _loud_ and
sudden sound the RAF witness reported, perhaps there's more to
this incident that just simply a prosaic, "cloud-like" or
nebulously ambiguous explanation. I'm really kind of curious
about this incident, obviously, given the sound and imagery
involved, as reported by the witness.Who was the witness, btw?
And what is his RAF relationship? And why would the MOD not
investigate, if so?

Does anyone on the UK-UFO mail list, like Dr. Clarke, Joe McG.,
or John Rimmer/John Harney have more info or something to say
further about the nature of this particular incident which
occurred in March of 2004? If so, I'd really like to know and
would appre- ciate additional input in response to my comments
and questions here. Does anyone have copies of any of the other
photos they could link to here?


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