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Re: Review - The Conspiracy Reader

From: Jacquie Cosford <jacquiecos.nul>
Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 23:09:42 -0400
Archived: Sun, 06 May 2012 09:24:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Review - The Conspiracy Reader

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>Subject: Review - The Conspiracy Reader

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>Before Her Untimely Death, A Controversial Abductee Declared
>That The Evidence Was In...

>More foe than friend - is it time we form an alien resistance?
>by Sean Casteel

>For many in the UFO community who deeply desire a more
>reassuring explanation for the UFO phenomenon than the evidence
>may present, Karla Turner continues to be a problematic, even
>tragic figure in the many years since her death in 1996 from a
>dangerous form of breast cancer she contracted right after an
>abduction experience.

>Turner was an outspoken voice for abductees' rights and never
>wavered in her belief that the aliens were an evil, invasive
>force that intended no good with their medical experiments and
>frightening mind control capabilities. To this highly-trained
>well-educated, gifted woman, the UFOnauts were wickedness
>personified, simply evil in the 'flesh'.

>The publisher, The Conspiracy Reader, is adamantly determined
>that Karla Turner's voice continues to be heard from beyond this
>time and place and that her message is still proclaimed in an
>era when alien abduction is no less rampant and no less
>traumatic for the experiencers than when Turner first began
>writing about what was happening to her and her family.

>[More at site... thanks to Jacquie Cosford for the lead]

I don't know about the rest of you, but this article was very
disturbing. Not only do we not know exactly, who or what we're
dealing with, but it seems that our sensory perceptions can be
manipulated. On top of that the article states that buried
memories retrieved through regressive hypnosis can't be relied
upon, because they too are clouded with implanted images and
perhaps, a false sequence of events.

How can this possibly be investigated when the information is

As a side note, I did see a triangular-shaped UFO in 1987, which
flew over my house. It barely cleared the roof of my home, which
gives a rough idea on the altitude. There was no sound, and no
lights, but it did have round 'portals' on the underside. I had
the distinct impression that it was observing, i.e. taking
photos and for some strange reason, that it was testing me and
for whatever the reason, I had failed the test.

At that particular time I was heavily into amateur astronomy,
and thus the reason for being outside in the dead of winter. The
odd part is that the very next night, a woman in England who was
also an amateur astronomer had a triangular-shaped UFO fly over
her home. As far as I know, it was rare to see a triangular-
shaped object at that time as most UFO sightings were the
traditional 'disc' shaped craft.

Several years later, I was told in a dream that they get here
through mind travel. Perhaps, there's some truth to that,
because according to this article, they do indeed manipulate our


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