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Re: Review - The Conspiracy Reader

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Subject: Re: Review - The Conspiracy Reader

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>Subject: Re: Review - The Conspiracy Reader

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>>Subject: Review - The Conspiracy Reader

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>>Before Her Untimely Death, A Controversial Abductee Declared
>>That The Evidence Was In...

>>More foe than friend - is it time we form an alien resistance?
>>by Sean Casteel


>>Turner was an outspoken voice for abductees' rights and never
>>wavered in her belief that the aliens were an evil, invasive
>>force that intended no good with their medical experiments and
>>frightening mind control capabilities. To this highly-trained
>>well-educated, gifted woman, the UFOnauts were wickedness
>>personified, simply evil in the 'flesh'.


>I don't know about the rest of you, but this article was very
>disturbing. Not only do we not know exactly, who or what we're
>dealing with, but it seems that our sensory perceptions can be
>manipulated. On top of that the article states that buried
>memories retrieved through regressive hypnosis can't be relied
>upon, because they too are clouded with implanted images and
>perhaps, a false sequence of events.

>How can this possibly be investigated when the information is

According to Casteel's article, Turner talks of screen memories
covering screen memories. If there are two levels, then why not
more? Would a shift of viewpoint help to understand the problem?

Maybe part of the problem is that we often take the
materialist's view that ultimately everything comes down to
physical reality. Casteel concludes that "the fault, dear Brutus
... originates somewhere out there in the stars after all".

Most of us would agree that what a person experiences takes
place in the mind. If it doesn't register there, then it hasn't
happened as far as that person is concerned. So we should start
with an understanding of what the mind is.

The materialist's treatment explains the mind as an
epiphenomenon of biological interactions. This means the mind
does not have an existence independent of biology, and so events
occurring in it also cannot have an independent existence.
Aliens may be able to control our minds via hypnosis, etc., but
the aliens themselves must have a presence in the realm of
physical space/time. Otherwise, they are not real.

On the other hand, suppose we take the view that the mind has an
existence that does not depend on biology. Then the events
experienced in the mind can also have an independent existence.
We accept that the mind takes information from the physical
realm, but that may not be the only source. If our criteria for
deciding what is real do not include the source of the
information, then we gain additional degrees of freedom for
understanding reports of treatment by aliens.  For starters, we
would not look for them just in our physical realm.

Some may object that a real event from another, non-physical,
realm should not spill over into the physical. How could we
explain the appearance of physical effects on the body that have
no known organic cause? Actually, such a phenomenon has long
been known in psychiatry.  It goes by the unfortunate name of
'hysteria'. Imagine telling people who believe they are being
abducted by aliens that they suffer from a hysterical disorder!
It seems hysteria is now included in 'somatization disorder'. A
sensational example is the appearance on a person's body of
stigmata, the wounds suffered by Jesus during his crucifixion.

Another objection might be that some interactions with aliens
take place when the person is awake, maybe even during daytime.
I don't know, but maybe simultaneous representations of
different realms may merge in the mind as it becomes more adept
at handling this. In the mind, it becomes one experience.

The hypothesis that the mind is the locus of human experience
with interfaces to both physical and non-physical domains might
help to discover strategies that counter the onset of the
abduction experience. We would need to understand the layout of
the playing field and the rules of the game.


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