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Rendlesham Forum Archive Dilemma

From: Isaac Koi <isaackoi.nul>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 23:53:53 +0100
Archived: Tue, 08 May 2012 01:41:48 -0400
Subject: Rendlesham Forum Archive Dilemma

Some of the members of this List will have been familiar with
the public Rendlesham discussion forum that was online at
Rendlesham-Incident.co.uk until last year. Members included Ian
Ridpath, John Burroughs and many others (including several
witnesses, or purported witnesses, that posted detailed accounts
and answered various questions).

I've obtained a copy of the relatively large and interesting
archive of posts to that discussion forum (with thanks to
"Daniel" of that forum) and spent quite a bit of time during the
last week converting those posts to PDF format to make them
easier to search and reducing the file size of the archive.

Before making that archive available online, I've been trying,
without any success, to get in touch with the person that set up
that forum when he was in school (before he out-grew all this
UFO business...). He posted as "Admin" on that forum and as "JH"
on at least one other forum. I've posted messages for him on
various groups and Facebook pages devoted to discussion of the
Rendlesham Forest Incident, including the Justice Facebook page,
the Lone Ranger Facebook page, and the ASSAP Rendlesham Facebook

I've been supplied with two relevant email addresses, but the
email addresses "JH" used to use no longer seem to be active.
"JH" doesn't seem to have remained in touch with any of the
Rendlesham researchers or witnesses. His posts on the old forum
indicated that he had lost interest in the Rendlesham incident
some time ago.

"JH" clearly favoured the archive being preserved. I think it is
fairly clear from his posts (as "Admin") when deactivating that
forum (due to the costs involved) he would be in favour of the
archive being shared freely online. In the thread entitled
"'Goodbye' - the forum's fate - Important", he indicated that he
was keen for members to download a copy of the posts on the
forum. He also posted in a separate discussion in January 2009
indicating his doubts about his website's future, but commented
that "There's no way I will let a wealth of information go to
waste". I have uploaded the relevant two discussions to the link
below so that other members of this List can form their own view
on this issue:


If anyone thinks I should nonetheless refrain from posting the
archive unless and until I have explicit permission from "JH"
(which, it seems, it may be impossible to obtain), please let me
know. I find this situation a rather difficult dilemma. On the
one hand, I fear that an inability to search that archive of
material will result in even more reinvention of the wheel
within ufology, particularly in relation to the Rendlesham
Forest Incident(s). On the other hand, I am somewhat
uncomfortable making the archive available online without
hearing from "JH".

Obviously, I'd much prefer to contact "JH" before putting the
archive online. Does anyone on this List know "JH"? If so, could
you let me have an email address or simply forward the email
below and ask him to send any response to me at:


[Email for "Admin"/"JH" begins]
Hi "Admin"/"JH",

I am a barrister in England with an interest in various issues
relating to reports of "UFOs" and have written various items
online about such issues, including the following:


I think it is a shame that posts to your forum (which used to be
at Rendlesham-incident.co.uk) are largely no longer available
online. I fear that an inability to search that archive of
material will result in even more reinvention of the wheel
within ufology, particularly in relation to the Rendlesham
Forest Incident(s).

One of the old members of your forum, "Daniel", has recently
kindly taken the time to provide me with a copy of the archives
of the posts to that forum. During the last week, I have already
found the archive very useful and have converted most of its
contents to PDF format to make it easier to access and search
(as I have done with the archives of various other UFO email
discussion Lists, including UFO Updates, Project 1947, Current
Encounters and others).

I have uploaded the archive supplied by Daniel to a private
folder on a free file storage website, at the link below:

That archive of posts to your forum can only be accessed using
this link.

Do you mind if I share this link on public UFO discussion
forums? From your final posts on your forum in the thread
entitled "'Goodbye' - the forum's fate - Important", I
understand that you were keen for members to download a copy of
the posts on the forum and I presume that sharing the above link
to the archive will be fine with you.

I think many other people interested in the Rendlesham Forest
Incident may find it useful to have a copy of the archive. It is
one of a limited number of forums on which skeptics and pro-ETH
ufologists had, generally, civil exchanges.

I will, of course, immediately delete the PDF file from the file
storage website if you would like me to do so.

All the best,

Isaac Koi
[Email for "Admin"/"JH" ends]

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